10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online That You Can Start Today!

Learn how you can make money online and create a passive income stream that you can start working on today!

When everyone else tries to show you how to make money they just tell you all the generic stuff. If you want to create REAL passive income online then these are 10 solid ways you can do that.

Where should you start? Well, sit down and focus on one of these methods then learn everything you can about it! When I first started online I research for months before I took action and I’m so glad I did that research. Once you have done the research you can start working on that idea.

Once you have starting to earn some money with the first method you choose start to look at more passive income ideas and scale. Making money online isn’t easy but once you start to scale out the more you will understand. I also used to follow Pat Flynn and I got so much information off his video about income.

When you look for passive income opportunities while you search the web. Sometime you will stumble across stuff by mistake. You first of all you can do affiliate marketing and this is one of the best things to do. Next you can get into the drop shipping market and use Shopify to sell products to earn money.

You can start a Youtube channel and even start a blog! Did you know there are alot of blog that make over 6 figures a month, thats alot. You can create a membership or a course and these create passive income fast. Creating the course takes time but it’s all worth it in the end.

The more you spread your passive income out over different methods the better it is and the more money you till make.

My Blog: https://www.onlinedimes.com/how-to-make-money-online-2016/

Our Group: http://onlinesamurais.com

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Prashant Shetty says:

sir, i know only making videos on tourist places and others but dont know how to make money sir

BrenSki says:

Thanks Frank!

Franklin Hatchett says:

Join our group bros! http://onlinesamurais.com

tommy profitt says:

Thanks for the consistent content Frank.

Proud To Be a Gryffindor says:

Thank you frank

Mc Green LawnCare says:

Awesome video! And thanks for the information for the Affiliate Markering Facebook group, I’m starting my own niche website about landscaping using all the experience I’ve got for the past 25 years. I’ll follow your advice on content quality and I’ll try to make it work!

CM V says:

I love your videos, but I think drop shipping is a bad idea for most people (sure, there will always be exceptions). First, the shipping times for Aliexepress can be weeks. In the age of Amazon, most customers won’t wait a month for a product. Second, when you drop ship fro Aliexepress, there is nothing differentiating you from the thousands of other shopify stores drop shipping the same thing. In addition, you will be competing with Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon selling similar items. I think it goes without saying that those companies are trusted by millions.

Grant Castle says:

Thank You Bro, thank you for the information on Making Money Online very much appreciated

Umar Soaries says:

How do you know the difference between a good product on Click-Bank and a spammy one?   I’m asking because looking through the products a lot of them look spammy.  I’m not saying they are, I’m saying the pretty much look no different from what one might consider spammy.   How do you tell the difference?

Angelo Stevens says:

Passive income is a myth (or more commonly, a snake oil marketing term), at least in any tangible time frame. Yes, you can create some site that makes money on autopilot but after a while, it’s going to slip in the rankings, traffic will die, and your passive income will decline to zero.

You’re not going to make a site or any number of sites that just keep making you money for the rest of your life, unless you don’t have long to live. You might make decent money hands off for a year, maybe a few if your SEO is strong and the competition isn’t but eventually, others will see there’s money there and will outrank you.

I’m not saying you’re being dishonest but the term “passive income” needs to die because it’s bullshit and conveys this too good to be true notion that a modicum of work up front equals money forever… and that’s bullshit.

You seem to be on the level so set yourself apart from the 99.9% of internet marketing/make money online touts who are lying scumbags and don’t use their marketing terms.

Marcin Bałazy says:

good affiliate course?
i’m looking for some really good one, please help

John connor says:

Frank, that was very useful information in a very easy to understand way. I had one question regarding arbitrage approach using Facebook ads to sell products. If I get the good Product(not necessarily winning product) and right audience what is generally the percentage of advertising costs incurred? For example I make sales of $3000($1500 in profit) on a particular product what adversiment cost should be my limit for a healthy return ?

TekkersFC says:

Where have you been all this time

Egor Shvecov says:

Thanks bro, I was following your blog and youtube channel for quite a bit.

Franklin and everyone else reading it, what do you think are cons and pros Affiliate marketing vs Shopify, regardless an amount of money you need to invest in your Shopify store and ad campaigns. Also, Franklin why did you start Shopify?

Chris Kim says:


Sebastian Esqueda says:

And now you go to the clubs from YouTube? xD

Leo E says:

Awesome video

Alex Tyde says:

Hey Frank… You don’t realize how slowly you speak until you watch the video at 1.25x and realize it sounds completely normal hahah

Harrison Bevins says:

Hey Franklin, great content. Would you be able to do an entire video solely on the Social Media Marketing Agency? It would be great to hear how you set this up, how you get new clients, how you charge them, set up their campaigns etc. There isn’t a whole lot of information on how to get started in this regard. It’s incredibly difficult to even get the first client so it’d be great to hear how you are doing it and how it’s structured. Thanks!

Jose Luis Partoza says:

hi franklin, I have a problem regarding my shopfy store, in one of my stores before i sold 3 products, but I stopped it coz its not really earning, and i tried a new shop but im having a lot of conversions, but not sales, they dont add to cart. how do i know if my shop is enough for my customers to purchase from it? i really wanted to grow my shop pls help me.

Шам-Босс TV says:

Hey frank tell us more about freelancing in details, cause your old fiverr videos are not fresh and so usefull now. thanks

Thomas Ydell says:

Good video, very informative but not all of the methods are passive.

Like freelancing, you have to do the work for every gig,
same with social media marketing you are technically working for clients and managing their social accounts,

with that being said why are still good ways of making money, just not passively

thedanger says:

Awesome video, great value!

The Monk Way says:

Thanks so much for sharing your money making experience, that experience is quite valuable! Subbed to your channel!

*Money Making Videos: Sub Goal: 53/100*

ozil says:

You are so good in front of the camera I don’t get the akwardness

Affiliate Marketing Ninjas says:

Awesome video! Great tips on how to make passive money online. Thanks so much for mentioning the affiliate marketing ninjas group, appreciate it. Love your set up by the way – very clean!

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