Rebel Galaxy – Trading Guide / How to Make Money

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In this Rebel Galaxy Gameplay video we take a look on how to make money by performing Trading. Trading in Rebel Galaxy is fun and very interesting since the economy is dynamic and makes the whole universe feel alive.
Rebel Galaxy is a swashbuckling space adventure, with action-packed combat, exploration, discovery, trade, and “negotiation” with the outlandish denizens at the edge of the known universe.


AceVenturaXii says:

Solid video

Epicus Matzimus says:

buy 20 YikYak Meat for 400 Credit, sell it on a Famine Station for 800 Credit. in Summary i make 8.000 Credit incomme.A Mission to kill 3 or 4 Ships in the half time i get 24.000 Credit.The Problem whit the Trading System is that the higher priced Goods are too limited.
If i Fly arround in a Deep Horizon, i want to trade 30 Face of Gozu and not YikYak Meat.

Max John says:

Thank you! I can’t believe I never noticed the market information on the map before! o.O

Ghostlight X says:

Does anyone know a way to view the local map when you are docked? This is doing my head in. How can I decide what to buy at a market if I cannot get to the map screen that shows all the prices at other stations? Really bad design oversight?

Chloe Bryan says:

how do you use the Net Worth Credits?

powerage30 says:

Great video. Here are some thoughts on how I spot a good buy.
1) Browse only red prices in the Buy column. 2) Ignore any product that has 0 in stock. 3) Find item with biggest difference between buy price and system average. Buy all of it. That’s it. Leave and find a station that is buying that cargo, even at just system average, and you will make money.
Example: at 6:45 in your video, Tachyon Salt is a red Buy and would give you 5,245 profit per unit at any station selling at average price (11,270-6,025). Naturally, you can find a station with a green Sell price and make even more. Likewise, space slaves is the next best buy. I’d leave with just those. The rest of this stuff just soaks up space in your cargo hold.

DonWoschto says:

Trading is so cumbersome..

Don Wald says:

did you quit elite 🙁

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