5 Ways to Build Passive Income (With Your Computer)

Imagine earning money while you sleep, while you travel the world. Doing exactly what you want to do with your life. This is not a fantasy anymore. Making money with your computer and automatize it to work for you, is not just for the high tech entrepreneurs anymore. Anyone with a computer can benefit from this opportunity.

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While this can complement your current income this can definitely replace your current income and be a sort of stay at home job but a little better since it will be generating money no matter what you do.
The main things that we talk about in this video are.
Youtube and how you can really make money by living your passion. You can connect your you tube channel to a google adsense account and start earning money with your passion.

Affiliate marketing, Here you can also use your socila media to sell products of others for a commission. This is a great option because you do not have to create a product yourself.

Create your own product. Similar to affiliate marketing you can use social media to sell your product. Main difference is, you keep all profits! I have met many people who become very rich by selling their own products online.

Kindle publishing. With the popularity of ebooks and the simplisity of being part of the movement you can write and create your own eBooks with Kindle Publishing. You can Even delegate the writing process!

Drop shipping. Here you find whole sellers who’s products are popular and you sell them at retail price online.

Network Marketing. There are many people who are very successful with this type of business.

Amazon FBA. Here you buy a wholesale product, you create a brand label and ship them straight to amazon. The Amazon Holds, Full fills and ships your product so you won’t have to.

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Basit Amjad says:

Guys, you cannot make money on youtube unless you have something unique. Don’t be misled

words13100 says:

Isn’t “Network Marking” another way to say pyramid scheme and multi-level marketing?

Saif Noble says:


Tyler Pripps says:

$3000 in a month with 78k subscribers?? What’s your secret?


do a video about starting a business like pros and cons and tips

Fegha Supreme says:

Thank you for making things clear your list is great .

f3rrazm1chae1 says:

A YouTube channel it’s not passive income, not at all.

M T says:

Appreciate your honesty on your YouTube channel.

Donald Trump says:

Hire bitches
Make some doe
Men included
(times are changing)

Hairo Shehaj says:


Adnan Buruj says:

Man i would love if u could make top 5 best affiliate marketing websites plz consider it

S Gutierrrez says:

Awesome information.

Chris Hernandez says:

I have tons of views but still only make about $1 a month and I can’t even cash out. This is lies. Something is broken.

pema hyolmo says:

Thanks very much sir

Mark Caudill says:

Great video, glad you included Network Marketing. I have been trying to promote an affiliate membership program designed to become a passive residual income. Have not done good yet but will keep trying. Networking seems to confuse most people.

G.P. Grobler says:

I have watched a few of these, it is not easy to get there, but once you are there it is smooth sailing from then on, but it will not happen overnight, if it does happen overnight for me, I will share the info in one of my videos. PLEASE NOTE: passive income still requires some ACTIVE input otherwise it dies, it is like a plant that you have to water at least once a week.

Arif Mustaqim says:

WOW! Thanks for the video! I never knew that I already earn $4 on youtube !

mohamed Abdulkadir Haji Mahdi says:

Add crptocurrency and invest is pasive income

Janet 學堂 頻道 says:

it ‘s really helpful for me . I hv learnt a lots from your vedio ,Thanks!!!

Juan Chavez says:

Thanks for making this free

Mario Pescaru says:

I do all of the things mentioned in the video but good video anyway >D

Practical Life Advice says:

Good content!

Jamie Mac Neil says:

Awesome Video Bro. I’m blown away by the concept of Passive Income. I’m working really hard now on assets so I don’t have to later in life. Thank you for the video. Keep them coming

Siyabonga Mthimunye says:

Bro all your videos are very informative. Thank you

Scarcity says:

Everything he listed in this video is very good for making passive income. What he forgot to tell you though is that none of these are easy and takes time and effort.

Jaures Magloire says:

Thanks bro. Very helpful.

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