Is it Reasonable to earn $150/day trading in the stock market on a $30,000 account?

Is it Reasonable to earn $150/day trading in the stock market on a $30,000 account?

Do you think it is reasonable to make $150 per day on a $30,000 account?

First of all, you need to understand that the better approach is to look at your earnings in a monthly basis rather than a daily basis. The reason I say this is because stocks trade differently day to day.

At certain days, you will make a minimal amount of money; in other days, you might make a lot more. You will even have losses on certain days or weeks.

However, if you are profitable each month, this shows sustainability. Because even if you have losses in one week or a couple of days, you can make those back up, if you’re looking at a month to month basis.

Most people look at earnings in terms of dollar value, the reason for this is because that’s how the world works; it is what we are aware of and how we use money in the real world.

However, it’s bad to look at absolute dollar figures when it comes to growing your account and growing your investments. That is because investments work more on a percentage basis rather than the absolute dollar figure.

Yes, you get an absolute dollar figure on your return, but if you’re making $100 on a $10 million account, that return is quite poor and pathetic. On the other hand, if you’re making $100 on a $300 investment, you’re really doing quite fantastic.

So when it comes to investing in the stock market, you want to start looking at thinking in terms of percentages and always try to improve your percentage of return.

If you want to make $150 a day and you trade 20 days a month, you’re looking to make about $3,000.

Making $3,000 with a $30,000 portfolio means a 10% return on your money each month. That’s a big reach when you’re talking about percentage of return. Getting this kind of results is possible for professionals that trade exceptionally well. Unfortunately, if you’re just getting started, more than likely, this is not something that’s realistic.

When we come back down to earth, depending on your experience, getting a 2% to 5% return a month is more realistic. So if you make a 3% return, for example, on a $30,000 account, that’s $900 per month.

That may not sound like a lot of money, but if you have an $800,000 account, and you make that same 3% return, that means you’ll be making $24,000 a month, which is fantastic. So the amount of money you can make really depends on your account size.

But don’t get discouraged. Learn how to trade well, focus on percentages, and worry about growing your account later.

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Nelson Manzano says:


Der Kleinanleger says:

You are a genious when you can make 3%/month 36%/year !

Rajvardhan Shinde says:

please make a video of your first few trades ,what difficulties may others face, how u started , ur first trade,etc

Melvin Reyes says:

if you can´t earn 150/day with 30,000 account, this is a 5% annual rentability, it’s more profitable open a CDT.

Lionel says:

wonderful perspective

Josh Adkins says:

great channel man

eddyvideostar says:

Sasha: I love your title. This is more realistic and pragmatic than other pie-in-the-sky stock videos, but, still, there will be days where the bacon isn’t coming in — but the bears will. The point is: there will be some losing days and not every day will be propitious. Ironically, no matter what anyone says — This is not a job: There is no guaranteed paycheck. Scalping is not an easy venture, although the concept is understandable, it is how the stock will dance and how we feel about this.

oi oi says:

Easy , you could happily make $500 per day with $10k in an account

JETS12 cc says:

Honestly making $150 a day with a 30,000 dollar account is pathetic i was making 50-100 a day with a $1,000 dollar account when i started.

Wilson Gomez says:

Thank you for sharing your point of view on trading. It helps me put things into a different perspective. My only goal is to raise enough of money so that my family can travel, and day/swing trading will be able to do that for me. Once again, thank you.

Jorge Madrigal says:

i love this shit….
i made 1400 today in 2 hours…………

aamir2x says:

hey sasha i have over 100 k dollars how can i start or anybody advise me please i live in San Francisco

Benjamin Levy says:

Really instructional! says:

very ez.

dazedbitai says:

Thank you – you definitely changed my perspective for the better.

