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Hi, I’m Pat Mitchell and welcome to TrickTrades…my stock market and day trading channel. Whether you’re a day trading beginner or a seasoned stock market veteran you have finally discovered THE place to take your trading to a whole new level.

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If you’ve never traded before and are thinking about a new career path, or you’ve been in the game for a while and are looking to finally take your day trading to the next level then you’ve finally found the best educational channel teaching you how to become profitable and consistent.

We don’t mess around with sub penny stock garbage or cryptocurrencies. And a reason why 90% of traders fail is because they’ve been lied to about how “easy” it is to make money day trading or jumping in on the latest fad.

At TrickTrades we expose the hypocrisy of day trading by teaching you PROVEN and SUSTAINABLE day trading strategies with simple quality set ups and golden watchlists.

We are technically based and psychology driven. Just watching one of our videos you will soon see the difference immediately compared to all the other “gurus” out there that don’t give a damn about you or your success.

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TrickTrades is dedicated to guide you down your path of freedom with our proven, high quality strategies and stock set ups.

We will show you how to have consistent success with opening range break-outs, opening range break-downs, how to play gap ups and gap downs, rejection of pre-market highs, how to read a daily chart, plus so much more!

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Jonathan Sweeney says:

Another great video full of gold, you need to share, like, subscribe and join us to learn and profit for life.

Ken Varley says:

Great Video! Awesome setup Pat!

husssein says:

nice strategy, I use this one too. One question tho, what if you are beginner trader and are still not comfortable risking $20-50 per trade so I find myself just trading and losing my gains mostly due to commissions or because I can’t lock in money after some of the move. It is not that im not emotionally comfortable, it is that I dont have that much money to risk in the first place, what do you recommend to do?

Idowebs says:

Thanks for the video. I’d like to see less hindsight quarterbacking and more moment to moment examples. In other words I can see all the pictures after the party is over but would like to see the example(s) as the party unfolds. There is a curtain or wall on the right side of screen and we really don’t know for sure what is over there. It would be helpful to go to the wall and see and hear the decisions on how to get over the wall or part the curtain. Or is there just a Wizard of OZ behind it? Another analogy is Plato,s “Allegory of the Cave”. All we know is what we know until …

Gene says:

This video was perfect for that set up. I know you were asking about what other types of video to do and I believe more of like that with short and long perhaps. Thank you, I appreciate the video lessons you post. Definitely a big help!!!

David says:

Hey Pat! Thanks so much for another awesome video! Took a tonne of notes and can’t wait for the next A-quality set up!! See you in chat!

K says:

Hey Trick, thanks for the free content. To pay it forward, I actually made an Excel risk/profit spread sheet. Its been very useful, I even calculated commissions in the formula.

Ande Viper Trader Pfeiffer says:

Hey man another great video, I would like to see a lesson on your method for quick entry and exit on very volatile fast moving stocks

Dee Eee says:

Thanks for the video Pat.
Im just curious why I can not access ur website with ur funded account page. It says not available

Konrad Grygo says:

Great content, seems quite easy analyzing it post factum (no doubt in your skills and experience, man) 🙂 I have a big problem with patience. My daily SL is 50$, I am trading a small account in a remote prop firm – 100 shares minimum and that’s why I cannot simply choose higher priced stocks 🙁 .. That’s why I am afraid to take 20-30 cents SL because I can be quickly done with the day hitting SL. Taking profits also way too soon.

Hope one day I will change the broker maybe to cfds not to pay so much for the quotes and platform fees and join your room to try some higher priced stocks but with less size (below this required 100 minimum).

Johnbosco Odek says:

Thanks Pats. I’ve gravitated towards this set up through baptism by fire (3 Blown Accounts) in the last three years. For me it was necessary for survival. I’ve always lost massively at the Open and realized my personality needed this kind of set up. The Open oftentimes does unprintable things to me-I can’t seem to read the price action effectively and actionably. This set-up is easy, less whippy or choppy and the risk is clearly defined. I like being in control and having the balls in my hands and only this set-up ably affords me that. Your insights on it will help me tweak my approach, test and refine it for even better performance. This is priceless Pats!! Thanks.

Eric Voegtlin says:

Can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from Pat in just a couple of weeks! Thanks for the videos man! Loving the mentorship program, highly recommend it to anyone new to trading!

Christopher Wilson says:

Wonderful video!
Are you using TC2000?

Matthew Hunter says:

Would love a video that talks about changes to strategy when ssr rule is active!

Coastalpridecarpets says:

Hi Pat Another great Video!! Thanks, Greg

Makani says:

That lower high setup explanation was great, that’s what I like to see. I was struggling with that setup ever since learning about it due to patience and other mentality issues, but after hearing it finally being explained like this I think i’ll be able to have better results next time I try out the setup.
I’m not in your new room due to wanting to save some money but I still love the personality of the community you’ve built.

javier zaldana says:


alesitus trader says:

Gret video as always Pat !

Khawaja Moinuddin says:

Amazing Video Boss. Love your Videos. Thank you

Jake Johnson says:

gotta join tricktrades soon and get out of the bullshit room I’m in

Chris VanSlyke says:

Great lesson Pat! The other thing I like about this ALKS example is the extension on the daily. 3 massive up candles the last one being one of the stocks highest volume days. Lately I’ve noticed that these stocks often reverse 30 minutes into the open. You could almost market in the opposite direction of the stock right at 10:00am and be on the right side immediately. TWTR SNAP and lots more are following the pattern now. Also at 1 hour before the close power hour there is very commonly a reversal. Same thing market in the opposite direction right at 3:00pm. Combine the time of day with lower highs, stuff/igniting candles, lower highs higher lows etc and you have the stacked catalysts you talk about in this video. You are definitely different then most of the gurus out there. I don’t think I’ve seen someone who actually cares about their subs getting better and teaching with such passion and clarity. I’m not a member now but think I will join up.

orapronobis says:

wow people pay good money for this information…have a plan…love your stops as much as your gains…multiple signals…getting onboard the 2nd lower high sailing that seaworthy frigate to treasure…give a man a fish he will eat for a day …teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime…this channel has helped me so much i ready to size in …watch this video and assimilate it…absolutely must watch videos for new traders like myself…thanks again

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