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This video is about Youtube Income Report , How To Make $3500 Adsense Revenue


jxn141 says:

I have been trying domaining since 2011 or so not one sale yet.

Joe Naples says:

how about that time when Microsoft forgot to renew hotmail.co.uk domain

DJmix says:

on a beautiful beautiful day my friend

Cassandra Moy says:

This is great info. I’m always searching for unique ways to make passive income this is awesome. Thank you so much!

HealthWealthKnowledge says:

you inspire me when you say “let’s get it, let’s go” lol

Adrian Video Image says:

Thanks Leader! Going to try it.

Freedomreachers Store says:

you a freakin beast BRO

Myra Dominguez says:

Guys I swear I just got free $3564_real money from this_amazing website>>>>freepplmoney.win/?sbNO96 Try once.


awesome video like always keder

Nicolae Ursu says:

I know someone who has 500 domains for sale, sold 3 for $10000

francesca epps says:

Whois.com is the website thst will tell you who owns a website. Some of the sites are registered as private and will only show you the expiration date and where they bought their domain name from

kahina seggar says:

Good video, chow us how you set up to make a sell

Baurice Amel Njamen says:

Great video

NextDeal Shopping says:

I’m loving your value

Pooja Tare says:

2:54 Funny Expression!

Leo Di says:

Thank you for this video, now nor and more domains will be taken up thanks to you. And it will be even harder to start a business…

Michel Hernandez says:

Dude nice shirt.

Andrew Jacoby II says:

Any recommendations for resources (websites) to research industries/ideas that are getting ready to blow up so you can look into domains pertaining around that industry/idea?

Kenneth Wright says:

Sound great but you didn’t explain how to make sure what happened to you never happens again

01wolvesman says:

The audio on this video is so horrible! All the echoing hurts my ears!! It would be awesome if you could work on bettering your sound/audio quality on your videos!

MK-Kingsley says:

hey keder

Larry Kenyon keep learning says:

big thanks for doing what you do you are helping change my life keep it up buddy!!

Freddy S Bailey says:

Great valueKeder

Abdul Rahim says:

Great strategy.. I will start this Keder..Thanks

francesca epps says:

I know a guy that sold Mathew Knowles a name when Destiny’s Child first started out

George Chamoun says:

Hello Keder, I like your videos and info and watch many other famous online expert marketers. However, for the last 10 years, i have been looking for one answer that no one mentioned yet. The question is, how do I decide my niche to blog, make videos, talk about.. Everyone talks about the starting point of being famous, well known, and have audience with email list… What if someone starting today. How do people know what they should talk about? Thanks.

Nikkie says:

Where can i get the step by step course?

Andrew J. Calhoun says:

Written on the board directly behind his head. Fast Paste? Yep this guy is definitely worth taking advice from.

Michael Quintana says:

Nice vid. Keep it up.

Stacey Que says:

Loved the video and you are always willing to share your ideas, that says a lot about your character. Full of energy and inspiring.

Um Zewalk says:

What’s up Kedder!!!! Been following you for a while and you always give invaluable information. Shout out to the family….

Surya Info Tech says:

Hello this online passive income can be possible in nepal

Michael Maddox says:

Your voice is annoying 🙁

Bashir Hussein says:

Thanks Keder great help indeed.

Rezeq Alhourani says:

Thanks keder , great tip

Alesia Robinson says:

Always enjoy your videos. I learned about this a few years ago and it had slipped my mind. Got to get on this because I need it the income while I’m here in grad school. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for sharing. I shared your video as well.

Ava Greaves says:

thank you Keder

Let's Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA says:

Some good points Keder, great video. I’ve found a lot of passive income ideas to be good businesses but not quite as passive as I thought. Blogging is a good example. It can be semi-passive after a few years because you’ve built up the Google search traffic but you still have some maintenance to keep traffic steady. I like self-publishing as probably my most passive form of income. It takes a few months to produce a book and set up a good launch but after that, your Amazon advertising spend is usually enough to keep the books ranked and get organic sales.

El-majidi Morade says:

in fact that’s why most domains with .com are not available, thanks Keder for the content .

Passport Kings says:

Great Video.

John Loggins says:

Is An Annuity For Me..?? .. https://tinyurl.com/annuity-buyer-seller .. How To Get Monthly Payments For Life .. Guranteed.}

Reginald Perry says:

Hey how do you register your domain to sell on godaddy ?

Bradley Welch says:

That gift card got you a new sub. As a new college student I’m looking to be an entrepreneur. I know absolutely nothing before looking at your videos and more a month ago. keep up the great job man. I really and truly appreciate you!!!!!!

Andreas Monsen says:

Nice vid 😀

Li An says:

Best video and best channel ever!!!!!!!

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