4 Passive Income Ideas for 2019 (How I Make $30k/Month w/ PROOF!)

In this video, I share four passive income ideas for 2019. I explain how I make passive income online by showing 7 separate sources with proof of earnings on screen.

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If you’re new to my channel, my name is Odi and I’m an Entrepreneur, Music Producer, and Passive Income Expert. I first started by doing Amazon Associates affiliate marketing then branching out to other affiliate networks and more profitable niches. Affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income IMHO and has allowed me to live in my dream home and own my dream garage. Make sure to check out my other videos for more!

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Sentimental Reasons says:

Love ODi

Wood Laundry Soap says:

We have an affiliate program for our laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and travel freshener. It is not a get rich quick program. You can make a few extra dollars recommending a great product everyone uses, but unless you have a large following it’s only going to pay for a night out with your significant other, a round of golf, a new shirt, etc. per month. We pay up to $5 per member you recommend per month. You can do the math based on your following/friends.

Alexander Rios says:

Love the connect and the fact that you stay in tune with you’re audience. Also, PASIVE INCOME! Lastly, great vids again… been watching for a year and a half and idk why I waited so long to sub but when I make it I’ll be sure to thank you. You are kinda like my mentor from a far.

Benjamin B says:

how much do you have to spend for tools, domainnames, webhosting before you can make your first affiliate comission? like when you have no youtube channel and no organic reach whatsoever.

Benjamin Mogekwu says:

Must you have a website

Yam Yam Challenge says:

Cool !

Rorschach Manhattan says:

Great clarification passive income is definitely the only sensible method

Nicholas Peitsch says:

Didn’t let us know about any of the other product names other than Amazon associates… waste of time

Save Money Tricks says:

Awesome video! I am a big fan of these ways to make passive income. I make a lot of videos on making passive income too and of course, knowing how to manage our finances well.

Brandon Awrey says:

Hi OD, awesome vid! Do you teach your paid ads strategies in your course or do you just use SEO? Thanks in advance!

superisi00 says:

first of all, i love your videos. there are full of valuable experiences. because of that thank you odi!!!! for this video, most great incomes come from creating social media accounts who follow tons of person, and make money on it. more passive income videos which we can do it without a social media accounts pls!!!

Bagslot says:

How can I make money as a 17 year old without mowing lawns and all the other things people say? I want new ways, I really love outdoor jobs but what kind can I do…

Rocket says:

any ideas for TYPE BEAT Producers like me? Btw really dope videos man keep it up

ashish mandavi says:

(passive income ) How do you search for the products?

The Money GPS says:

Agree with you on the YouTube videos. I do 2 videos per day, 7 days a week. It’s not passive in the sense that affiliate marketing is. The ratio of time spent to create content for YouTube to dollars earned is much lower than other business models. The strength of YouTube is to create a following which is a great thing.

Wood Laundry Soap says:

Great explanation of affiliate programs. Suggestion: don’t sign up for affiliate programs that require you to spend money upfront or programs that aren’t promoting consumable products. You’ll work yourself to death selling products people are going to purchase once or twice unless the commission is huge.

László Dulai says:

Good. Best part starts here 0:00 . You are the best bro. Keep it up!

MLM income says:

Passive Income….hey Odi I want to know the perfect niche for affiliate marketing….please rply.

Haupt Feldtmann says:

Like your video and content.
Can you make a video of a step by step process to start a passive income stream please?

Website and driving traffic to those offers?

Keep on keeping on!

VICTOR Victor says:

But odi 2000$ dollars is too much for me to start

Alien Alien says:

When my bicth sister got her house all she was said this for the past 20 years was my house

Carlo Santa Ana says:

Good stuff ODI, something I will look into with affiliate marketing. I do use vanguard for investment.
I started a youtube channel going over the vanguard investments that I have. SUBSCRIBED! SHOWING LOVE BACK CHECK !

Pinoy Influencer says:

Nice Odi

MalluStyle MultiMedia says:

Excellent video

Nick Oloteo says:

You moved from Chicago to Cali? Why aren’t you a clickfunnels dream car winner? Couldn’t you get that pretty quick with your list?

stefan Donkerbroek says:

I want to make a affiliate website, witch websitemaker should is use?

Alien Alien says:

This is thing about money you supost have fun with it to and take time off to

Math made easy says:

how can I become a student of yours? how do I get enrolled in one of your courses or lesson?

Calvin Raab Personal Finance Videos says:

Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to make passive income!

Stephen Dev Make money online / passive income says:

Great ones out there affiliate marketing is so powerful !

alex says:

I have a question!! Why will you close your course? If you get earn why not !!

ASMRO Entertainment says:

Passive income. Are your traffic sources paid traffic or organic search engine traffic?

Marcel Montgomery says:

In order to have a money tree you have to plant the seed

Commonwealth Entertainment says:

22:30 Do you have other channels because there is no way you are generating $5000-$9000 a month off of YouTube with only 300,000 to 400,000 views a month. I was enjoying the video but that part made me stop and question your numbers.

OTAA - Omar Alsadi says:

This video just put a goddamn light bulb over my head. If this ever changes my life then i know who I need to give credit (second to God of course). Fantastic guidance

TEH says:

Is your Affiiliate course included mentorship???

Khoa Vũ Trần says:

Can I do affiliate marketing if I am not in the US? I’m Vietnamese btw.

Thank you for great video.

Gops Roks says:

Will your passive program help people of other countries like india

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