Live Day TESLA for $1,600 – How to Make Money trading a Monday Morning Reversal

I had two trades today – a small loser in RICE and a great winner in TESLA. The TSLA trade was an interesting lesson due to the reason it was based on the expected “Monday morning reversal”. I finished my day up by $800. Watch this video in order to understand the reason I took this trade.
Live Day Trading Stocks – How to make money by day trading a Monday Morning reversal in stocks for $1,600.
Meir Barak day trading live on July 3rd. 2017.

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Ramone mendes says:

What broker platform to you trade on ?

Bene88 says:

Sire Could you make a Video about Gap Filling and how to Determine if it gets Filled in same Day?

Dyson Jeff says:

such advanced trade techniques…but does it happen every monday

Faraz70 says:

I liked the cameo….

Alex Potts says:

Holy crap, I never thought I’d see the day that Meir was seen as dishonest about his p/l… I’ve followed him and been in his room for 2 1/2 years before and he showed his profits/losses every day. Is he making money every day? Of course not. Do you think anyone is? Don’t be an idiot. If he only showed his losing trades (which he does often by the way) you guys wouldn’t even give him the time of day. You’d move on to another “guru”. Meir is the most transparent trader in the industry. He has rules for losing 3 trades in a row, shows you loss management, and displays his p/l any time someone in the room asks. Don’t be so ignorant.

James Bradley says:

Outstanding trade technique. Thank you for all of your videos and live stream.

TheAdmiralThrawn 116 says:

man, why do you have so many haters in your channel?

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