That's Rich says:

I average around 3-5% returns per month trading options. Ocassionally I will have an outlier 10% month. I rarely have a losing month and even then it’s usually less than 1%. That aside, using futures, such as scalping s&p e-minis with a single contract, it’s reasonable to expect to capture 3-points per day ($150) in gains, because there is almost always more than 3-points of range in a trading day. In fact most people shoot for 5-points. With a $30,000 account you could easily trade multiple contracts and make a few hundred per point. It all depends on your appetite for risk, because the leverage works both ways of course. I usually try to scalp only 1-2 points with a single contract, but only on days that show two sided action, as I always like to short. I don’t play trends. If it is a fast down move, I will usually lock in at least 2-points and let it run a bit. Never had larger than a 10-point gain though ($500). But I am a digital nomad and live off about $500 a month, so I am not swinging for the fences. 1-point per day is $1000 per month in a month with 20 trading days. All my extra profits scalping get rolled into my options strategy. Back when I was still learning it was common to make $12,000 in a day with a $40,000 account, but also common to lose that much too, haha! I blew over $75,000 before I finally learned how to do it right. Now it’s smooth sailing.

Idleevent says:

lol 0.5% a day? really xD
how peoples need a video on youtube for this? 😡

I C says:

150 daily off of a 30k account seems really low.

Vee Zee says:

It’s very reasonable to make $150/day on a $30,000 account through scalping. However, I have a small trading account so I trade futures to bypass the pdt rule and it allows me to short stocks. With my trading account, I can buy 2-3 contracts and can average $150/day because each contract is $10-$12.50 (3x) per tick and the commission is about $9 round trip per contract.

Jessi O says:

These breakdowns are overly conservative… even with a 25k account

Cream Tv says:

perfect timing i just opened up a 25k account and my goal was 100/day before seeing this video but now this is way easier

Mrinmoy Chaudhury says:

Nice Advise..

Randy Bailin says:

$150 a day on a $30,000 account?? Hmm. Assume that you trade 200 days a year. That’s a gain of $30,000, or a 100% return from where you started. Sure, good luck with that. Let’s say that you double up every year for 10 years (100% return): Year 1: $60,000 Year 2: $120,000 Year 3: $240,000 Year 4: $480,000 Year 5: $960,000 Year 6: $1,920,000 Year 7: $3,840,000 Year 8: $7,680,000 Year 9: $15,360,000 Year 10: $30,720,000. If it were so easy, we’d all be billionaires.

davet11 says:

“Realistic Earnings 24℅ to 60℅ per year is more conservative” (when the overall stock market increases by 8℅ in a good year)

oh dear.

youvids9820 says:

if you are trading options, and your TIMING is right ,used stop losses, you can $150 per day on a $3000 Acc. Support and resistance levels ,I beleive, is the key to eliminating many false signals and help with timing.

Gary says:

the moment you use the word “Trade” you gonna lose money because you’ll run out of luck eventually. Rich people “Invest”, they do not trade. They buy and hold. Idiots.

Ashok Sachan says:

That was some good insight on percentage terms.

R Xio says:

great video ! I awalys look in absolute money gain…now I have a new way thinking 🙂 thanks !

عبدالله العتيبي says:

And remember, profit counts per year
so, and as a beginner, if u’r making 3% a month thats mean 36% a year >> its a good business

Conor H says:

I personally have been making around 500 a day on a 40k account. Trade more volatile things!

Cloudstrife-0HCS says:

When people say they earn a certain amount per day or per month trading. Is this money that they have recieved as payment and have access to? Or is that just the amount of value their stock grows on a daily or monthly basis. Meaning they can’t touch that money without actually selling the stock.

Quiet says:

Hi Sasha, I have a question please, I live in a country where short selling not allowed, do you think I need a specific strategies to adopt ? do you have any idea or tips on how to trade when short selling is illegal ? Thanks

Kand says:

Hi! great video! Your videos are really helpful and easy to understand! Did you make any video about how to choose/find good stocks to invest? I really want to learn about this.

jdssurf says:

He Sasha, can you please or anyone else here, please recomend a free or affordable real time detailed chart software or something better than the silly apps

Rajvardhan Shinde says:

Hello shasha, i am thinking about entering in stock market as a profession, do ur strategies/videos can help me for trading in indian stock markets?

2K Doctor says:

0.5% a day is more than reasonable


i started off with 3000 and make about 200 and 400 dollars a day im now up 5900 in my first month. Is this considered good? Honest feedback will help thanks.

odinmp5 says:

Realistic. Very well put.

SteepVisions says:

lol easily….

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