Make money from Steam trading cards

How can you make money with Steam trading cards? Here’s how you can make the most money with the least effort. You don’t even have to install or play the games.

You can check your Steam profile and see how many useless games you’ve never played by using SteamDB. You need a public profile for this to work.

The tool that generates all your trading cards without you having to play is Steam Idle Master:

Enhanced Steam makes a number of changes to the Steam website to make it more useful. Get it here:
Enhanced Steam on the Chrome store:
Enhanced Steam on the Opera store:

Steam Inventory Helper is the tool that helps you sell you cards more easily. It does a lot of other things too. Get it from here:

If you’re using Opera, here’s the tool that allows you to download and install Chrome extensions directly from the Chrome store. Download Chrome Extension:

The music I’m using today is “Playful Orchestral Dance 2” by Gavin Luke. It’s licensed through Epidemic Sound. And here’s their website:

Lastly, someone asked me about the legality of this. I’m not your lawyer – heck, I don’t even play one on TV. This may in some way breach Steam’s terms of use, but not in any way that I can really tell. Whenever you sell a Trading Card, Steam takes 15% of the money and splits it with the developer of the game. So both Steam and the game dev benefit from you doing this. I can’t see anyone complaining about that.


Ian Edmonds says:

lol. Caution. genius at work. luv and peace.

Jáchym Šulman says:

can i get ban?

Spr1nt says:

120 drops remaining, got a few cards already. Good program, and if anyone is asking is it bannable (VAC) . No you can’t get a vac ban from this…

Rakly3 says:

The idle 30 games at once only works for games with under 2 hour played time. The reason is that cards only start dropping after 2 hours played time because under that you could still ask a refund.
After 2 hours it’s faster to run individual games because the drop time goes up exponentially for every ‘active’ game. But under those 2 first hours, it has no impact on drop rate.

My cards to go keeps going up :'(
I had around 1800 cards to go when you posted this video, now i’m at 2300, and IdleMaster has been running 24/7 on top of that!
I use and the steam group ‘groupbuys’ almost on a daily basis to get games for literally pennies. Often the card sales will get you your money back, or even turn a small profit.

Smurf Smurf says:

So u can bassicly make a random account with 0 games and run the and u would get the cards? And does it still work? Thx fam 😉

129das says:

I few dollars

Noel Lim says:

It doesnt work anymore’

Barteljaap says:

idle master is saying idling complete but i didn’t get any cards 🙁

Noel Lim says:

But it doesnt show what game i am playing

Gagule i DjoCa Channel™ says:

Can F2P get cards ?

Boogieboo6 says:

Is this assuming I have lots of games already? I do have quite a few games, but once I sell all of my cards and get everything I want out of them, I won’t have earned many more games and thus, won’t have many more cards. How do I sustain this cycle of cards?

Kam3n says:

Hey! Is it okay if i put my computer in sleep mode while runing the Idle Master? +1 sub and liked 🙂

John Cena says:

+1 sub…. Will it give me csgo cards?

Noel Lim says:

Thank you

Noel Lim says:

Does it still work?

Noel Lim says:

steam changed now 2017 so we cant use it

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