My cryptocurrency trading strategy – How I make money with Altcoins

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In today’s episode of crypto riot I’ll go over my crytocurrency trading strategy and how I setup my portfolio. I’ll share my past cryptocurrency trading strategies, which alt coins I’ve invested in and why, which exchanges I use and how I keep my coins and tokens safe.

Bitcoin – 20%
Ethereum 50%
Litecoin – 10%
Moonshots – 10%

I also discuss the importance of being flexible and patient with investing. When I shot this video the price of ethereum went plummeting so I used it as an opportunity to change 2.7 bitcoins into 60 ethereum tokens on Sunday the 16th of July 2017 for $183.50 each. Time will tell if this was a wise investment but I am confident that I made the best decision with the information I had available.

I also talk about Polo, bitfinex, bitrex, kraken and CEX.IO and cover a little bit about lending bitcoins, litecoins and other alt coins to margin traders for a profit.

Full disclosure I am not a finical advisor, I do my best to research each technology and get my facts right. If there is a mistake please be constructive with criticism and I’ll update the videos with any new information I find.


Jessica Carlson says:

what your updated portfolio ???

Pleiadian Maya says:

please help couple of bucks of ethereum for gas got my omg coins stuck in exodus wallet cant send them to bittrex to trade ill pay you back in omg tokens eth address 0xEA96bE9783F4EfEa5067930D2ea25bfB512124Eb

Josh Andres says:

Hi David, have you done, or are you planning to do a video on margin trading? Your videos are fantastic! thank you

Cynthia Clark says:

Excellent sane theory and information and you confirmed some of my hunches! You’ve got a new follower!

Cruz C Bobadilla says:

Hi David how soon before you do a video on Tezos now that is on the Market
Cap site and on one of the exchangers?

The Tech says:

You have a cool backyard bro

nope says:

Hey if any1 wants to help me out, send some love to this btc adress: 16JdSFcN3Q1F29WUnrbqUJWQm7iuk9XCYp

Original FAMFAM says:

Litecoin is a good hold these days, I’d say 20% – 40% because of its past year performance of 1,400% and is positioned for some very nice growth in the next 5 months. October 2017 – March 2018

On The Blockchain News says:

great info

Robby Fiveboy says:

I cannot understand where one is to wallet most Crypto? Seems like the majority have to just sit on whatever exchange you are on. Potential security issue. Am I wrong?

Also it seems cryptos go up and down at basically the same rate as BTC. Doesnt that imply one might as well just buy BTC- again what am I missing?

Great vids btw.

Marius Langfeldt says:

Nice name do you do boxing as well?

Nawab Hussain says:

love the info mate

naman rana says:

How to store litecoin ethereum etc safely besides in an exchange like bittrex, bitfinex

Jobless dude says:

when does the ICO for hostcoin star? aNyone

Davy Mathijssen says:

Buy smal demant

goofy roofy says:

Great videos, Its hindsight of course, but im betting you wish those 3 bitcoins that were sold in July were still where they were, and not in Eth. HODL the line!!

Paula Bermudez says:

Hey Devid, where do you find your up and coming technologies to invest in?

HellaHipHop says:

too the fucking moon

Mike Brown says:

Thank you for sharing this information. I’ve recently started to get involved with Cryptocurrency and I like to do lots of research and try to educate myself on any new technology I’m getting involved with. Your videos are very informative. Please keep sharing your knowledge with us. Thanks.

Dario Bosshard says:

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I get 10% of my ivestment everyday.
Give it a try for your own good. Use my link and get 100 GH/s for free.
I have investet 0.1 BTC and will break even in two more days.
What i really love are the daily payouts and realtime BTC balance.
I made some reinvestments to see my blance growing even faster! Simply love it.

James Armstrong says:

Great insight mate! Thanks for the video!

M Stewart says:

THIS FRIDAY! What do you think the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT will be from KOMODO Coin (KMD) traded on the crypto exchange?

Josh MHO says:

I have a sneaking suspicion that Humus will take off

Eran Adam says:

Hey David, I’ve been reading about certain governments and traditional banks not being to happy with crypto currency, even though they cannot get rid of blockchain, they will attempt a lockout of exchange sites. What are your thoughts?

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