Nicholas talks about the reality of his experiences of first making big money from trading (closing 5-figure and 6-figure trades). How it changed his life at the time, what he has learned as a professional trader and changed since then.

Unlike what you may see from other traders claiming to be successful in the markets and showing lavish lifestyles. The reality can often be very different.

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Glenn Bowden says:

Hi Nicholas, Great video, as you know happiness comes from within. Money is ok, and it’s great to have some. Glenn NZ

Dr Manish K. Rambilas says:

Precious! Thank you for sharing Nicholas.

ami kim says:

This is an awesome, raw expression of your journey as a trader!! So great. Appreciate the honesty and genuine ups and downs of being a trader and the changes that come with making money…and the great point that SOME THING don’t change either 🙂 Keep making more! I’m learning about trading and because I want to make money yet be my own boss and learn more about the overall financial markets and how to they can be profitable when investing in them wisely. Thanks again! So inspirational ;0

mynamesnotdan says:

anyone with a computer and some money can get into trading stocks and make a fortune. Dont feel bad that you did and everyone else didnt.
If you make a fortune, DONT TELL ANYONE. PLAY DUMB

Cav says:

Thankyou. That was a really honest and refreshing video.

George Kirton says:

Financial freedom is what most people deep down are after, not just the material things. Me included.

TheHotcrumbs says:



your so lovely and your from my town of london… i would love to meet you as i do actually want to venture in trading… theres always a good and bad to everygthing… if i had money i would form a buisness and help my family

Sara Sabatino says:

Very real! It was brave of you to say all of your truths, thoughts and feelings. Very cool to see this side of trading and see it through the eyes of someone who experienced it. Love the accent btw.

Johnny says:

Straight from the heart!

Arfi Natanagara says:

Charity is the cure bro

Ian Evans says:

I enjoyed listening to you. Thank you for sharing.

Profit Lockr says:

Mate….these feelings are SO true. The first time I made a $30,000 commission check when I started my own business it was absurd to me. Then all of a sudden any time I made 5 8 10 or even 15k per deal…I would suddenly be disappointed. It becomes similar to staring at the tv for hours on end you stop emotionally reacting to any spectactular events and even personal accomplishments. Great video, was thinking about putting out a video like this myself but was afraid to. Amen!!

dayone35 says:


G-Host says:

More money more problem. It should be when i NEED someting there is the money. I don’t need money, but money need me.

nkosinathi tank says:

Hi. What broker are you using?

Flash Tech says:

The problem is you are not a PUA.

Saiful Yusoff says:

Hey Nicholas, awesome video you have here. Very honest and straight from the heart. I personally feel that money is important, but it’s not solely the cause of happiness. Don’t get me wrong, money is definitely important (especially in today’s world), but having money without happiness…. we definitely feel hollow inside. Keep up the great videos. Salute to you, bro 🙂

jasoncatt says:

Very cool video.

Maciek Gajdardziew says:

opinion about comment from Arfi Natanagara, if your want to hurt someone give him the money (charity) ,instead to help him to give him motivation or direction how to develop his abilities or so to speek god gifts , so your propose to give someone charity is very stuped advice i come across in this session

Equality Co says:

Loved this video!

CraigRoss6547 says:

I really liked this video. I have a full time job as a mortgage adviser in the UK. I am looking to start trading as a hobby for some extra income. I don’t have the mentality that i must make like £1000 a day, i am aiming for around £50-£100 a day. My problem is i do not know where to start so i am taking a slow approach to this and trying to learn the fundamentals before diving in.

Трофим Геворгян says:

Transition is hard brother. How long did it take you to get there?

JamesPossible says:

brilliant share

Oxeem says:

So true

Crystal Davis says:

A perfect example of trading emotionally. Thanks for the video.

Carson Lund says:

Dude you must be loaded

ColGadarby says:

Very interesting and you seem to have your feet fairly on the ground. Some people will always be happy and some will always be miserable no matter what. IMO opinion money is just a tool to enable you to do other things and sometimes less is more.

