Make Money Trading Bitcoin (simple RSI strategy)

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This video is all about making money with bitcoin, but the same strategies can be used with all crypto currencies.

If you want more information on the other two bitcoin/crypto trading strategies mentioned in the video then head over to the Masters area of Moocharoo Ninja where you will find the video as well as the excel spreadsheet download (as seen in this video).

Trading bitcoin for profit works whether the market is going up or down.
In fact by following the bitcoin trading strategies mentioned in the excel spreadsheet you could have turned just $1,000 at the start of 2018, into over $8,000 today.

Despite the bear market!

These bitcoin trading strategies may well be simple and easy to follow. But do not be fooled into believing that they are easy to implement.
Life is not perfect, the strategy to getting a six pack is also easy (eat less and spend 4 hours a day lifting weights in the gym).
A simple strategy, but can be hard to execute when life gets in the way 😉

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Average George says:

Hi there, it takes a year to make 6 times your investment?
Can u compound it to grow a bigger investment?Ty

J Rock says:

While this dump is going on the EOS alts market is sky rocketing, you got eyes on the wrong eco system.

Cryptographical Wizard says:

Hello, can you answer me this please: If most people traded within these indicators as you described then wouldn’t BTC stay within the current price range forever?

Also, do you think that individual traders and crypto twitter influenced traders act as one big whale who react to the same signals and pump/ dump as a collective massive whale?

Looking forward to hearing what you think about this, cheers.

Valter Salato says:

if it depend of diferent currency but as soon as currency change suddenly, what can i do to know More about Volatilely?

Pat London says:

Another interesting and informative video, Thank you… Quick question, Are the 400 Moolah only being offered to your new lifetime members?

Harry says:

Another interesting video that looks well worth trying. What exchange(s) do you normally use for your trading?


You must do a video explaning tjhat

Patrick Habets says:


Andrew Hennessy says:

In the Crypto Signal section the RSI typically says closed. Am i just missing when there is s recommendation, or it is not set to update? Thank you. Also the blue sleeve on Trading View, is that something that Trading View offers or do we need to set up ourselves?

Gerald Draper Jr says:

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victor dave says:

very educative tutorial have been waiting for this type of lesson

Lloyd Wells says:

Ninja Power …

Akram Twil says:

Thank you for the information your the best regards Danny

Gerald Draper Jr says:

Do you understand by looking at the historical data that the value is not registering and has not left. OTC trading!

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