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There are 4 big mistakes almost every trader makes. Luckily, they can be easily fixed. These mistakes I highlight in this video are probably things you haven’t heard before.

Luckily we can flip these points around and come up with a very powerful trading strategy. Charlie Munger once said, “problems frequently become easier to solve if you turn them around in reverse… unless you’re more gifted than Einstein, inversion will help you solve problems”.

This is what I did in this video. I use inversion to show you exactly why 90% of traders lose money, and how you can capitalize on their mistakes.

Adam Thomas

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ajeeth 79 says:

number one reason is lack of money management

ClipperCrab says:

Do you guys have snapchat account?

K G says:

Bull shit (((( another student playing teacher and investor )

Financial Mindset says:

Don *read* my name…

KGT UserCast says:

In other words, do not trade emotionally especially when there are losses to your account.

Suck it up.

PipeGameWeak says:


ahsanullah shanto says:

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Titties Bigglesby says:

Great video, short, concise with great advice. Subscribed!

Kisha Allen says:

Yes, this is true.

kalex888 says:

lol…buy low sell high.

DesertHobo says:

great video! thanks for these tips!

BoB Gage says:

Nice but needed some thing new and well educative to improve my trades

cetar bahana says:

Why traders loss money
Buy break out, sell breakdown

BBB RRR says:

This is totally useless. Buy into weakness? Sell into strength? Learn what support and resistance is.

Sniper says:

where did you come up with 90%?

Arb Hunter says:

They lose because = gambling is too subjective

Duke Wang says:

90% (it’s higher for short term traders) lose money no matter what they do. You can’t make up a bunch of rules (cut losses, let winners run, hit good setups hard etc) and expect to profit. They lose because they have no skill, and having no skill competing against skilled participants makes them losers.

Believing that price fluctuations are “random for the most part” shows that you don’t understand why markets move, and if you don’t understand why they move, you shouldn’t be trying to teach others about trading. Maybe you make money, maybe you don’t, but it’s the equivalent of hustling some disabled kids on a basketball court and thinking you can play in the NBA. Don’t take it personally, most professional traders (i.e. work for a fund or firm) are pretty shit as well.

Fahad Wasif Mohammed says:

Braah! I am having difficulty positioning the stock, I tend to load up enormous shares and then get nervous and sell out quickly , dont loose but dont make that much. Do you have a strategy on how to add a stock size when it goes up or down?

brilla krilla says:

what song is used in the background? thanks

superpeluso1 says:

Why am I even watching this. Makes no sense

Frank Worley says:

When you say keep your positions small, how small? How much is the right amount in dollars to invest in a stock that is downtrending?

ultrapurple111 says:

Is this the Onion?

farstaa says:

This must be sponsored by a broker, cause idiots trading like this guy is what makes them money.

MrDendor says:

2:31 nope. can’t be in circles cause time aint goin backwards

Brian Honsinger says:

Sound advice.

fosterchild4523 says:

Good video. “It doesn’t matter if you’re Warren Buffett or Jimmy Buffett”. Hilarious. I agree with almost all of the points except being patient with a loser. If the risk management is solid and the strategy has good probability then this might be ok.


the best strategy

Hosoi Archives says:

fact free from a kid

Bob Nazaro says:

I am enjoying the content and information that i have seen so far. I am a total newbie and have not even set up a live account. What i have been looking for is someone who’s brain i can pick, sort of a mentor.
Some of my question are how do you know what to buy or sell? The basic use of the trading software. Really basic things like that.


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