10 Ways I Actually Make Money (Multiple Streams of Income & PASSIVE Income) // Gillian Perkins

Instead of just talking about “27 Ways You COULD Make Money” I’m sharing 10 ways I ACTUALLY make money. Hope you enjoy!

Having multiple streams of income makes my life *much* less stressful, because even if one of them dried up, I know that I’ll still be able to easily support myself. I hope this video gives you some examples and ideas for different ways that you can make money online and make money from home, so that you can create multiple streams of income for yourself.

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Hey, my name is Gillian! I’m a marketing strategist who helps online entrepreneurs 10X their sales with FB ads + sales funnels. I love combining tech, analytics, and psychology to create powerful marketing systems.
When I’m not helping my clients scale their businesses, I’m spending time with my husband and two little boys, exploring new places, and nerding out over my Youtube analytics.

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Sera S says:

Wonderful information! I’m interested in Real estate / real estate virtual assistant courses. Can you please advance. Thanks

Entrepreneur Adventure says:

Great video, doing many of these things already and looking forward to doing realestate soon

Haroon Makhdoom says:

Please provide your contact email or cell number

Love Nature says:

how can you make a couple hundred dollars per month for your books if you say you sell about 1000 books a month??? (1000 x 5 = 5000)

CharismaBlanco says:

Omgeeeee you’re so inspiring! Thank you

Tressa Porter says:

Thank you! Very helpful.

Augustin Tomas Obrien Caceres says:

You so good. Good looking too. Make up is beautiful too. Smart and rich now!

Anniessa says:

Can you make a video about your experience and any advice you may have about how you got that rental property??

Bob Kohn says:

Love your videos! Very inspirational! What do you think is the easiest way to make about $50k per year while also working a full time job? I’m looking into Amazon FBA, but would like other suggestions.

shelby9569 says:

New subscriber. I hope to learn and apply some of this in the near future.

ArdRí na hÉireann says:

Why do you pronounce it G-illian, with a hard ”G”, instead of the more common J-illian ?

Lina Arafeh says:

People subscribe in your channel because YOU are very generous with your information. I haven’t seen anyone who gives without limits, except for you . Well done!

knut riis says:

And the 11th way you make money is to use your car as a studio. Money saved is money made!

Elizabeth Podest says:

So really liked the video… but if your doing so well, why aren’t you driving a car to reflect that? So, it doesn’t have leather seats, no sunroof… just kind of makes me question the legitimacy of your claims…

Ben Watmough says:

Not just making money, but ACTUALLY making money!

Vivid Haiku says:

I started A business. But I won’t tell you what this business is.

crazy frog says:

Ok ok ok good work. But I won’t buy your book

Rain Blooms says:

Would you please make a video on how you track taxes or file to sell as a business? Seriously considering this, but not sure how to set it up properly. If you have a book or books on the topic that would be helpful as well. Thank you!

Veronica Torres says:

Hi Gillian, thank you for this video ! Do you have to become a Realtor to buy the complexes ?

Gordon Welke says:

My Wife and I loved your honest and forthright video packed with real actual useful advice. Thanks so much.

Rosie Winston says:

Thanks! I am just waiting to have enoug to purchase my first real estate.

Margaret Christo says:

You are inspiring! I’m going to start working on my cookbook. All the best. Thank you for sharing.

Gorki Treperović says:

youre scraping the barrel

Ricky Ric says:

Brains and BIG Blue eyez, eyez, eyez!!!

Nicol Christopher says:

The thing I don’t like about clicking on ads is that you will continue to see those ads and pop ups in every freakin’ video for months before it goes away.

jojo tucker says:



It’s very admirable how DRIVEN you are …. well done Gillian! Thumbs up and new Sub. Thanks for this great vid. LONDON UK

Candace Waller says:

I think you are very wise Gillian. I lost my job recently and I realize that having multiple streams of income is essential especially if you are a single woman on your own.

Taisting the Air says:

Cool name, do you realize you are super ambitious, energetic beyond capacity of known batteries, able to talk longer than the attention span of normal human beings.
Go for it girl, I need a hug LOL

zylascope says:

Thanks Gillian 🙂

Headbanger's Kitchen says:

The money you make is based on where your audience is from. If you get say 1000 views from USA watching you might make 6$ per 1000 views but if they watch from say a country like India or Pakistan then you’ll make maybe 2-3$ per 1000 views. So it’s a lot to do with what the local ad rates are. If you have a large USA audience you’ll make the most money.

youtube youtube says:

These do not sound like a way to make money for the average person. Writing a book. Affiliate marketing, selling a coarse. None of that is easy.

Ashika Lanser says:

Just subscribed. The power is in the execution, and I appreciate seeing such a concrete and practical video. Plus a great example for young people out there! Thank you!

Tanya Harrrington says:

Talk to much

Lydia Green says:

Great content and tips!! I’m binge watching your videos for my long commute home!

Stay True Vlog says:

New Subscriber 🙂 Thanks for this video, gave me some great ideas to make money!
Thanks for sharing!!!

The Party Planning Mom says:

Could you touch more on how you started with getting a rental property? II’ve been wanting to do this for a few years but it all seems like a lot.

Michael King says:

This started off boring but got better

donotfret says:

your eyes btw are lovely

Pavel Musiol says:

What a civilized discussion! It’s quite rare these days. Maybe it’s because people who actually do something waste no time on thrash talk.

radha bai says:


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