Make Money Trading Penny Stocks that Spike in Price

There are clues which will show you penny stocks that are about to spike in price. If you use this analysis to find winning penny stocks, you will have great returns, and will make a lot of money trading.

We show you the cup and handle consolidation pattern, which implies penny stocks which are about to increase in price. By spotting or uncovering low-priced micro cap shares like that, any investor will walk away with a solid profit.

In the video, we mention the article, written for the Penny Stocks for Dummies online content, about consolidation technical analysis penny stock patterns, which you can see at this link:

What to Do with Consolidation Patterns in Penny Stocks

Even newbies and beginners can profit and make money online, by trading penny stocks as explained.

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MKme Lab says:

This video was fantastic Peter. More in depth of chart formations would be great. I do indeed own your book as well. Some great info in there too. Cheers from a YouTuber/trader in Canuckland. Eric

Jon West says:

Great video, very helpful, any chance you could label it clearly as a cup and handle video so it can be easily identified from other chart pattern videos (that you may or may not be doing!)

Max Leaman says:

I joined the markets at a rough time, since I’ve started trading last November I’ve been through 3 Fed meetings and all 3 TANKS the market with more tax hikes incoming. Maybe 2018 will be bullish but 2017 isn’t off to a very good start for the upside momentum, been seeing so much volatility lately I’ve switched to only Daytrading and never holding stocks for now.

Luis Francis says:

Peter, thanks for sharing your knowledge, and keeping things simple very helpful indeed!

Wajid Ahmed says:

Cup shape is wyckoff methos for me.

Jo says:

Paper trading this. What do you think a good stop loss limit would be? I have it set as low as 1.30 right now, but it hasn’t hit that low in a month. Do you think I should tighten it up?

Jimtik kzeus says:

hey peter i have an off topic question, when a company does a share split think amazon, is it smart to buy a call since i figure many people will be attracted to what it seems like a “”cheaper amazon stock” so amazon will go bullish becase more people with small capital will be able to get in on AMZN?

Ryan Rael says:


Ken Jensen says:


Tu bia says:

Do more hands on chart videos!!

kevin Pham says:

hello what do you think of plug power inc didn’t amazon just agree to buy 23 percent of plug and buy 600 million of product

Nathan Settles says:

Every little bit helps Pete.

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