10 Homestead Passive Income Ideas

10 Homestead Passive Income Ideas

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Passive Income can be hard and I promise you it is not realistic to make money online overnight. There is no such thing as getting rich quick. Making Passive Income From Your Homestead is about finding what you are passionate about and then leveraging systems to help you take those passions to provide that on going residual income so that you can spend more time on your homestead and less time off your homestead.

The key for this is to find many ways to make passive income, the more methods you use the better chance you’ll have at being successful.

10 Ways to Make Passive Income From Your Homestead:

1. Monetizing a YouTube channel with Google Adsense. You could also do this with a Blog. With this you can leverage your YouTube reach and function stack everything else.
2. Stock Footage. The next way to make passive income from online or from your homestead is by selling stock footage. This could be how to sell stock photos or stock video of chickens, pigs, goats, drone shots of your hobby farm or homestead. People are looking for this footage and they can get it from you. This could be from iStock or VideoHive or VideoBlocks, etc.
3. The way that we make passive income is from our doTERRA essential oils business. We first fell in love with essential oils and then we realized that we were giving them away to everyone and we thought we might as well make some extra money. It turned into myself being about to quit my job and semi retire early. Not really but being a time free dad feels like retirement! The same thing is possible with any network marketing or mlm company. Just pick one that you have a supportive leader and team.
4. Tree and Plant Propagation
5. Write and Sell and eBook
6. Other ways to make passive income especially if you have a YouTube channel is to take your video skill and make an online course about a subject you are an expert in. Digital projects like online courses are the best way to make residual income because people can purchase from you while you sleep. Check out sites like Udemy or Skillshare.
7. Affiliate marketing is most likely going to be the most popular amongst homesteaders. It is just too easy and no stress to review products that you are passionate about. To see how we do it and support us, go to BetterAMZ.com then click on the main banner and continue your shopping from Amazon. It take one extra click and doesn’t cost you a penny!
8. Make a Documentary of a season of your homestead
9. Real Estate Investing. Another way to make passive income is to rent out a portion of your land to something that is low maintenance.
10. Patreon is an amazing way to have some extra passive income stream.
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Lois Wilson says:

We have three cottages on our homestead. We offer them daily, weekly or monthly. We also have a petting farm that is open to visitors and schools. We love it.

Edie T says:

I do perennial plant sales… similar to your tree idea. We are up north, so grow hostas, daylilies, irises, herbs, etc. Plant propagation through cuttings is pretty easy. I do a big plant sale once a year, but we could go bigger easily.

inderwink says:

Hi, y’all. Again, appreciate that you guys focus on the topics between “pre-homestead” life and getting there. Inspiring!

Gregory Murphy says:

Why go out into the country…and work online? If I wanted that, it would be better to have the 5G internet service of the cities, coming in the near future. They are going to make the internet painfully slow for you guys, in an effort to lure you back into the concrete jungle.

mizmizappa says:

Sorry I hate long narrow and repetitions

NewHope says:

Great idea! I’ll film every inch of my homestead, post it online (assuming YT is amenable), and make it indefensible. Cool.

Edie T says:

Patreon account… send them some of those mesquite chips!

CeAnne Kosel says:

Stock photos! Yay a new idea to add to our lost. How do you use Google Adsense to monetize YouTube? Hubby just left his 9-5 last Friday. We are living in savings as we promote our loose leaf tea and persue ideas like in your list. -st. Fiacres Farm (couldn’t figure out how to change profiles on my smart phone!)

rozieland dot com says:

I plan on buying land to do A bed and breakfast type thing with my land as well. I’m starting from scratch. I have not a penny to my name, just returned to the states from Germany. It’s gonna be a long journey so I decided to start documenting it today @ http://www.rozieland.com I will definitely stay tuned to you and many other YouTubers for tips.

Setx John says:

Youtube is great but how would you do channel if you dont like to be on camera. Just a thought

Omnipotent Being says:

I’m pretty sure there are 100’s of people that are rich from just youtube pay alone. There are probably millions who’ve made million + from youtube combined with their other businesses.

