15 Ways To Make Passive Income

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Most of us know what it’s like to be stuck in a 40+ hour job. You do it because you need the money. But is it possible to have both the money AND the lifestyle?
Absolutely! The answer is passive income.
What is passive income and how is it different from active income?
Active income, or hustle income, is normally directly tied to time and results produced. This means exchanging time for money, or hustling to sell, create, or distribute something.
Passive income, on the other hand, is regular income that you receive with little or no ongoing work because you have already done the work up front. This income comes to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis from the automatic sale or billing from a previously sold product or service.
People often mistake passive income to mean income that magically appears without hard work.

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Jake Wish says:

The website is down

Patrick Stidham says:

Great information. I really enjoyed the way you summarized this presentation on your website. Thanks Chris. Subscribed!.

Conn O'Flynn says:

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Alex Kim says:

Is this guy literally retarded?

Tony Parker says:


Travis Avenarius says:


Collier Deborah says:

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Mary Ann Strohl-Young says:

If you have land, renting food growing space also helps….

John Smith says:

You’ve made 50k to 200k per month? Impressive.

Ayo A says:

Brilliant! Thanks for the pointers

Dee Thomas says:

Chris, I’m ambitious and motivated. But how do I take the “fire” I feel and channel it? I watch all your videos and am receiving the knowledge, also I’m working for the capital to start. I’m 19 and I know a 40+ work week isn’t for me. Any advice or things I need to know?

John Pike says:

Thanks Chris. Great to discover you on Youtube. Thanks for the content and great information.

Alfredo Ayon says:

Great video Chris knowledge is power.Time to apply massive action

reinard joseph says:

Hi Chris
I have been following you since 2013
I am interested to know affiliate marketing that you said can get $50-200K per month
how can we achieve that? is it amazon? please make tutorial for that 🙂 🙂 🙂

theawesomenaa says:

great advices!! thanks!!

mugnoom says:

“new and time-tested” got me to pause, write this and leave channel

Ryan Del Signore says:

I teach how to make PASSIVE INCOME. Come check my channel out <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Armaan says:

How did the stock photography selling experiment turn out? It hasn’t worked for me yet.

Beats Daily says:

Active income = Time
Passive income = Free Time

thomi7 says:

The best websites to sell your photographs are https://eu.fotolia.com/partner/205625844 and https://www.dreamstime.com/register#res13090438 . I started a year ago and I get money every month!

Visionaire says:

This is great, thank you!!

Calorado Hudkins says:

Hey Chris, Been stumbling through lots of your videos. Im loving all the content you share. Im curious though as i have an online business on the go which is passive and has been proven, company has been around 41 years and I’m always looking for new reps to work with. My question is on your channel do you happen to do business shoutouts or advertising or traffic share? any chance we can chat about some possibilities?

xoBritneyMechelle says:

Great information. I’ve been researching a lot of these methods.

Manoj Sharma says:

Great information.

David One says:

This is very very very practical stuff that actually helps!! Thanks! Now you gotta put in the time, money, and effort to make it happen 😉

Jackson Elmore says:

For a second I thought this guy was Ethan Klein by the thumbnail

Colin Kaepernick says:

I’m 25 years old, I live by myself, and I’m broke as hell, but watching every episode on your channel gets me a baby step closer to becoming an entrepreneur. Keep up the good work Chris!

spencereng says:

Here’s what you do, Drive around in an Ice cream truck that also doubles as an Uber so you’re selling ice cream and picking up people at the same time.

MATT G says:

Here is a way to make passive income which can be interesting http://www.ValentusMovie.com/mattglm

justalettertooshor says:

Just like to say that I’ve been subscribed since the very first few videos and your channel is awesome, easily one of the best self education channels out there. Keep up the great work and content!

I-Serve YHWH says:

Love your energy. Good luck on your projects, im working on many too!

Bike Flower says:

This is great! thank you

Chibdibs says:

I love that you were real and started off by talking about how it’s not going to be easy or “a get rich quick”. Passive income does require a great deal of upfront effort which makes the return investment so valuable. Great vid. 🙂

John Smith says:

You’ve made 50k to 200k per month? Impressive.

Move Driver says:

Hey great video. I like what you are doing 🙂

Juan Jose Gonzales says:

loved the video, subscribed!

Unholy Aura says:

Hello Chris, I ‘ve written an e-book which got five-star rating from two readers and it seems it has potential in it.
Can you give me any quick tips on how to reach it to more people worldwide?

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