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Founded over ten years ago, is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA ) . Plus 500 offers CFD trading only in the following areas: FX , commodities, indices, stocks and ETFs. The company shows a sober design, both on their website and their trading platform , which makes it enjoyable experience for experienced traders. With years of experience and confirmed credentials, it’s no surprise that Plus500 is rapidly growing as one of the best services in the CFD market.

By now you probably know that most Forex brokers like eToro largest Forex Club and offer multiple trading platforms to choose from – but you’ll quickly see that Plus500 offers a trading platform isolation. While this may be a deterrent for traders looking for a very specific platform ( MetaTrader 4, for example ) , a quick look at the Plus500 platform will make it obvious why we classify this company among the top forex brokers . Developed in the company, Plus500 trading platform is available in 3 versions – a downloadable version, a web-based platform and mobile commerce interface . What makes this unique platform is that unlike those offered by most other brokers, Plus500 platform remains constant in all versions , making it easy to switch between platforms without regroup.

Forex trading platform Plus500 provides all the necessary information within a screen so no scrolling required to find the necessary information. Four clearly marked top tabs allow you to receive information about past and current operations positions without having to search . Plus500 trading platform lacks the ability to view multiple charts and graphs as well as possible on other platforms, such as those offered by Ava FX. However not all merchants require this feature when choosing a platform….

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#feesmustfall soweto says:

how do i see that now is the right time to sell or buy

Oguzhan Ercüment says:

nice demo acc …

Anita Hernandez says:

*Don’t waste your time on other apps because I have done that myself and have lost quite a lot of my money. So learn from my experience and don’t go for these apps when you have something as beautiful as (**** ) which is amazingly effective and very easy to use even if you are new in binary option trading.*

Pavel Černý says:

OMG, I can’t find where i can sell it..

Rosemarie Gough says:

Plus500 I give 80/100 I give it 100 star best trading ever

David Smith says:

Do you know how to reset a demo account???

Thewhitemansshow says:

Hey new to plus 500 but if I share 5 when you click buy and I type 5 shares is that £5.00?

David Smith says:

Ok thanks.


How to find the profit indicating place in software??

Vladimir Hodorov says:

EPIC FAIL!!!! You should trade with REAL money and not with a useless demo account!!!

Terry Tong says:

是騙局,不讓你提款,香港證監會已示該是無牌公司,我用paypal或電匯提款,它能從交易平台來修改你所有提款申請,將提款取消,而不作任何解釋,我過了差不多兩個月都沒有回覆,千萬別入錢這公司﹗ FCA已介入調查該公司

Mahdi Hassan says:

fake .. I thought plus500 it’s a fake ..yes its is fake because I lost 400 USD. people be careful. don’t tread with plus500

zoro kounaidi says:

Hi mate
I just got the plus 500 app on my iPhone. But I don’t know how to trade on it. Can you please give me some tips, j got to make done money.


mick barlow says:


Phillip Transue says:

great video telling the truth, I did not need to buy the program to know it is a scam?, i use *GINO SHEARER SIGNALS* for daily income.

Max Pullen says:

How I make money “demo account”

danny daghavarian says:

notice how he opened the ‘closed positions tab, and all you see is red…..

VTOLKits says:

Google-Translate: Hello, today 06.08.2015 has happened the same to me. Have the account at Plus500 x294 with 2 contracts = $ 30 at lever also since about 2 weeks and acted the Nasdaq. Now that’s min. rose to 20 Nasdaq contracts = approx $ 300 !! I trade in the long term and therefore need a large Stop Loss. My capital is about $ 800th Is the course only 1% down, I have Margin Call and total loss !! I would have 37.5% of the capital in a single trade stuck! Today of all days I have my wife also opened an account and recommended Plus500! Have probably too much profit made and Plus500 is trading against the customer. Will both accounts immediately close and hope that we get the money back. That’s totally irresponsible! Under these conditions, but no trades! Shall confine myself comfortable on my account with eToro which I have since 3 years with no problems. Stay away from PLUS500!

Jason Vas says:

before i use to believe in trading but now i totally dont believe in this coz its cheats a lots just eat others money

Brian P says:

it means there markets offline if not email them

dixy1221 says:

How the fuck can you still someone else’s video and put all fuckin adverts on there!!

fulltimespy says:

This looks really interesting, just saw a documentary on it home trading.
Might try it with like 100 € see how it goes 🙂
first try demo acc ofc to learn basics.

Anita Takau Terepo says:

Hi there I’ve heard of forex trading before and I am very interested in it. I’m a bit lost with alot of things!! What are the things I need to know when trading. And what do some of the words mean like commodities for example??


Nice video mate but this is the demo account so its not good mate

Randall Paul says:

I moved back into Europe and had been looking at the varied platforms and CFD brokers.  One thing you have to watch out for is the difference between live trading and a demo.  You also have to ask the company are they the market makers.  This means they have control over your stops a company in America is being Sued right now because they were caught taking out stops then running the market right past their clients buy or sell positions..  I read a lot of complaints about this company and I see a lot of shilling going on as well.  Meaning guys posting how much they made or have been with a company.  Do your Research  When I trade I have two platforms one is a trading platform from the CME that I license .When I select a CFD company you better be damn sure I will be matching prices and watching any form of irregularity and recording all trades.

Ieva Jansone says:

I withdrew money on the 3rd March 2016, it is now the 18th March 2016 and I am still waiting, I see plus 500 decided to tell you to contact them, that is pointless, they work off a script and they do not respond in any sensible time, 1 week and I am still waiting for them to tell me what has happened to my money. I have another big withdrawal from the 15th March 2016 but I doubt I will see that money either, just a bunch of thieves with pretend customer service, better to get in contact with the financial regulation service according to what people who work from other CFD and Forex companies, they are well known for not paying. they took my money within seconds of depositing it but refuse to give what I earned. nothing but thieves.

Makki9119 says:

I used my demo account and went down from (10,000 OMR) to (4,000 OMR). So I was a little bit more cautious with my trading and I managed to get 20,000 OMR with my 4k, in about two days with only one trade (US 500). The reason why the profit margin is huge is because the trades are leveraged. So even though the index went up 1%. I managed to make a 400% ROI (20,000 OMR). Pretty cool app but a bit risky though.

devran karadag says:

Made 150000 on demo in a week

Moldovan Sebastian says:

Plus500 is a big scam. Just read in their terms and conditions the fact that they take their info from 3rd entities, that can change the price that they send, and after all that, Plus500 can do that ALSO. The real price of the market can be one and they can show a different one.The market can have a real chart of prices, but Plus 500 will have another one. The way they trick people is that they change the price in such a way that they catch their customers in positions so they can lose. It’s the only company that you can’t speak with the people there, they are all hiding behind the terms and conditions that nobody understands in the true sense, and they have an army of lawyers to protect them. There are so many other platform out there with people willing to help, with communities of traders talking, and better deals for customers. I’ve been la customer here for years and now i’ve just realised the mistake i’ve made. Please don’t do the same mistake.

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