10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online

10 Ways to Make Money Online via Passive Income.
Passive Income isn’t easy and you won’t make money online overnight. Making Passive Income Online is about using systems, strategies, and tactics that establish businesses have used for years. Passive Income is something real businesses use today.

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There are several ways you can make passive income, such as Monetizing a YouTube channel or Blog with Adsense. But you can also make passive income from licenses and royalties on real products like books, or the rights to videos or music.

Other ways of making passive income could be with affiliate marketing, where you sell the products or services of someone else, such as Amazon or web hosting companies like Blue Host.

You can also sell your own products. You can make music in Garage Band and sell it in iTunes, you could write an eBook and sell it within Amazon. You could also do your own crafts and sell them on Etsy or design a Tshirt and sell them on spreadshirt. Or you could do all of these things! Ecommerce is a great way to make passive income online, whether with a physical product or digital product.

You could also create an online course and people could pay for access to that. You’ve made the course once and the internet is selling it to people interested in learning from you in your sleep. This method of passive income is catching on with sites like Skillshare and Udemy.

The more methods you use the make passive income the better chance you have at being successful at it.

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Puppet Girl - Christine Barger says:

Actors make “residuals”

Puppet Girl - Christine Barger says:

Were you at summit live? I thought I saw you.

The Drop Pod Cast says:

Thanks for these tips, just signed up as a bluehost affiliate.

David Harbuck says:

Selling products on Amazon is not passive. Unless you are talking about turnkey, where you set up a website and someone else delivers the products to your customers. If you must put pictures up on Amazon and then take the item to the post office each time something is ordered, that is active. It’s a good idea for making some extra scratch, just isn’t passive….

Greg Cuthbertson says:

great video my brother

Diogo2065 says:

First of all, I want to say thank you for this awesome video! You mentioned that you work with amazon, that’s where I am directing my question. Where can you put your amazon links so that you can generate some cash. I mean where (blog, pages, etc). Can you also inserted on a video. Thank you in advance!

Konstantin Kolev says:

I am not sure is it better to sell (for example photos) or to put my stuff for free and waiting for donations? Thank you for this list of sites.

stewart mcclain says:

I really learned alot. Thank you for sharing the information

Philippines Fun With JLB says:

great helpful info, thank you..

Brenda A says:

With so many scams out there, thanks for sharing real methods!

ArtByNaNa305 says:

Your video was extremely helpful, thank you so much. 🙂 you got yourself a new subscriber 🙂

Fundamental Beats says:

Love your insight on how to grow my channel and business. If you ever need music for your channel that is royal free, I would love to collaborate. Cheers Roberto!

Michael Kerns says:

Id like to pick your brain and possibly present you with a consulting opportunity regarding a business deal im working on. I don’t want to go crazy in the comments of your video with information or the various trolls will do what they do best. If you could contact me through youtube or provide your business email address that would be greatly appreciated.

Cheryl Pellot says:

Making income on the web is very difficult. If you`re still on to the hunt for online earning, waste no time as well as Google “pip shocking plan” and read everything you should know on their site. Strategies as well as training resources that can enhance your business online are available in this site..

Martin Hoch says:

You need about 10,000 unique visitors per day to make even a meager living from affiliate marketing. Also, it’s not really passive income, because in order to attract traffic to your youtube channel and website you have to constantly spend time marketing to bring in traffic.

Ridwan mohamed says:

I love your videos

TJ's 2Cents says:

Great video but it’s hard to realitically implement the vast majority of these. But I guess nothing ever comes easy lol

Passive Income Dude says:

i am on a livestream right now for 24 hours come check it out

shikamaru nara says:

i subscribed, and i wish i discovered this channel sooner

Jessica Rodriguez says:

I’ve got my issues before and glad I’ve encompassed it with this new program and now generating more than $169 per day. Trust me, I`ve tested out a few other sites that offered survey jobs and promised a lot of cash, however I got tiny accomplishments. With a wide border, this is actually the best site. Google “zimo unique plan” to know what this plan has in store for you. For sure you will like it…

