Today we talk about what is passive income, how to make passive income. We really get into the best and worst ways to make passive income though. Enjoy!
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Out of the City says:

No comment on WYNN missing it’s numbers today?

MasterHarryGaming says:

its year 2021 hi

Chris Ike says:

good video very constructive forget the naysayers. I have a question for u. How do u feel about invest in a company who have few employees

Stockology says:

Seriously consider YouTube. Very low cost to start, takes serious effort and one investment measured in months. But if you are capable it’s definitely something I recommend you try. First month I earned $0.10, second month $0.65, third month $11.75! I didn’t expect it’d be this great so quick, and I learned that for passive income YouTube is amazing.

Jeff Licona says:

hey there Jeremy. please do a video on building credit. best way to do it etc. you rock dude keep making that $

EskiBoy says:

I’m really surprised you didn’t take Warren Buffet’s passive investment advice and invest into a low fee, highly diversified index fund. If you want a bit more risk, you could invest in high yield dividend stocks. Shell on the FTSE 100 pays 7.1% dividend. when reinvested, that’s a strong return when you consider compound interest over decades.

Personally i take Buffet’s advice for a long term investment strategy + trade in stocks for a more immediate term income.

The Business Channel says:

hi jeremy, I’d love to see a video of you going through a companies 10k pointing out exactly what you’re looking for when looking to invest. Thanks

The Business Channel

TheOscar6793 says:

I agree with you on real estate. But completely disagree with you on stock market investing. You talk about investing in companies that might or might not go bankrupt. But if you invest in Blue Chip dividend payers over the long term you can be quite successful.

N Lund says:

Poor poor Goog, need waymo to come out swinging 🙂

CptSloppyShots says:

Same content… not cool bro

Sparkojote says:

Great Video, I knew already everything. But always refreshing to hear the same stuff again from other persons, so it will be burned into my brain 😉

Best Regards

Understanding Us says:

Who else is watching this in 2021

alex tejon says:

why don’t you make a video about the economy future with trump? just curious

Chuck McCracken says:

etherium mining

Dominic Flack says:

You should do a contest w/ subs for your next book cover

Mahmoud Ibrahim says:

Jeremy can you tell me why Shopify inc stock has had spikes upwards to 400-600 dollars while dropping to 4 cents a share back in 2013?? Really confused on how that went down

ghassen silver says:

i am studying french i can do the e-book idea thanks man.

Steven Lesh says:

My wife and I live streamed and made videos. But we stopped and both work full time jobs now. We are going to clear 110k this year. But i miss YouTube and Twitch but my wife doesn’t think we can make money with it. Husbandwifetv was the channel. If your board out of your mind and wanna watch a video and tell me A good thing you stopped its horrible. Or B keep going you got potential. Would be awesome to know your opinion.

Quidera H says:

Please do a video about credit. building credit and why is it important

Caleb Dunteman says:

I disagree with almost everything in this. Interesting points though.
You’re rental property numbers you gave aren’t what is has to be.
With turn key companies you can get $40,000-$60,000 properties producing
12% net income and it all gets managed for you if you choose.
Also, you get tax benefits like depreciation to help out.

JaimePINOY1!!!!! says:

I am the future Flash & I am watching from 2021, PS I also gain some weight in the future

faith don't fail me now !! says:

thanks for the advice I subscribe to you a few weeks ago and learn a lot… 2021

Cristian Ţari says:

I see this in 2021!!!! :))

Sebastian ZeroSF says:

Sponsorship t-shirt true religion.

Marc S. says:

It feels like I’ve seen about 19 videos of you talking about E-books. Please just exclude them from future videos. I get that it’s hard to come up with as much content as you do, but seeing this that often I wish that the repetetive content was about Stocks and investing rather than this.
Talking about Youtube or being self-employed in your own business is alright, but I’d prefer to see videos on how to learn about companies, what to look for, etc. I wouldn’t mind repetetive videos on that one.

James I says:

The Intelligent Investor was written in the depths of The Great Depression, (1930’s) makes the book even more epic.

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