X4 Foundations – How to Make Money | Trading Guide

X4 Foundations How to Make Money with Trading.

Taking a quick look at the Trading basics in X4: Foundations and sharing some trading tips.

Trading has always been very important in the X series and this has not changed with X4 Foundations.

X4 Foundations Review : https://youtu.be/ICGzQ6lRSVw

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Thanos K says:

Thanks mate,i ll try this.Unfortunattely i work at weekends.So Monday for me.How do you like the game so far?

Commander Drigon says:

Just downloading it now – think I’m going to start by mining and create a mining empire, than take it from there!

vibraloop says:

Squid youre finnish? 😀 Teeerveee 😀

Retro Amateur says:

Hey, where are you from?

After_Midnight says:

I thought it’s gonna be an FX trading guide, lol.

Thomas Krieger says:

Great and simple tutorial. Also checked out your other videos. Subscribed

LongTimeGamer says:

you sound like the presidente from tropico! …. thank you for the advice like and sub from me!

Kimchi Sammich says:

Oh. I thought you meant REAL money…sadface

Next Attempt says:

I take it this game is single player only?

matthew kent says:

thanks i needed this guide

majstealth says:

or – you visit some stations and buy all the needles, bandages and sedatives and craft first aidkits and become a millionaire in an hour – i wish the stock market back..^^

-Fister- says:

How are you getting that trade window up on the map? I cant seem to figure out how to get that view with the products/demand/price anywhere.

Aaron Crawford says:

Good video I love any content supporting the game!

Gary Bogart says:

Thanks for this video. Please make a set of tutorial videos like this. I appreciate it. You new subscriber….

Emts 82 says:

Will it be multiplayer in the future ?

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