Mari says:

Agree, start before getting to your homestead if possible. And GET OUT of all debt. Nice video!

alex edgeworth says:

thank you so much for the ideas!
opened my eyes to income ideas that have ever crossed my mind honestly

Heather Mitchell says:

Awesome video. Love passive income. One thing you didn’t mention was dividend income. Probably my favourite passive income source.

William Roberts says:

Sorry this comment is so late in coming but I just “discovered” your channel today. So many of your ideas are in complete sync with my own. I have been “threatening” to write a book on Baby Boomer Retirement Planning. And the subject matter for that book is everything you outlined, including TREES. But some of the comments are right on: if you have to work at it, it is NOT passive income (but it is still income). We found a network marketing opportunity that doesn’t require selling anything. That works for us. But you are right about having a good team. Thank you for posting this. BTW, this is my first youtube comment ever.

Fat Lady Farmer says:

How do you market stock footage?

DragonflyArtz1 says:

Much like your trees idea, buy trade and sell young pets and/or animals raise them up breed them for sale. Mini Jersey cows are in demand, chickens = eggs, chics, and chicken! Plants and flowers, herbs and veggies = seeds, seedlings, produce (what doesn’t sell will be more for seeds, or extra food, or bigger plants worth more). Get in on Farmers Markets. Sell stuff you fix up or make on Craigslist. Grow an acre of artichokes (they sell for up to 5 bucks each). Or chose another specialty item like Shitake Mushrooms, Vanilla beans, Hemp is going to be in demand for replicators. Or take on one major money making plan per season!. Try different things and explore new ideas, you just might find something you love doing that also allows you to live your dream! Peace.

Simple Homestead says:

Some good ideas. Raising and selling livestock would be good one. Main thing is getting out of the mind-set one big income from one thing you have to diversify into many smaller things. And in a lifestyle change like in your channel or mine there ways when moving to a homestead to reduce the income you think you need big example is the garden it saves you income that you dont need to replace when starting your homestead. God Bless

Pete Jorgensen says:

I have developed a product and have established this via our shop on http://www.etsy.com/shop/ropedoncedar with over 1300 sales in the last 3 years. I would like to offer my product via affiliate marketing to those that would like to be affiliate marketers that have interest in our products. Etsy.com doesn’t offer this option like Amazon.com that I’m aware of, so I’m reaching out to see how I can offer myself via my etsy.com shop.
I’m able to create a couple code and figure that I can assign a specific couple code to each affiliate marketer that is specific to them and thus insure they get credit for our sale. Please advise how I can make this happen for us and you and your affiliate marketers. It seems like 5% commission is the fair/going rate per purchase. I can be emailed at ropedoncedar@ yahoo.com vs. answering in this post if you’d like. Thanks Pete and Shelly

Pejyuu says:

As a nerd, I enjoy the time of this video. It’s a pretty 1337 video. 😀
Keep up the good work ^^

lethimwhoboasts says:

How about.. Selling vegtables.. Eggs.. Cut up logs into slices for wedding decor or coasters. Renting out extra land for hunting, farming, hay-harvesting… Make goat cheese. Weddings in your barn/field… Firewood processing. AirBnB with a Yurt in the back yard… Free rocks (okay, that doesn’t make money).. Free rocks, and pay for pet ones. How to make money off your homestead without video editing! Just a start.

Hope'sHomestead says:

These are all great ideas. I believe people get frustrated the most from thinking that passive means from the start you just set it up and it will run itself. The amount of aggressive work you put into it out the gate, negates how passive you can be when the train is rolling. Networking is super important. It’s easier for you to reach a broader audience if you make like minded friends and get those shoutouts and mentions!

Melissa Williamson says:

I can’t find you on Patreon. Do you have a link?

Matthew Ogden says:

I sell digital blue print for Kentucky stick chair on etsy at sloyd store. The income is every seasonal but I average $20 month. Just below average of etsy of $35 month for most store on etsy. I put upfront time and have do little now. Once and while I get a question that takes few minutes to write detailed answer to. Well worth the efforts because I going to make chair any ways why not earn a little bit of income from it.