Sangye Ngawang says:

I’m only relatively small – like you said, can make 50-100-200 a trade so can still leave it. I did get some out of account to buy car. I was a buddhist monk for 14 years before I had to trade to find a way of living but being free so it is indeed surreal. I don’t know when the trading stops and living starts – i had the idea to just enjoy life – but your goals keep shifting.

Edward Pierce says:

atleast u can get laid alot if u got alot $ in ur bank account

TheHotcrumbs says:


soccernatic says:

Great video! Thank you!

Having nice things such as a Ferrari or a Mansion or a Rolex etc. will not make you as happy because those things you buy in order to get “validation” from others. You buy those stuff to impress others and eventually they wear off. To really hone in and find what truly makes you happy is key to happiness and sometimes it is just helping an old lady carry her groceries to her house. I bet that will make you 10x happier.

August Priest says:

I had as much entertainment from the comments as I did the video, you brought out the “real” in yourself and your subscribers. .. cool

Gustavo R. says:

Thank you for the insight, It is great to see people talking about the emotional aspects of trading. Just curious do you believe that over time you will be able to cope better what all that changed in your life? Perhaps the next big thing would be to find a girlfriend who is also a trader? Cheers!

Kyle Race says:

Enjoyed the video and subscribed, this was a good first video to be introduced to your channel with.

I have only been learning so far and only practiced on a demo Lightspeed account. I did pretty well today trading the very few stocks that I was aloud to use in the demo and was quite pleased with the small profit that I had made.

First of all, reason I’m really trying to get into this is purely because it offers a good money:time ratio lol I don’t like the idea of selling my time to companies.

What do you think would be an ideal starting amount, if I have around 10k in savings? I’m aiming for around £50-£100 profits a day.

Any information I can learn from experienced traders would be highly appreciated.

Bluesmurf says:

Best thing you can spend your money on is a professional trading coach or psychologist, such as Van Tharp. The second is a journal, third is a large hard drive so you can video your trades, then watch them over so you can learn to not repeat your errors, but continue to repeat what you are doing correctly.

Jason Bord says:

Yes bro,try to help those people who need most (poor people)… to be honest one of my goal if i ever succeed on trading is to help people that need most,where i came from people died because they dont have food and they cant pay for hospital… your not just a good trader but i can sense that you have a good heart too.follow your good heart,at the end of the day money doesnt mater but what you did whith your money does mater most…

Someone teach me when a person die wealth stays,but good deeds will be rememberd and live in the peoples heart forever:)

God bless you!

baosavanh75 says:

This video is a tear jerker, yeah I am a softy.  Wish my ex gf watched this vids.

Maciek Gajdardziew says:

hi please go on it is like good film script 🙂 it’s motivating for us to hear how it is to achieve something been impossible before

Ken Wang says:

Admire you honesty. Props to you.

3M zodiac therapy says:

thank you for telling the truth 🙂

TechBiz Canada says:

Damn, you nailed it!

CreepyAnt says:

You’re point about the friends who took advantage of you reminds me of something that happened to my step dad’s uncle. His uncle had inherited millions. The uncle, and his wife spent the money foolishly; they built a mansion and had lavish parties every week; and many people would show up (so called friends). Then they went broke, and suddenly no one was interested in being their friends anymore. They were dumb as fuck the way they spent the money, but it just goes to show that people will take advantage.

MrFunnyMonkey says:

1. A professional trader has risk management and is never afraid of losing their accout. Their trading plan does not allow it.

2. If you made $30-50K intra day trading that means you are trading 10 to 30 lot sizes…whats you capital …it must be over 6 figures. Impressive.

Solomon Spydro says:

Good honesty mate

Bhupendra Ghanghoriya says:

Awesome Video Man!
you explained it so brilliantly that i was able to imagining your story just like a movie.
Good Job.

kemms says:

I am new to the Forex world and this was a very good and honest video that i believe i needed. Thanks for this video and the honesty.

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