Making Money From Forex Trading – Reality or Dream?

In this video presentation I’m covering the oldest question in the forex book: Can you make money trading Forex?

The answer is very simple: Yes, if done correctly!

The subjects covered are:

* Is it possible to make money trading forex?
* Is it possible to double your account every month?
* Is it possible to have 100% win ration (100% winning trades)?
* Is it possible to trade for living?
* The successful trader recipe
* A few examples for proof of success
* $1000 to $1,000,000 – (1k to 1m in 10 months) or the dream of every trader
* Loss free trading
* Balance in life and forex

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BIV Forex Trading says:

lot of people thinking that is imposible live from trading. i was thinking to. but whatching this vídeo, an all yours vídeos vlad, now im shure that is posible. obioslu with hard work . thsnk you Vlad

Ana Gavrić says:

I agree with you have written – it’s not as easy than some people make out to make money with forex and you can very easily lose money.
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Yordan Kuzmanov says:

Good stuff Vlad!

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hanK KHansHtaine says:

its nice ands lovley doubly , so you contiue your perfections

miasmic100 says:

I like this guys comments

Karlas Andrades says:

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George Hundley says:

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John Smith says:

Tnx Vlad, you always bring good points for traders like me. Keep it up, much appreciated!!!

jitendra kumar trivedi says:

nice video sir but where to get quality knowledge? please help


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Jistro says:

Could someone please explain how the trading platforms make money? Obviously I get they make the spread but surely people aren’t winning trades at exactly the same rate as others are losing.. There must be a huge gap.. like what happens when everyone shorts the pound on Brexit?

daily news says:

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Jose Ricaurte Jaen says:

Thanks Vladimir! Alwasy the best content and advice to #forex traders.

Дина Макарова says:

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Mary Obrien says:

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Alex Great says:

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Alex Jakobs says:

Do you have a 3rd party verified results like myfxbook or something similar?

Noah Smith says:

I have struggled a lot trying to make money in fx. That video puts some light on many questions i had. Thanks ! I’m going to check out your services

Diogo Barros says:

Brilliant and super-cool. Love this software (Link Here >>> ). Go for it! I have been doing so and the results were lucrative. Nevertheless one of the best auto trading apps. Wide array of assets to trade and most of all, saves time since it works automatically.

VladimirRibakov says:

Hi traders, this video goal is to open the eyes for main issues concerning traders. Can one trade without losses? NO. Can one make living out of forex? YES. Can one double account on monthly basis, YES but with very high risks. And I shared few other things relevant for all us, traders. If you are aware to the barriers on the way to success, you will know how to deal with them. Yours, Vladimir

Todd Lavigne says:

I trade every almost every day. I always get stopped out but most of the time by the end of the session I’m profitable.
Getting stopped out is good. You’ve managed to limit your losses.

kool guy says:

great video as always, I enjoy all your videos, very useful.

Rahmanjin Borsig says:

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navel operator says:

spaciba Vladimir ya Novi trader wish me luck

zeomarmob says:

Well, I though they teach to dream big…. Lol

Mason Gott MAIN PAGE says:

You forgot to add, FIND A BROKER THAT WILL NOT SCREW YOU OVER to the chart

Andrija Simonovic says:

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