7 Passive Income Ideas [Proven $5K a Month Fast]

Passive income ideas are my favorite topic and I’ve found seven sources of residual income that you can use to make $5,000 a month. This detailed passive income tutorial will walk your through each but use the resource guides I’ve linked below for more information.

I start out with the fastest and easiest passive income sources, two websites that will make you money immediately. You won’t get rich from these two sources of online income but you won’t have to do much anyway.

See how to get started on Swagbucks and get this free $5 bonus:

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Next I talk about my favorite passive income source, blogging, and how I made over $60,000 last year on less than 20-hours a week. Blogging doesn’t start out as passive income but it can be one of the best income generating assets after you get started.

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I also talk about two of my favorite alternative investments that have helped me stop chasing the stock market. Real estate crowdfunding and p2p investing are great passive income investing ideas compared to traditional real estate or fixed-income.

Real estate crowdfunding gives you all the returns of property investing but none of the headaches. You get professional management which means passive income profits. Learn more about passive income real estate investing https://mystockmarketbasics.com/real-estate-crowdfunding-good-investment/

I love the constant cash flow I get from peer-to-peer lending and have talked about it often on the channel. I make 10% returns annually and it’s completely passive. With the automated investing tool on Lending Club, I don’t have to worry about reinvesting my money because the computer does it all for me. Which one of these three p2p investing strategies works best for you? https://mystockmarketbasics.com/lending-club-investing-strategy/

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Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.


Kay I says:

The book has to sell in order to get a passive income right?

SantaOMG says:

Passive income does not exist

Jeff Rose says:

Passive income for the win!

Mainul Islam says:

I like how comfortable and assertive you are when speaking. Not to mention, the content is darn good as well. 10/10

Emmett Ross says:

Sounded like one big ad read

Shannyn Allan says:

This is super inspiring! Everyone could use more passive income in their lives!

götze 1989 says:

Peer to peer loans, here we go again…why dont you mention that there is a reason banks are in the middle…that you need qualified people who can price loans and model counterparty risk, which the average american, or you clown is able to do 😉 if you cant assess counterparty risk, you cant assess default risks and thus cant determine appropriate rates….

Sharron Dark says:

Thanks This Was Helpful

David Carlton says:

Amazon FBA isn’t exactly passive. You still have to replenish the inventory when it runs low and maintain your store on Amazon but otherwise, it is moderately passive.

arslan hajji says:

What a junk video.

commander woody says:

None of these are passive income ideas . Your a clickbait asshole

Davison (DavisonVideo) says:


Roc J says:

I appreciate good information.
You mentioned you advertise $20/book.
1.) Where would I advertise
2.)How do I advertise
3.)Did you include a press release for advertisement or any cool strategies?
I wrote two books but have not gotten enough information to upload it on Kindle

James Riddle says:

Lose the bow tie and drop the recommendations for swag bucks. It doesn’t pay and is a total waste of time. Total BS! Time is more valuable. Top Cash Back requires people to buy stuff before they get paid. Come on man, people are seriously looking for opportunities and you are giving them bad advice. Blogging is a legitimate way to make a passive income but it does take time and effort as well as training. So this is what you are selling. You really need to lose the tie if you want people to take you seriously. It’s obvious you are trying to get affiliate commissions with your links below. Show value and people will be happy to follow your advice. You should buy my “How to Convince People to Believe You When You Are Not Adding Value” online course.

Let's Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA says:

What’s the biggest passive income myth or lie you’ve heard and how are you making money online?

Mama Bear SWAG says:

I got lost on the Real Estate funding / investing idea you shared. You lost me!! Going to do some research. I would like to invest $1000 and earn passive income utilizing that stragedy. You confuse me on what you were explaining about it. So I do not understand. But will do my homework / research now. Thank you!!

Retro Amplification Minnesota says:

Please this is actually real stuff. Good job hunting these down. I appreciate the real ideas and your passion.

Genesis Dynamics says:

Just came across your stuff. Very useful and motivating. Thanks

john miller says:

This guy sucks off animals for a living

drdassler says:

Total bullshit. After you complete a few you get rejected from them all after that. He’s just driving traffic to himself.

Karna priya says:

i swear to god every one of these videos are the same. Although you seem very informed and kind, every other youtuber is like blog, real estate, youtube videos, books, e-books etc. This is nothing new. I would rather you show us your earliest blogs and what you wrote about unless you just want to put the link in the description and want to clickbait viewers.

JP SB says:

Up northwest, you need a minimum 1 million + for a single detached.

Arizona 4891 says:

Pretty clear he makes his income pimping these “passive” “income” sites.

Glenn L says:

This guy thinks website discount codes are passive income…wtf?

