Is it hard to make money in Binary Options Trading


Mindset video for the week. Here’s another popular question on #binaryoptionstrading.

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kamal hassan says:

Hi Julian, I’m interested in joining your group. Do you trade during the London/New York overlap session or just the New York afternoon session?

italianrepsta says:

For all the people that want to make money fast with binary options… You’re missing the very first step which is knowledge… just saying…

Zubair Rushk says:

hey Julian, do you know if people who live in USA can tread at binary options that you used.?

Peter Mortimer says:

Hi Julian, You mentioned your next trading session at the end of the video. When will that be? As I am in the UK (GMT time) would I have to be trading in the middle of the night? Also what about a free trading session for us newbies to get a feel of how your system works.

jon dak says:

bro love ur videos lol but trim them dam finger nails god dammmmm!!!!

Kenneth Kok says:

Holyshit, this is so clear. It’s so weird. Seen this video before, but never had this realisation, it’s like the cliche, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear!” LOL.

Vito S says:

+Julian Wong  Hi Julian, I have a serious question that I want you to make a video about. Its about trusting brokers.. I see that you often do trades of 5000 usd, and have huge amounts on the line at once. To be honst I havent heard the best thinks about GOptions, so I started to ask myself: how do you trust GOptions or any other broker with that much money? All the accounts that were created trough you must have created a huge loss for the brokers also. I have heard many times that you shouldnt take out more then 5-10k usd a month, no matter what broker you use, because you will damage the broker to much. I still see you do withdrawals of up to 150-200k usd, and I just dont understand how the broker can be able to support your withdrawals while not going broke, and how you can trust them with that much money.

jayzee says:

So jullian you do this for FREE?? you dont CHARGE a penny to join and for people to trade and get your alerts? How and what do you make out of this then? Tim sykes charges from 50-297 per month i dont get what you make out of this if its free how much to join and get your trade alerts?? I gaurantee theres a charge right? Or do you get commision from gains in profits?

Talersak Houangvilay says:

Thanks Julian for the email. Is your BinaryLab still open for new members? Or we have to sign up with DS Binary Option in your link to be able to join the BinaryLab? Thanks again Julian.

Regis M says:

What’s better for a beginner with no experience like myself? Forex or Stocks ?


Hi sir julian, im from philippines is this also availble in our country? Im intrsted in trying this binary, thanks,

Laurence de Carle says:

It’s not easy but comparing the amount you can earn to jobs that pay the same it certainly is!

Gaius Caligula says:

Attack attack attack the price 🙂

Howeth182 says:

Hi Julian, do you use ONE strategy? Or different ones depending on the asset/time zone/market condition etc. ?

Also, how often are the binary lab trading sessions held, I’m thinking about joining 🙂

Wayne Hawley says:

Hi, I think it really isn’t just as long as you practice well.

Arthur Tanmoy says:

Hey bro . Mainly I’m a forex trader. But ive recently started trading binary. And invested all forex balance to binary. But ive made pretty good losses .even i borrowed 800$ from friends and ive lost it too. And im in great danger. Is there any way you can help? Ive heard lots of people being helped by you .

jayzee says:

I made a 3300 pip profit on cadchf my biggest ever gain gutted though was on my demo no money i use demo to set up trade moves to see how accurate i am i also record certain candles etc jullian i think you need me on your team you got us here i can take us higher than tim sykes n crew n im from the uk they need a arrogant twat like me to bring the uk into a real trade spiral i bet id end up on bigbrother we would be at evrey red carpet event you name it just get us started also we go 50/50 on all my PAs tv stuff etc says:

Hi Julian, I appreciate your effort. Keep going

gobear2002 says:

Julian if u lose one trade do you continue trading ? how do you know when to stop trading? do u try to take 3 trade and stop for the day

Talersak Houangvilay says:

Hello Julian, do you still accepting new members for your Binarylab? Just curious, since Nadex are regulated and has less drama than other binary broker, how come your group don’t join Nadex. Thanks.  

Maria Colls says:

I’m not sitting here trying to poke holes in your living, I’m really enjoying at present listening to your videos. I’m basically asking these questions as I’ve had a lot of issues getting ahead in iqOption, and when I can I plan to sign up to your group.

I’ve been playing around with the figures of winning at an average of 70%. For example you make 10 bids at $1, the profit margin is say 81% and you loose 3 of the 10 bids. That basically means you make a profit of $2.67 for every $10 you bid. So, does that mean that you use a martingale system to cover your losses. If you are interested I would be more than happy to share an Excel sheet showing many strategies how how you can bid, depending to the profits percentage. I do agree with you that you do need a solid deposit if you are going to use a martingale strategy as the increasing amounts can climb very quickly.

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