Eric Rosendaul says:

Great list Beau! The really neat thing with a lot of these is when you start thinking about it from a permaculture perspective of function stacking. An example, you could do some of those Air B&B tiny houses, write an ebook about how you did it, include it in your youtube channel, etc. All are basically a single activity (doing the work once), but expands into 3 different revenue streams, 2 of which will continue to pay you in the future even if you stop renting them out. A really great video. I hadn’t even thought about doing stock video/photography, which in some cases could even be cut right out of footage you’re already taking for the vlog. Mind….blown.

Arms Family Homestead says:

Awesome video with some really great ideas! I like what Hope said! If we all help each other out in this adventure we will all benefit much more.

BackYard Self Reliance says:

Yeah just ramble on for half the video about nothing.

RubberBaby BuggyBumpers says:

Doterra is a sham. It’s mother company Young Living is a sham. Research your oils and their advised applications before you poison yourselves and your viewers and buyers.

Bob Green says:

Where in Central Texas? I’m in Brown County.

John Paul Ramsay says:

Well done. We’re on homestead already, but I haven’t quit my job. I do have a job that lets me work from home…so that helps a lot. Where are you in Texas?

Michael Graham says:

Did you know – 93% of people are too scared to take action and be a success at making money online – thankfully at least the other 7% visited my website below and found out how to join over 600 other subscribers who earn at least $100 a day. http://www.michaelgraham.online/makemoney/

mike hawk says:

Land in Texas is crazy expensive 3-20 thousand per acre some times more

RubberBaby BuggyBumpers says:

I really thought this was a good video until doTerra.

Heather Herzog says:

I talked a bit about this on FB, but instead of selling your suburban home when you move to your homestead, rent it out, either to individual roommates or to one family. This can generate quite the passive income as long as you are able to do the maintenance and repairs yourself. It helps to have a store card to a big box store that sells materials and appliances, and to keep receipts of those transactions for your taxes. Because the property is in a college town, vacancies are filled within a week, and the roommates keep each other honest on cleaning and replenishing the basic necessities.

Matthew Thomas says:

Great upbeat, inspirational video, Beau. One thing that needs to be mentioned is that most of these ideas do not require jumping in with both feet immediately. I believe the reason many fail at establishing these passive income streams is that they commit completely to one idea and stop EVERYTHING to try and make it happen. While that passion is a good thing you have to be smart about implementation as well. I have a strong interest in creating YouTube content but have yet to make my first video. I have very little actual experience in photography and no video production experience, but would love to learn. One local (Pearland) YouTube personality, Grav3yardgirl,, has been producing content for years and has become one of the biggest earners by simply blogging, doing product reviews and un-boxings, sharing make-up tips and generally being silly. My kids LOVE her.
As always you r content is useful and entertaining. Keep doing what you are doing because we are watching, we are learning and we are loving what you do.

jennycraig99 says:

were going to be selling our house and moving into a shed lol,yeah thats living the life

MrPotato2 says:

Nice ideas. Where in central Texas did you guys buy your land? We live in Austin, TX and have been thinking about buying some land but haven’t figured out where to look for something affordable.

yankey4 says:

My wife and I are thinking of razing chicks and selling them. I am going to use the cash from my Youtube to pay for some of the things I need to make it work. I am happy to make 100 bucks year off youtube lol. God Bless

Arabel says:

Great info, love how genuine you are about this topic! I live kinda close to y’all, well not to close but nothing here is close in distance lol Anyways I’m at crossroad right now just officially starting my side business, it’s been exciting. Also been really interested in tiny homes for a while now, specifically recently Sheds into small homes, it’s great for entrepreneur life style and feeling not to tide down to the location and at the same time customizing the home is amazing idea! Your one of my favorite YouTubers!

Joseph Anthony says:

Don’t forget to leverage your land. rent a spot to an RV. Airbnb/homeaway an old trailer. Solar our wind power can be great passive incomes especially in Texas. I still recommend that you start with 10 and end with 1.

EdensGardenShed says:

Electric chain saws scare me. They don’t sound dangerous enough to demand respect like a 2 stroke does. I would lose an arm.

wbartman1 says:

wow great idea. thanks!

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