Trading 101: How Does a Stock Make You Money?

Trading 101: How Does a Stock Make You Money?

What is a Dividend:

Thanks to a subscriber question, I want to talk about how exactly a stock makes you money. Sure, you may understand what the stock market is and how the stock market works, but within that context, what exactly occurs to allow for a stock to make you, as the investor, a profit by putting money in your pocket.

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The Geekazoid says:

I been holding 125k in stock now for 40 years I know that I’m at close 700k in stock now due to growth… I’m still holding as I invested in smart growing stocks of now huge companies

Stan Marsh says:

So if I bought in at 5 and sold at 10 I make money? And what if I’m still invested and the company pays a dividend? I make money then too? Is it common for a company to pay a dividend? I feel like I’m grasping this but something’s telling me Im not.

iG _uSat_ says:

Hey Clay thanks allot for these video I’m learning and practicing, I was wondering is there any apps you would recommend for stock trade or is it best straight from the site.

Hayden Williams says:

You said the guy that sold at 10 was wrong. Wasn’t he right when he bought at $5 though? He doubled up. But could have tripled.

Jaivardhan Deshwal says:

I dont have intention to make money right now (i know its actually very complex and not everyone is gonna make a profit so easy)— i just want to learn how all this works and want as much detail as possible

Christopher R. Helou Decos says:

wait I didn’t really understand how you make money from the “growth stock”…or did I miss it?

Dahoney Grant says:

So in this case, should I buy companies that grows constantly?

silvercord2018 says:

I like his nipples

Straight to the point says:

Hi claytader… thanks for the info…. is there a video you have … How does a s & p 500 index fund make you money?

King David says:

Hey @clay trader, my question is,, if u do decide to sell your ur stock, who do u sell it to and do u make money when it’s bought?!!

Shanky Mohan says:

So technically whenever apple releases a new product their value increases and i can make a little bit of money out off it?

steef vendy says:

Beside the point, correct me if I am wrong. A company is expected to pay some dividend back to their shareholders at some point even tho they are not required to otherwise their stock wouldn’t be as interesting/valuable in the eyes of their shareholders.

Rudy Urrutia says:

OK now I have a better understanding how five dollars can grow to be more that was the question I’ve been trying to figure out but my last question is is there a difference if you choose to buy more stocks into the same one for an example the five was the starter and if I add more to the same one would that be any difference would it increase my stocks and how?

Alexis Hernan says:

Does the history of past pattern of the stock statistics matter? Or it stays unpredictable?

Candy Barr says:

nice tnx <3

Thomas Tom says:

This form of stock is pure gambling

Offerstream Otter says:

Hi clay..could u share a technique to decide when a stock is going down or when it’s rising. In summary….when to get in and when to get out.
Thank u

InfatuationCRD says:

Great video

The Lavi Way says:

At 3.35 lol

Aaron Torres says:

Wow… a channel that actually teaches concepts on the stock market! Subbed. I am looking to get into investing… I’m late into the game but you are a gem sir.

Meka Walker says:

I love your videos!!! I was trying so hard to learn but I couldn’t understand the Language. Then you came along lol. Thank you!!!

Bill Kemawor says:

So basically he bought the stock for $5 and sold it for 10 making 5 dollars in profit and that’s how he made money.

justsomehuman person says:

If you own enough of a company’s stock, you control a part of that company, so don’t you have entitlement to a piece of the company’s profits anyway???

shannon lell says:

What if I put 100.00 on bitcoin and it was 11000.00 then went to 16000.00 what is my profit

Angel Gomez says:

I love your shirt dude.

kweku amoasi says:

hello, can I reach you via e-mail?

TwoStarII says:

Nice Videos, next time put a numbering system, I get lost in the randomness of your videos being shuffled by YouTube

Kumar Academy says:

You should be my instructor for finance class.

Benjamin Malave says:

Logo looks like it says ‘Claw Trader’.

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