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Edison Fulton says:

I day trade a stock like DRYS that is too risky to hold overnight. where do I put this profit to work?

Harry kennedy says:

The reason we are all trading and loosing today is because we are afraid of taking risk, just like Mr Chris Parker (My Mentor) will always say ” Every successful man today once took a major risk which led him to success” am proud of you Parker, your strategy is speaking for itself, success is damn sweet

KodakMee says:

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Elvis Morales says:

You don’t necessarily need to hold into 1 share to receive notifications about a particular stock, as long as you have it saved under your wishlist you should be receiving in the future more notifications, regardless if you own a position or not. At the moment you buy and later sell a stock, it will be part of your wishlist automatically, unless you thereafter explicitly remove it from there.

sindhi maginto says:

Is robinhood app available in Canada ?

Zach Stephan says:

You can sign up using my referral and get a free stock from $5-$150

Joe Pro says:

No wonder i win…he’s a part of the sheep

TheBossGOD 1 says:

pewdiepies intelligent long lost twin brother

Alex Castagna says:

If anyone is planning to sign up for Robinhood, use this link and you’ll receive a free stock:

Clokiblk says:

If anyone wants to get started on Robinhood with a free stock from me (up to $150) use my code! 100% free stock, no sign up fee

HemenwayArts says:

You can just set a limit…

Zone of Expansion says:

I wanna meet this TechCrackHouse guy. You seem like a really interesting person. keep pumping videos my man.

Kevin Flanagan says:

anyone who claims to day trade penny stocks for huge gains will 100 percent end up losing money in the long run

JPxKillz says:

If you want to lose all your money, do exactly this.

Abraham Salazar says:

I like that strategy.

jeremiah williams says:

is there a particular listing on the app that will show me all penny stock?

Factualx says:

this is the most autistic video ive ever watched on stock trading.

you also get notifications for anything on your watchlist lmao.

Edward Ktiu says:

Can you Explain how introducing RobinHood Gold how is it works on a video please thanks

Michael Muratore says:

Figured I’d try on this. What’s ur take on hmny stock.. baught let’s just say a lot of shares @14 dollars. And last few days were kinda rollercoasterish… think it’s gonna be a good one
Thanx in advance

John Langdon says:

ALQA best stock ever on RObinhood, skyrocket today!


What website are you using to find penny stocks that are available on Robinhood?

James Neal says:

If anybody wants to buy Sykes DVDs for cheap I have How to Make Millions, Reading Level 2, Penny Stocking Part Deaux and Reading SEC Filings let me know!!

Ian Sandberg says:

How are you using RobinHood on the computer?

jc1047 says:

Join Robinhood with my affiliate link and you will get a random free stock share

Brian Herron says:

Here’s a good question….you said buy one share…hold to get notifications….then buy at the dip and sell off for profit…but keep one share….My question is if you keep that one share over night does that qualify that whole trade as a day trade…or does holding one stock of that position overnight exclude you from PDT rule on that trade?

Onlyeddiem says:

How long you’ve been trading?

RideShare Tips says:

Im new at this. I heard that you cant day trade on Robinhood. How many times can you buy/sell stock on Robinhood per day?

Tatianna T says:

Could you explain what it means to have multiple shares in one stock? Also if you invest like a $1.00 or something in a stock is it possible to owe them money if things go bad? I’m sorry I’m just extremely new to this but I’m interested.

best laughs says:

U suck at this u don’t but it by the dollars u buy penny stocks with hundreds of dollars and there’s something called a watchlist

Kyle Perry says:

New members welcome!! We are growing!! Invite your friends that are about the gainzz ❤️life #SNDit #AV
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Shahzad Memon says: use this link to get a free link when you signup for robinhood

Rodrigo .Morales says:

Can you buy porn and gun stocks? Just curious.

Quinn R says:

Welcome back to the good old tech crack house

arupian666 says:

Kids. Don’t do this. This is real fucking dumb. Sure, if a stock is dropping faster than a teenage girls panties at a Boyz2Men concert, go ahead buy into it. It won’t drop any more. Probably. But once you bought into a stock that’s falling, you “can kinda just sit back and relax”… LOL… no offence, you’re a moron.

Celtic Hero says:

stupid waste of time.

Harry McRae says:

Great job explaining this. I actually do this with blue chip stocks too! Mostly, closed end funds. But when I swing trade, I usually try to gain as much as I can on a stocks dip. I grabbed Microsoft at 63 per share, and sold 15 shares at 74. That was a pretty good trade!

Hymn You says:


shawn mcaraphy says:

Or just place stocks on watchlist to get notification.

Tall ZAC says:

I was surfing around on YouTube… Saw you… Check you out.. You happen to have some of my same stocks… I just subscribed… One thing I have notice with Robinhood… How do you transfer funds back into your bank account?.. Could you do a short video on that…. Thanks my maan

Yosif Droby says:

If you sign up for Robinhood with a referral link ( here’s mine: ) we can both get 1 free share of the following: Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Ford, Sprint, or GoPro.

JSB1TV says:

Get a free share in a random stock just for signing up with robinhood through referral Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a share of stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.

George Mackenze says:

So you buy the stock and you get a notification that the price has dropped. Then you buy more just like you state, and then it go does even more at the end of the day, what then?

Todd Stewart says:

If anyone watching this thinks trading is easy you are WRONG! It takes a lot of energy and effort to become a profitable trader no matter what market you decide to trade in. You should not trade with any real money unless you are well educated and experienced in trading and have proven to be profitable in a simulator with fake money and have a strategy that works. Those of you who think this is going to be easy will not make a career out of this. Some of you might get lucky and make some money in the beginning but you won’t be able to do it for a lifetime and most of you will lose every penny you put into trading if you don’t know what you are doing. Nothing in life comes easy you guys. I’m not trying to down anyone, I’m just trying to keep people from making stupid mistakes. If you want to be a trader you must take it serious and treat it as a business.

Josh Park says:

But doing this youll be a patten day trader

Joe Dia says:

Aren’t you limited in the number of trades you can make in a week before you’re flagged as a PDT? How are you getting around this?

KumarIsMyName says:


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