10 Ways to Create Passive Income WITHOUT Investing Money – How to Make Passive Income Online

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Creating passive income streams has never been easier than it is today and practically anyone can do it. You don’t even need to invest your money in order to get started, because the methods I’m about to share is free and anyone can sign up for it. However I want you to know that although the income will be passive with little upkeep, you will still have to work in order to set everything up.

1. Amazon affiliate marketing – This is one of the most popular ways to generate passive income, because it’s so damn easy. It’s completely free to sign up and the payment from amazon will normally be paid out 60 days after the purchase.

You can choose to be paid through amazon directly to your amazon account and you can buy amazon products from your earnings. You can also be paid to a regular bank account, however this option is only viable if you’re a U.S citizen as for now. And the third option is through checks, which is the only option if you live outside the U.S and don’t want all your earnings to go to your amazon account.

2. Clickbank affiliate – Clickbank is similar to amazon affiliate, however the commission rate is way higher and goes up to 75 %. Clickbank doesn’t focus on physical products but digital ones such as courses and tutorials. The profit per sale is outstanding and you can earn hundreds of dollars just through a single sale through your affiliate link.

3. Photos – Get that camera out and start snapping some pictures because there are loads of money to made if you get a good shot or two. There are many sites that accepts good quality images and every time someone downloads your image, you will earn money. The most popular sites are shutterstock, iStockphoto and Alamy.

4. Teespring – Teespring allows you to sell physical products and create your own brand or logo to put on them. The most popular items are t-shirts and hoodies but you can also put your logo on other things such as mugs and phone cases.

5. eBooks – You can now become an author even without any hefty education or having your previous work published in some fancy magazine. If you have the ability to jot down some engaging sentences and turn them into a few pages, you could publish that as an ebook.

6. Blog – Starting a blog will actually cost you some money but I don’t count these costs a as big investments. You need to pay to get a domain name which will cost you around $10 dollars a year to own, and you will also need a host that stores all information, which is roughly $10 dollars a month depending on which web host you decide to go with.
Having your own blog creates a whole bunch of opportunities to create streams of passive income.

7. Online courses – Now you’re on the other end of the clickbank affiliate, and you’re creating the courses. Creating a course takes a lot of time but if you manage to get through it, there is a high chance of gold being on the end of it. You put your price on the course so the potential earnings are limitless, and as you know by now, people will market your product for you and you can sit back and watch the profits stream in.
There are many sites that allows you to create courses such as Teachable, Skillshare and Udemy.

8. Envato – You might want to check out envato if you’re a creative person and skilled with different softwares, making music, or videos. You can create templates for wordpress sites through envato’s themeforest, and every time someone decides to go with your creations you will get paid. If you’re skilled with creating music, upload some sick tunes to audiojungle and you will create a passive income stream if people buy your tunes.

9. YouTube videos – Youtube is a great way to create passive income, but it requires a lot of time and commitment. Every time someone watches one of your videos, ads can appear on the sides of the videos, before the video starts or sometimes in the middle of a video. These ads is what will make you earn money, and sometimes people don’t even need to click on them and you will still make a profit from it.

Video Breakthrough Academy by Clark Kegley – http://189562j1paygtat5r2xfm11n81.hop.clickbank.net/

10. Patreon – And the last source I will talk about is patreon. So assuming you have some kind of following and people appreciate what you do, you can set up a patreon account and let your followers donate to you on a subscription basis. Your followers can decide how much they want to donate to you.

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