Making Money With Penny Stocks ($65,000 in two days!)

Making Money With Penny Stocks

Our first foray into making money with penny stocks. For years we have been making money day trading e-mini futures and we have seen a tremendous opportunity in the penny stock arena. With the recreational legalization of marijuana across the country there have been many companies that have looked very attractive.

Right now the penny stocks are moving because of the buzz around the legalization of drug. The states of Washington and Colorado have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. California is not too far behind as they were the pioneers of legalizing medical marijuana.

The country of Uruguay has already legalized marijuana across the entire country. There have also been reports that Peru has been looking to legalize marijuana as well. Across the country there have been numerous countries that have decriminalized laws against marijuana users. With all of this buzz and news around the industry there has been a huge opportunity to make money with these penny stocks.

There are several penny stocks that we are watching with the symbols, GRNH, ERBB, FITX, CBIS, HEMP, MJNA, RIGH, PHOT.

Be advised that investing and day trading carries a certain risk and previous results do not indicate future results. This video is meant for only educational purposes.

Already being up by making money with these penny stocks we plan on sharing our results of how much money we made. We do have targets that are a bit higher and will plan on sharing once our targets are reached.

We do expect these penny stocks to continue going a bit higher as there is still a potential for the growth of the companies. There are a handful of companies that are fundamentally flawed and are rising simply due to the buzz around the legalization of recreational marijuana.


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maximusart says:

Can you let me know what is coming up and what you guys are thinking about trading on the horizon so I can mirror your trades.. I’m a poor man on disability.. I need to make some money.. REAL TALK..

Parris says:

What platform can I buy penny stocks on?

SandSurfer says:

Scottrade?  why use such a crappy broker?  

Ungurean ilie-radu says:

Good video

Montoya the Rager says:

thinking about investing in the Penny stocks. what advice can anyone have for me? thanks in advabce.

djkaye youtube says:

can you help me find a good penny stock on this date that has high 3month potential?

Jamie London says:

what do you think about this stock red giant entertainment redg or e-rewards network inc erni   nutra pharma corp  nphc  soul and vibe interactive inc  soul 

Flying Machete says:

Medical Marijuana Inc
0.07Price increase0.00 (4.69%)
Closed: Jul 2 4:04 PM EDT – Disclaimer
After-hours: 0.07Price decrease0.00 (0.00%)

oh chang says:

Dog is cute.

Donald Simpson Jr says:

stocks has always been interesting and I’m will to put in the time but any start off advice? appreciate it…

Michael Gore says:

How can I find great penny stocks with lot of potential?

Christopher Cook says:

Hi what brokerage do use now? thanks. How did you buy these OTCMKTS with  mainstream brokerages?

bigpapi71788 says:

How can I get started with this can you please tell me the steps

JustLearnin 15 says:

Is there any age that you cannot buy a stock? Or do you just need to have the money?

Angelina Aromanov says:


MrMattthegreat123 says:

so whats the next big stock?

jay edwards says:

Yes i have a question how do i get starred with penny stocks and is a brokage account free to open

Remy Reynoso says:

i try to buy HEMP and it won’t let me i live in the US i also have scottrade

Ejrocks63 says:


BaileyRanks says:

what about medical cocaine?

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