Roberto Blake says:

NOTE: I’m fully aware of the TRADITIONAL/BANKING Definition of “Passive Income” I’m using the modern interpretation of Passive Income, as income earned through a passive activity, meaning continuing to generate revenue after the initial activity such as YouTube Ad Revenue you continue to earn months after publishing a video… if that kind of thing doesn’t interest you then you’re in the wrong place…

Ridwan mohamed says:

and I watch your video ads I don’t skip I love your videos bro

Zea Samudio says:

Thank you for being super honest and generous of your experiences and knowledge. Love you!!

FDJustin says:

I can’t be the only one that has a hard time following along with people that refuse to have any pauses in their conversation at all it’s kind of like a giant run-on sentence that lacks commas and periods so there’s just no breaks and somehow people prefer to talk like that despite how bad it would be in text.

Jessica Lauren Vine says:

Hey Roberto! Great video. I’ve subbed to your channel. Keep it up! =D

Wealth Traveler says:

Great video, you are on point!

Marv Nation says:

great video great content

trang phan says:

Of course it’s all singers?

Andre Samuels says:

Hey Robert, I’m also a graphic designer and been watching your videos often. About this topic tho, i never sold anything online other than flyer designs to people who request them from me on facebook 99% of them are located here in Jamaica where i live.
Yes I’ve even tried using sites like zazzle, deviant art and the list goes on…. never selling anything and the most i got from deviant art was the knowledge of how many downloads a design of mine got (1k views, 500 downloads, 0 cash)

My website: http://drizzydregfx.wixsite.com/designs
Deviant art: http://sammuels.deviantart.com/
Zazzle: https://www.zazzle.com/drizzyonline

Let me know if I’m doing something wrong here

Spectralight Photo says:

Great content, Roberto! Thanks for sharing!

John Harry says:

how can you be contacted for business venture? Email or skype?

suyatno suyatno says:


Droid 3.0 says:

where did you get that wallpaper? loved it

Tyler McClellan says:

This guy looks like Devin the Dude haha

WhySoCynic says:

I am a Biochemistry major, but I am seriously considering switching to graphic design because I love creating and am interested in it. I’m just afraid that after all the college debt I won’t be able to afford to live

OfficialYungCmusic says:

Very interesting video. Thanks for the information.

Lisa Smith says:

This page will show you how to quickly make over 100 dollars per day online: HootCash. com

mervine gowry says:

Hi Roberto, thank you for this video, I just launched my channel, and your video was very very very useful to me, thanks ! 😉

shikamaru nara says:

I think i am the 203,735 person to subscribe … i envy you 200k people who did before me , well i guess better late than never

MateDrinker33 says:

Excellent video on an important topic. You’ve certainly opened my mind to new possibilities. Thanks again!

wafula thadeus says:


Sigrid Catanzaro says:

Thank you so much for making this video. Just what I need to get ideas on which direction to go to monetize my Twitter account @USFranchiseTips. Retired several years ago after 50 years in corporate America so not looking to create a new”” job, just like to make some extra dollars.

Chima Nwankwo says:

This certainly educated me.

Nadie Komarova says:

Roberto. I can’t thank you enough for you videos. They help me so much. I do have one question. How do I start on bluehost to get the lowest discount for my viewers?

MacAverage says:

great tips as always Roberto. I have a question about bi weekly uploads. Basically I’m just starting a comedy dad vlog and with having a full time job, and wanting to keep quality as high as possible, I struggle to post weekly just now. Will bi weekly really hurt my exposure and ranking up chances on YouTube? thank you

Kelly Nole says:

I am trying some of this stuff, ty very much. had to pause it to get the names in tip #4 you should probally please put the links to these on here.

Urbanmusic.club says:

Thanks for sharing your ideas. Its one of the best passive income videos I have seen and believe me I’ve seen a few. Keep up the good work.

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