13 Apps That Make Passive Income Without Any Work

13 apps that make passive income without any work. – http://selfmadesuccess.com

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In this video, you will learn about 13 apps that make passive income without any work or time put in. To make money from your smartphone, you don’t have to take countless surveys, watch video trailers, download apps, etc. With these apps, you can do absolutely nothing after setting them up and just make residual income from then on. Enjoy the video!


angelopezreno2 says:

How do you collect your money from these App, do I have to give them my account number or they pay with a debit card on my name?

kevin anderson says:

We forfeit our privacy before birth and after being born. Word of mouth is all it takes. Don’t complain.

Mrlovpunani Leekdatclit says:

what got me was when he said:”amm if you worry about your privacy or your data THEY’RE ALREADY DOING IT. … SO better to get pay””. something like that or in those lines. you white p-I-m-p-. PaperInMyPucket. workinthem fools!DAYUM!!

Betsy B. Barham says:

Learn how to make over 4500 USD per month easily with 30 minutes of work daily. “Justnox mega mind profit system” (just search google).

angelopezreno2 says:

Is it save to have so many people having your info, what are they going to do with my DATA, too many people know already my personal info, how can I be safe on line ?

kevin anderson says:

Caue you to do this if you thirst for money, Effect is “we all rely on easily controlled by them.” It’s attractive at first, but Big Brother only changed tics to dupe folks, We have NO privacy anyway! If you desire privacy…give me Jesus or death. Nothing against the person that posted this video. We all gotta get paid, passively or actively. Be wise. Peace.

Mayerson M says:

Join Today and make 5dollarz when you sign up and make your 1st purchase

Darren Patterson says:

can u please donate a little of your fortune to the less fortunate

universe 1.0 says:

subscribeto my channnelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

DS Electronics Unlimited says:

Very informative Justin.

bonjour squishys says:

this link gets you fre money omg i am so happy to be a pretty elephant http://www.swagbucks.com/p/register?rb=34371059

ChrisKsan says:

Too bad all of these are not available in my country….

jsk8drummer says:

If you research these apps almost all of them have horrible feedback. Many claim running even one app fucks with the functionality of their phone. Running multiple at once would probably turn the phone into a paperweight. Stupid video.

gphx says:

A kindred spirit. I use all but the final three lockscreens.

Jack The_Tripper says:

thanks. only 5 research apps… fuckit

Fabian Gomez says:

none of the appas are available for Mexico, sucks!

MD MD says:

One has to be careful downloading anything, especially if you use mobile banking. You don’t want your account to be wiped out the next morning!

Lone Petersen says:

data coup not there

Luis Carrion says:

i had slide joy after 5 months got 4 bucks lame you lose money cause it kills ur phone battery faster which in turn you have to charge your phone bill raising the electric bill

Jason's Outdoors says:

The problem with all of these is they eat up your data plan, and if you have limited data, your overage charges will negate the little bit of money they would give you anyway.

Easy money online says:

i have some great tips for you: get paid for survey. draw picture for money. you can get over 3000$ a month. the link in my description’s video.

argonautuk says:

S7 not compatible for Mobile Xpress research

Simeon Harrison says:

which one of these app gives the highest pay out and how do they pay you

Alex Wallace says:

well you can try this the link in my comment is for a Bitcoin Generator, if by the time you read this and the bot is outdated there will be another link to update the bot within the read me, there is a link for a video as well if there is any confusion

Kelsey Frady says:

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tange2000 says:

lol an they will make more from you when they get your bank details etc

Simeon Harrison says:

I can’t find data coup in my play store

angelopezreno2 says:

What are they going to do with my DATA? Are they going to sale it to evrybody on line , where is my security then?

Issam Cheikhali says:

great video!

run2ran69 says:

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TN VOICE says:


Kim Komando says:

This page will show you how to quickly earn over 1,000 dollars per week online: JoxMoney. com


waste of time
back to work boys ..

Ali Jata says:

wow, what a fake shit video, i don’t know how could you spend time with these stupid ideas, how to make money?!
in these case, they are making really good from us, i am pretty sure

Harrison E. Anderson says:


kiraydaar ds says:

good video bro

Ginger SOUL says:

Can any of these be used for iPhone

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