11 Ways To Make A Passive Income Online ($200 A Day Guide)

Here are some ways to make a passive income online or as much as $200 a day on the internet. Becker also teaches how to apply for well fare to build a passive income system and make a income online selling farm animals…. Mentioned Content Below:

Youtube Guide : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNT5GnL2VGI&t=71s

Shopify Guide : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkG2Q2zlUE-QQ5uJr9AaO45Z_0l9W9j2_

Email Guide : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkG2Q2zlUE-SvSfGxdthsQde_NowwqeH5

Facebook Guide : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNQ3iVmnAvw


Random Tree Stump says:

Lol, the more I watch your videos the more I realize that you are doing exactly as you tell us to do. Well Becker, it works. I’ve spent 1000 dollars on you haha

Elias Siegelman says:

Other things you can send in the mail (credit me, muthafucka):
an entire herd of goats
a gold encrusted pile of shit
a figurative manicure
a bridge
a compliment from your grandma
a fart after Taco Bell night
a middle age man’s entire inner organ system
a slug
a slightly wrinkled piece of paper totally encased in packing foam
a million dollars (haha just fucking kidding, losers)
a bowl of soup
a bar of soap
a bar stool
cow stool
beef jerky
a single marble
a used tissue (ha)
a pickle jar with two and a half pickles
a human tooth
a lion tooth
a hair from an old witch (or a cat)
loose sugar
a lollipop
a sharpened candy cane
minced meat
a rare edition of the first ET videogame (look it up)
a piece of paper with the link to a rickrooolllll
a fidget spinner

That’s all I got for now.

marlyman123 says:

Video starts at 4:55

André Dexterity says:

I thought I was watching an video, but realised the video time bar wasn’t in yellow…

Business Recommended says:

So the guy who owns SEO companies doesn’t recommend SEO as a passive income. Interesting….

Frederick Edwards says:

ha. “if you wanna get payed to do jack shit all day…but can’t stand voting for bernie sanders” lol dead

l says:

Great video. Video idea: Can you talk about how you set up your LLC and how to stay private and protect yourself from lawsuits and such.

Career Coder says:

I about lost it when you gave your life hack.

VisualSoccer says:

Can you use aWeber to do email marketing for Shopify owners?

Ivan Mršić says:

So you are saying I’m gonna make 3-5k a month spending 100-200$ a day on facebook…and that is when I scale them up.

Mohammed Ibrahim says:

I know this may be a dumb thought but if you could start from scratch and do a live way of starting to make $100-$200 a day, would be so helpful and it would be insanely helpful to everyone. Its your choice. Love all your content! 🙂

lisa mcconnell says:

i am not joking i think you are so cute. what i would do to have one night with you !

lisa mcconnell says:

You are so hot!

Zhadow45 says:

“He’s gonna show you how to get 6 pack abs but then shows you how to play pokemon cards”

*Immediately Thumbs Up video*

Recreating Greatness says:

Hey! Alex! I’m an eager, wipper-snapper ready to make some money. What skill would you recommend to pursue? Hopefully one that will make me, uh let’s just say, a bit of money. Thanks.

The Monk Way says:

Thanks for sharing your experiences Alex, your videos have helped many think about business which is valuable in itself.

-the monk way, money making videos

Andre Perters says:

So how about that pizza? Ya know bitcoin could be a viable option! The rise of virtual currency

Vic's Adventures says:

Wow! Love the content, haha!

Sup Soul says:

you tittle 11, say 10, and give 4. Alex what the fuuuuuuu

CH H says:

ive finally learnt the purpose of this channel.

subtly sell markethero and sourcewave content

Alex Becker's Channel says:


Sharif Sourour says:

For some reason this video didn’t show up in my subscription feed, thankfully I noticed because it was suggested to me on the home page, I usually refer to the subscription feed though and the fact this video was missing was something I found odd.

lisa mcconnell says:

my name is lisa if i had enough $ i would go to texas to see you for even just one day. but rite now i dont so looks like that dream isnt going to happen i am a very picky person when it comes to men i just recently broke up wirh my boyfriend after 7 years an havent even tried or have seen any one that i am the least bit attracted to but i found you dont even know how i did but ever since i have been hook on watching what it is you have to say. i am going to put more time in to the tactics you teach internet marketing is something i have been interested in doing for some time now just needed someone to show me or help me get started. if you like you can call me my # 9492398635

CarrionSmile says:

I love passive incum. Jizz.

Dylan Bell says:

good shit. gonna start running ads on CB products tomorrow

edit: just made my first FB ad and landing page for a clickbank product that I felt I could target well with. In the review process right now. For some reason I’m really nervous

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