Sonny says:

With respect, you seem to be too busy on too many passive income streams. 24 hrs will NOT be enough to learn, manage, think, and keep up with so many streams. It will be another JOB in itself. Just Blogging and being a landlord can be big JOB in itself. I like passive income For me, I take 60 percent of my take home salary, invest 90 percent of that in Index investing like from Vanguard (VTSAX) and 10 percent in REIT investment from Vanguard. Very Simple. Rest time, I focus on my software job, always looking for ways to increase my income. Swagbucks, $2 an hour, is NOT worth the time for me.

isfvt tyug says:

Are these for folks in the US only?

Johann Siemens says:

Some of this advices are pretty interesting, but most of them aren’t neither passive nor is it income by definition. I know where you are going with all this stuff, but the only one making money here is you with your Ref-Links in the describtion, because most of the stuff is pretty useless for the general joe. I would recommend starting your own youtube channel and rather make “7 Passive Income Ideas”-Videos and make money with the ref-link than really trying this stuff out. Passive income was never as easy as it is today, but you still have work to do to get there and thats the issue with all the stuff people are showing on youtube. If you have people working in a 9-5 job, they should work on their financial education instead of going for useless “passive income” scams on the internet, where you get paid 10 Cents an hour.

Its just my personal opinion, but if the viewers ask themselves what rich people do to make money on the internet its rather investing or making youtube-ref-links videos than really following those advices.

Brian Gilbert says:

Joseph, I just found you tonight, and like your approach, so you just gained a NEW subscriber! Question for you: I have come into some funds recently, and some of the things that you describe (e.g. REITS, P2P lending) were going to be a part of my second phase of passive wealth building, with Forex primarily used to be the springboard to fund the first phase. Do you have any thoughts on my strategy?

Metaphysical Mike says:

Love your bow tie 🙂

jmg says:

I have never seen any of your YouTube videos before today. Ignoring the bad first impression of your inaccurate content (ie: passive income that’s really active at $2/hour), my bad second impression of your videos is that you have A LOT of room for improvement with the way that you articulate and present information. In the most constructive terms, you honestly look like you are reading word-for-word from a script–TERRIBLE IDEA. Want proof? Have you ever been to a presentation where someone stood in front of the room and read each slide of their PowerPoint deck word-for-word? Those presentations suck so badly that you sit there and think to yourself, “Too bad this guy didn’t just email me the slide deck because I could have read it faster than he’s reading it to me!” What’s even worse than watching you read word-for-word from a script is, the way you speak in front of the camera does not sound like your natural voice. You sound like you are struggling to articulate what you are trying to say and in some instances, stumbling over what you’re struggling to read. This gives viewers the impression that you are reading from a highly edited script that you didn’t even write. My suggestion here is that you develop a solution that balances the content you want to convey with a voice that sounds more natural when you’re conveying information on your vlog. For example, look at other YouTubers like TYT (The Young Turks). Like you, they are reading from a script too, but they are doing it in such a way where they are speaking to the viewers using their natural voice and not reading word for word from a script. How do they achieve that? I have no idea because this isn’t my area of expertise, but my guess is that their teleprompter/script presents more summarized information and isn’t presented to be read 100% word-for-word. I hope this helps. Good luck.

Goby Swiss says:

Learn to trade stocks


Semper Fi! Im working on getting my CFA before EAS!

Amal Ben Ayed says:

These are not passive incone ideas. These are discounts

Riding Nomads in the Philippines says:

You contradict yourself…. Passive income… And than you say…. Some take a lot of work….doing this while doing something else, multitasking is passive ….. Then its not passive…. Neither is playing games, surveys and blogging, vlogging, that is hard work and you have to keep it up otherwise you drop in the ranking.

The Coyote says:

How do you advertise your books mate?

jmg says:

I disagree with your second suggestion as a “passive income idea”. While small amounts of rebate money may seem profitable in the short term, these products people would need to buy are considered depreciating assets, meaning that they simply take up space without giving you any return. Relying on online purchasing as a way to earn passive income will never put consumers in a profitable position because, of course, they will always spend more than they get back. Your second suggestion is no different from recommending that people simply clip coupons. Providing recommendations where people prioritize their purchasing for rebates/discounts is better suited for a vlog about how to live a thrifty lifestyle or a “Penny Hoarder” type of channel, not a “Passive Income” channel with a target audience of investors.

Igor O says:

To i vest on Peerstreet, you have to be accredited investor? Is it true

Dave Dawson says:

Swagbucks ripped me off. Said I wasn’t clicking captchas properly – I was. Spend a lot of time watching cillic bang commercials and doing a lot of work for pennies an HR. Got to £50 and they screwed me. Not passive income either fella.

Daren Sublet says:

how is taking surveys a passive income. You are full of shit.

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