Design Your Dream Life Through Passive Income | Alex Szepietowski | TEDxUniversityofYork

Alex describes his experiences as a young entrepreneur and the steps many others could take to follow in his footsteps.

After interning in every industry he possibly could, Alex realised that, more than any job in the world, he wanted to be his own boss. In 2012, without money or experience and in his 3rd year of PPE at York (Derwent College), Alex read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and decided to start investing in property. He spent his student loan on learning how it was done, and 2 years later owned 24 houses and won a few national awards. Alex is incredibly passionate about inspiring others to believe in themselves and forge their own path, irrespective of their circumstances, or what ‘the norm’ dictates!

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Thabo Sethato says:

Still wondering

k Tomo says:

So you bought a house with a credit card and a student loan?

Wings On High says:

He’s fooling himself and us. His job is giving this empty presentation, for which I’m sure people end up paying far too much to attend.

jown mallow says:

Damn I clicked on this because I thought he was Frank Spencer.

Fulltymchiller says:

Being a passive gayboi

Lavizzle says:

An utterly terrible speaker giving a vapid, empty speech to get blog signups.

I can’t get that 15 minutes back.

Splif Beatz says:


richard morrison says:

yawn…another ‘buy to let’ spiv who ‘loves helping other people’

Chong Jin says:

TED publishes such rubbish??!

barbelmeister says:

I went from here to Alex Szepietowski blog – then found myself Googling the name on his ‘certificate’. At that point, I disregarded the previous 20 minutes of my life….
I would suggest… don’t watch the, Google his name to find the blog, then scan down the page.. If the quality of the blog doesn’t tell you enough… He might have made a bob-or-two, but he certainly can’t write a post and certainly didn’t even proof read it. Just the layout should show you that. Worst Ted video I have ever watched.

schwarzegarde says:

It’s not that easy bro. Who are the people that rent houses instead of buying for themselves? Lower income. Who suffers first when a recession hits, say in 5 years? Lower income people. Who will be responsible for upkeep and wasted their young years on increadibly risky, undeversified investments instead of learning real skills (ie. project managment, scientific method, engineering, people leadership)? You did.

eckenrad says:

He tied his tie wrong xD

tranlanga mingo says:

so many smart ppl in youtube over fkn allllllllll

Grandfather_Din_Racket says:

@8:20 He discusses different means of generating passive income

ryan seitz says:

I’d hate to the be the girl dating this guy…she must be very unsatisfied…

Higgs Boson and the Strange Charm says:

…just another middle man……doesn’t need a real job until the people he’s ripping off realise they are paying for his life style….best of luck….i certainly don’t think this is important….and am shocked that it’s a TED talk,,,,,I don’t want to see TED go down hill, it’s such a great program usually…..

Chris Johnson says:

Liked this much better when Tim Ferriss published it (with actual advice on how to achieve it) in 2007. But hey, good for you kid.

Olly Richards says:

Terrible talk.

Marlita Williams says:

Nooooot completely sure why we’re upset with someone that’s chosen to share his opinion regarding OPENING up our ideas about making money… If you didn’t like it, get on TEDx yourself and share your opinion on something =) OH btw, this is how TEDx defines itself: TEDx is an international community that organizes TED-style events anywhere and everywhere — celebrating locally-driven ideas and elevating them to a global stage. TEDx events are produced independently of TED conferences, each event curates speakers on their own, but based on TED’s format and rules.


federico sananes says:

This is shit, just a 10 minute ad about himself, selling him as consultant on the make money business information market. No facts, no really important information just shit shit shit. How can ted let this guy go up and talk I have no clue.

Bradley Hall says:

his tie is tied too short, its too skinny, and the lapels on his jacket are also waaayyy to skinny for his build

Ankit Thapliyal says:

Very nice , Loved it . Yup now I can think in the right direction and Im a student now . Thanks

Lex Aeternal says:

I was waiting to hear the strategies he was talking about… I now assume he is selling a book or a webinar or something? If he was aiming to inspire me he has done the opposite


Listen, check his blog, buy his book, make him rich. BS. Too bad TED logo is attached to it.

Peter Smart says:

That seems like a lot of talking to tell us he bought property.

Cartoon Salad says:

TLDR: How to make passive income:

1) Make up some story about how you used student loans to buy 12 houses, started a pyramid scheme and then got rich.
2) Get a TedX slot, and use it to plug your story and direct people to your website
3) Sell get rich quick guides
4) Profit (Maybe)

XeroRez says:

lol so he just described a pyramid scheme xD noice hahaha @8:30

Phallusy says:

Kioysaki the gold pumper ahahaha

Phallusy says:


Gam3 0ver says:

Utter BS, 24 properties in 2 years.  I don’t see how and I certainly wouldn’t pay him to find out how, which is clearly his aim.  I am a landlord and have been for a few years now, I was barely making more than £20k in my job when I started.  Most lenders required that you make over £25k, but there were a couple that would allow you to make just over £20k to be eligible for a loan.  Furthermore try getting a Buy to let mortgage when you don’t own a house already, it’s practically impossible.

Now the only real short term way of making more money in properties is to get interest only mortgages (meaning your mortgage payments are far lower, but your never paying off the capital).  In my opinion this can be a very dangerous way to go and you would still have all the issues I mentioned above, but yes your rental yields would be significantly higher.  This could be what he has done, but it’s an extremely dangerous way to go, it’s also part of the reason we keep getting housing bubbles.

Let’s suppose you get a mortgage for a property worth £100k and you put 10% down (which is about the minimum BTL lenders allow).  If it’s interest only and lets assume you got it at 4% (which you’d be lucky to get based on that LTV), you would pay £300 a month and probably let it out for £450.  The biggest issue I still see with this, is that lenders are far more nervous giving loans which only require a 10% deposit for BTL.  Granted the returns would be very good, but your not paying the capital off.  You have also got the issue that because your deposit was so low that if the interest rates start rising much your in serious trouble.  Interest rates at 5% and your mortgage repayments are at £375 (halving your profit) and at 6% your at break even £450 mortgage payments.  Obviously if interest rates go up more like they were just before the 2008 crash at just below 7%, your 24 property portfolio is wiped out and you are bankrupted.

Also anyone considering BTL should consider that the way landlords are taxed on mortgage interest has and is changing for future tax years.

Just take all Alex Szepietowski’s suggestions with a pinch of salt, because despite his grandiose claims of which he gave no real evidence, his main method of making money now appears to be selling his services through his website.

Robert Mendez says:

He says you can do it and get passive income like he did and then cues his website where you pay thousands of dollars for him to coach you and in doing so is NOT learning passing incoming lmao. What a joke.

David Hoshour says:

Why does everyone that says look its so easy just do this. Many of these people sound like they come from a place of privelage in the first place.

john smith says:

This is the worst TED talk I’ve ever watched…….he just keeps stalling and going all over the place with no point to make. It’s almost like hes talking to himself.

Don O says:

Good Kid. Thinking about the future while the rest of the kids are busy playing video games or getting wasted every weekend.

CalvinPowerz says:

He’s literally reading from notes on an envelope… no doubt written minutes before this speech

Lourgen Therese Paderanga says:

Alex, thank you for your talk. A lot of them may not appreciate it but I did. 🙂

Jake Draper says:

This is complete bullshit. 24 properties in 2 years? You need 25% deposit for a BTL property so this lad must have some rich friends/family because as a student he ain’t gonna do it, simple as. Anyway TED talks are supposed to be informative, entertaining and interesting, this was none of those.

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