Trading 101: How Much Money Will You Make per Week?

Trading 101: How Much Money Will You Make per Week?

I received this question through my website and it brings about a great talking point. If you are going to get involved in the stock market and day trading or swing trading, how much money will you earn per week? There is no black and white answer, so I do my best to explain the “it depends” dynamic of this question.


Joseph Rossman says:

Those shirts are awesome! Are they for sale?? I would definitely buy one.

MeTaLdUdE02 says:

What is this “per week” question? If you’re collecting dividends, you’re only getting that money quarterly, right? Unless we’re continuously buying and selling every week you don’t just get *insert number here* much money per week, yeah?

Vines Compilations says:

hey Clay do you thing you can make a video about lightspeed broker platform? I mean how to set it, at least the way you have it set, basic functions and stuff like that. Thanks in advance your videos are awesome

Zac Jeffries says:

Ever thought about shaping your sideburns to the shape of a candle stick? obviously it would have to be filled and a definite authoritive candle with minimum to nill shadow but you could totally rock it. anyways another awesome lesson, And remember trade without emotion!

Panice111 says:

Where do I get this ‘knowledge’?

Sutapa Mitra says:

hey clay!! I have a question!!!what if we have been listed on our buy order ,but our stop loss order doesn’t execute ,will we be refunded or bear the loss,and how can we avoid this situation????

Aj Hibbert says:

Is it better to sell on the ask or sell on the bid? and how do you know when to do which one

jj TheActGod says:


Dewald Louw says:

Never aim for the money. Aim for a good trade.

ibiscar06 says:

hey clay, what are your thoughts on part time trading? do you think it’s worth it?

Juan Leon says:

I’m 15 and new, how should I start investing?

Harvey Holloway says:

I have watched all the videos on stock trading there is on You Tube for free since Nov 2016. In the beginning they helped as I had no knowledge at all, but they quickly become limited. I then went to paper trading which I am still doing. I found the one thing that is not taught on line very well is indicators. They must be learned by trial and error. I have adjusted mine several times in the first 4 months of virtual trading. I now have good ones that are dependable most of the time.
To those that are new if you can afford it, get a good trading program like the TC2000 pro plan. Pay for it and also pay for live feed. It is real trading conditions and teaches you trading reality. This I have done for lack of money, and after months of learning I am still inconsistent and and now seeing the benefits of an education. I am now leaning more towards training. If any one is new I recommend paying for good courses and learning from pros. It will be quicker I am sure, and in the end possibly more profitable.
One thing I have done right is to virtual trade only. My cost of learning so far is time and about a total of about 250 in fees for my trading platform. I have learned a lot and incured no debt or lost money on bad trades. I have also acquired enough knowledge that I will learn a lot from any courses I buy.
In short all my kids are university graduates, and their knowledge in any subject they have become educated in, is far greater than that of most other people. Stock trading is no different.

Financial Freedom Attitude says:

wait I thought u made video on this few days ago?

Joe says:

Very good.

Sutapa Mitra says:

can we follow the method of penny stock trading for forex stocks???

Elleto Music says:

Hey man i am very new to stock trading and i have downloaded the paper money version of TOS.i know most of the basic fundamentals of stock trading but when i am on the computer i get very confused .so here are my questions and i an sure many also have the same problem so if you could make a separate video on it ,it would be much appreciated. My questions –>1) what are the different order types ?whats the difference between all of them ??2) what does “STOP,STOP LIMIT and OCC(something like that 🙂 ) ” mean in context of both Buying & Selling??3)How can we execute the order or commands in the point above^^ in TOS??4)TOS has american stock markets like NASDAQ etc but how can we see the stocks of NSE or BSE (stocks of different countries,india) on the software ??5) in our exeucution or order list ,its written ” -100/+100 AMD BOT @ 11.16″,here what is “-100/+100” and “BOT” and “11.16”???6) what does “FILLED” mean ??7) the “FILLED” word comes in red and green colour ,why an what does it means/signify??8) in the program i was given 200000$ as paper money ,i didnt trade or login for a few days it came to 100000$,why??9) where can we check our profits and losses in the program??Thats it for now !! Thanks for your help in advance and please either reply or make a video on it please and if you make a video do it on TOS!!Thanks

Dustin symonds says:

How about a video on what YOU would make weekly? (roughly)
Based off a $5,000 account with your style, knowledge, risk, positions….

Ruslan N says:

Clay, we appreciate you taking your time making these videos and sharing your knowledge.

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