Live Day Trading: Making Money with Members

Live Day Trading: Making Money with Members

Making money is great, don’t get me wrong, but making money with other people who you respect kicks things up another notch. Thanks to a trade alert I made in our private trading community, not only did I make some quick money (which you will see), but other members also made some money… some even quicker than I did! It was a great day in the stock market. $GRUB $AAPL $FB $SNAP $TSLA $AMZN $NVDA $AMD $CRON $ACB $CGC $FNMA

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cactus heat says:

Well done!

2 vinny says:

In Belgium I would have to pay 1050 euros in tax on your trades, so this trading system would cost me 850 euros… We pay a tax based on trading volume.

Joe Cornacchia says:

Hey Clay, two questions. One, what platform are you using to do these trades? Two what else besides the chart that you have on your screen are you looking at to determine your buy and sell prices? Thanks!

Matt Titus says:

What program is this? I want it. Also how much do you pay per trade?

Primigy TM says:

you lose people so much money man and it’s so fucking annoying, hope you know that.

garyseeseverything says:

I am Zolin what plat form do you use. I am six years old and I trade on td I like your videos can you show me haw to trade faster on tdamritrade. me capital is 3700 and I like to grow it bot I can’t. I short stocks in the morning at 6.30 thank you

Imran Zakhilwal says:

Clay what are your thoughts on the fidelity broker?

Ervin Farhan says:

How do you know the numbers? I mean the price that you’ve put your orders? What you see on the other screen?

Gee Money says:

Does your strategy work for lower price stocks $1–$10?????

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