Don’t Make These Passive Income Mistakes

In Part 2 of this Passive Income Series, We Explore the Common Mistakes People Make When Coming Up With Passive Income Ideas.

Enjoy and I’ll See You Soon!!

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eriktorres says:

If you make your hobby your job, some day is gonna become boring after all.

OnePercentBetter says:

Baseballs: Because pokeballs are overrated xD

Ron Jummie says:

Hi, can you teach me how to draw like that? Thanks!

Passive Income Dude says:

great video…however the argument with the $100 dollars seems more like a luxury problem. you could scale it up and have someone collect it. anyway you need passive income to focus on your next moves, so also the 100 bucks. right?

Abhinav Raj Kondal says:

once again… great work bro 🙂

Project Better Self says:

NIce video again dude. But I don’t fully agree with you. I think its far more important to have different income sources than to depend only on one. I think you should use the resources (contacts, money etc) from existing source to constantly create other sources of income and keep doing that until that process becomes exponential! Nice stuff anyway keep them coming!

HeathCliff Huxtable says:

These videos are very impressive. You definitely know what you’re talking about.

Passive Income Dude says:

hey come support me i am on a 24h livestream

Passive Income Dude says:

Hey I am progressing! Also the channel is growing! You are ranked very well on passive income, I am not even listed in 30 pages of search results. 🙂 haha but I am coming in hot!

Practical Psychology says:

I love your style! I really enjoy your first concept… you have to love the work you’re getting into! Keep up the awesome work! <3

Shravan Kumar says:

Hey, how r u doing? I like your videos so much. I really enjoy watching and learning through your videos.

I have a personal question for you. How do you read books first of all, and do you prefer to read multiple books at a time or stick to one book until it completes.
In your preferred case how long you take to completely read and absorb the whole idea of a book.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

Fiveminded says:

Some very good advice!

GabeR6 says:

I’m confused. Are you saying that we should not make a gaming channel but instead do something like get better at making businesses. Or are you saying to do what we’re passionate about. I’m sorry if my question is dumb. I’m just a bit confused

njeri antony says:

best advice dude

os_boss says:

Would you know any books that could help you define your passion?

Positively Brainwashed says:

Great video. I totally agree with being passionate with whatever you’re doing to generate passive income, but I wouldn’t fully agree with dedicating everything to just one stream. I would use the 80/20 rule and focus 80% on what works while experimenting with the other 20% on things I’m also passionate at, that could potentially become a better stream than my current main. It’s also good to have a backup plan incase something happens beyond your control, like Youtube changing it’s algorithms, or worst case shutting down.I had a friend who had 1000s of followers on the Blab platform and making lots there, and just a few days ago, all his work was gone.

Cosimo u. Rebekka Marraffa says:


Husnu Coban says:

1:11 dude kids are watching this!!!!

Dr Navneet Goyal says:

Absolutely Correct!! I second you! This is what I call intellectual interpretation..! Great One!

Abhinav Raj Kondal says:

once again… great work bro ☺

Noelle Candice says:

Great tip, focus is so important, but I think having to work on two things in the same area will work great

Corban says:

How does one have a passion for renting out homes? lol

edit: Whens part 3 ? :O

Kind Knowledge says:

Cool video! 🙂

psych0hans says:

Great video!

Aron Darling says:

Sharing this one all over the place! Great Principle and Video!

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