Star Citizen 3.3 Fast Money by Trading – Here is how

I’ve made 25k/hour with a starting capital of 40k by trading from Port Olisar to Celin back and forth 🙂 It’s actually possible to make some decent money. I’ll try to buy the prospector befre 3.3.5 comes live


Soap says:

Wouldn’t doing drug runs make you more?

Michael Ray says:

Run Widow with no more than half your funds, will do better with less capital. Obviously more dangerous tho.

Hyde Productions says:

Not a big deal. Make 32k every 20 mins. All it takes is a couple hours of playing to get started.

TheEradicator says:

In December, I am giving away a SQ42 and SC game package that features an Aurora Legionnaire with LTI!!!! All you need to do is to subscribe to this channel and leave a comment! The winner will be announced during Christmas eve!

robert1235421 says:

I lost quite a lot doing cargo…. Constellation crashed while quantum jumping… I also lost all the cargo in another ship when i logged off (using the bed) with cargo in the ship… when i came back to the game, i did not spawn in my ship and had to use insurance.

Jammy Jam says:

I’m guessing over all, money has been massively nerfed in the past year. Looking back to people that were safely making 150-200k an hour.

Ed Heise says:


C-Shepard says:

Lol, saw this video earlier. Funniest thumbnail ever.

TriscuitBiscuit says:

Actually, there’s a better way and that is by doing the drug lab on Yela. Sure, there is more risk involved, but if you are willing to take it or bring a couple friends, it’s worth it. I started with 10k and doing my first run putting all my credits into Widow and selling it to the rest stop (they buy it for more) I netted out 17k the first run. You can definitely knock out at least 2-3 runs an hour by doing this and I recommend starting with at least 10k and if you do not even start with 10k you can easily just do a few ECN alerts. This is much more practical for the majority of players who are going to start with around 5 to 10k, although I would highly recommend bringing a wing man for this.

One last little thing, although the Widow has a high value per SCU, most players will have a ship that not more than 8 SCU. That will do fine if you are okay with consistently making around 7-8k each run, but the best ship in the game for solo or duo drug running is either the Freelancer or Cutlass Black. Both are well armed, maneuverable, have a gunner seat, and have more than enough SCU for when you start making a lot more money.

y0un45 says:

Buys for 43k sells food 46k = 3k profit. Buys titanium for 46k and sells for 49k.
That is 6k profit. In 20 mins
X 3 is 18k not 25k..

colhero says:

You tell us we can make a boat load of money hauling cargo – then, you spend all 44k on one run, while advising us not to do the same – you make 3k on a 44k run – then you repeat.  Cargo hauling is HUGELY risky for a <10% margin - one crash and bye-bye.  Cargo hauling is fun, but missions and mining are more profitable, reliable and much less risky.

Maltaser says:

Nice ship me like the pop of this game have one with 3 or 4 cargo

starman7_7 says:

I did that run today with 1k budget and the profit is not acceptable its around 100 credits for a run… i can make 680 for 1 delivery mission which will take same amount of time …but its bugged and I can’t talk with npc to receive or deliver a package …so basically everything sucks there .

Jace Becker 7years. says:

Record your audio through audacity (it’s free) and use the noise eliminator, it’ll cut down on the fan noise/static significantly.

W4tch0ut says:

As far as I understand you won’t keep the money anyway so why the trouble?

Yamil Bendek says:

not a good one to be honest…the only profitable market is wilow from the secret drug lab and with the closest station, grim hex, you could go and return multiple times for an excellent price

xbluedragon97x says:

You can just go back and forth between Olisar and CRU L2. Cuts out having to enter/exit atmosphere

Wesley Moore says:

Was going to try to sell Widow but this seems better than dealing with people camping Jumptown and finding it in the first place

Al Barrus says:

with 20k space bucks and the aurora can u make decent money? how do I know which route and commodity to choose?

Bandit Darville says:

Might want to relocate your PC, like a few block away. That thing blows harder than my ex..

Zarkatron says:

how do you have all of those ships? did you buy them all with in game credits?

gplr1882 says:

how to earn money in 3.3, be rich from the start pretty much

MTDRS-maliceXO says:

Your profits will also go up because you did not have enough cash flow to fill your ship

TKMantis says:

Got the currency bug and now have negative money.

Third World Rider says:

so what? Whats the point?

Giliver says:

That’s considered fast?…. I think I’ll just wait until they add higher paying missions, because that’s damn well painful.

Sys ko says:

Cheers, I haven’t seen many (any) current trading vids. Bit of a drag that one game objective seems to be keeping you working your arse off 🙂 I guess 7% return is acceptable if there are no risks, a Prospector in the back pocket seems to be the best rainy day insurance you can have atm.

Leo Sam says:

(Sorry for the sharp correction but is the engineer in me that makes me notice the details)
Well you started with 44k (43.945) and end up with about 50k (49.923) that is 6k per 20 mins so 18k per hour (decent even good currently but short of mentioned 25k) if you have a medium ship.
But, eyeing the future, that is also with no fees for docking, fuel costs, rent for the ship (if you cant afford it), insurance and repairs.
You also needed a ship with at least 62 SCU. That is a medium ship costing (at list a freelancer) that is about 1.6 mil ship (judging by the prospector). That is really huge initial investment, and an unlucky interdiction by a pirate is bad.
Would be great if you could try and find a lucrative trade root for the masses that only have a starter ship or a best a Titan (actual starter)

David Sancho says:

Nice video man, there aren’t so many videos about this on youtube. Thanks

SC Space Shipping says:

Do drug trading in that time u used you can make over 150K to 200k

Marc Tav X says:

You are not the ERADICATOR

Bacca Bacon says:


Basil G says:

Kinda weird that the chat box bobs when you walk… If you buy a ship with in game currency do you keep it when they wipe the servers to do client/server upgrades? I suppose I’m wondering if all the work one puts in during alpha gets erased when they put out upgrades and you’re left only with what you actually paid for with fiat money, or if you get to keep your hard work and keep accumulating through alpha/beta/release/whatever?

Joshua LaManna says:

Just to help out inscase you were unaware. If you are over your landing pad and you hold N you will auto land.

TennessePrepper says:

Yup here’s how you make money fast. Spend a bunch of real world money to buy a ship with a huge cargo capacity and then just basically buy whatever and sell it wherever.. But if you don’t have a big ship then you’re fucked.. Smh

Marc Tav X says:

ERADICATOR-X is the true eradicator

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