Exactly how I make Passive Income in Real Estate [Single Family Houses]

Here’s exactly how I make over $160k in passive income from real estate. ***P.S. Checkout this iCloud spreadsheet as you watch for more details*** goo.gl/i9ktUv — A MISTAKE IN THIS HAS BEEN CORRECTED 4/25/2018

People often wonder how to make passive income in real estate and quickly discount many options due to the lack of ‘apparent’ cash flow. Watch this video for some real insight information on principal pay down, tax benefits, market appreciation, real estate deductions, and more.

We’ll also show you exactly what the mortgage statements are on these houses.

Of course, I’m not a financial advisor or CPA, so if you need financial or accounting advice, contact such an advisor.


Sam Laster says:

Every one looks great in a rising market.

Andres Alemany says:

I’m definitely hitting you up in the future. I trade stocks but I’d want to be trained by you on how to get rental properties and create passive income. The more streams of income you have the better. I don’t even care if I have to buy them and then fix them to finally rent them.( is there any way I could dm you? I have an idea I’d like to share with you)

Adrianne Cooper says:

This is so good!

Jared Correa Fitness says:

Awesome content. Definitely my goal

Adam Gottschalk says:

Can you do a video on how to work these numbers if you only have one rental property? Like when you’re getting Started?

Abitamim Bharmal says:

Sigh. All the real estate agent protectionism makes it cruel to buy and sell without paying large fees.

Plasma Production says:

I have been repeatedly watching this video.

Elena Velasquez says:

I just found your channel and subscribed because of this video! It was very informative and I’m grateful that you broke it down with real numbers. I’m a RN but want to get into real estate to build generational wealth so I thank you for your advice!

bluewker says:

How is principle paydown considered income? You are converting a liquid asset into property – not a net increase.

Overloaded Entertainment says:

This is an amazing concept but are these tax rules only in the U.S.? I live in canada so?

David Torgerson says:

you’re brilliant mate, thanks for the truth

Alex Kou says:

Hey guys. To take advantage of these tax benefits, do we have our rentals under a company?

dustovshio says:

would you rather have two small houses or one larger house worth twice as much if they had the same cap rate?

Amir Kazemi says:

use a whiteboard Kevin…..youre throwing alot of numbers out there…makes it hard to follow along. what do you think of Las vegas Real estate….lower taxes overall.

HammerBro says:

How do you have 40k-60k to begin with for down payments?

james sabourin says:

Would u be willing to give me a copy of ur excel sheet

Ashley Rudland says:

No disrespect dude but the passive income is $13k not $160k. I understand your structure and it’s a great video. But all that matters is return on capital (just using cash-on-cash return, not appreciation). Excluding all these other figures forces you to focus on cashflow and everything else is a bonus. If you compare your deals with return on capital you’ll see they are actually not that performant. The reason Grant Cardone uses this measurement on every deal is back to Buffet – compounding. Nearly no-one actually understands the power of exponential growth. If you source only deals that provide 26%+ cash-on-cash return you’ll be doubling your capital every 3 years. Many people are applying this model in the UK and building very large portfolios in reasonable short periods of time (5-10 years) without leveraging more than 75% loan to value. This is one of the biggest misunderstanding of capital allocation. Peace.

bluewker says:

Tldw: on a 2.5 million dollar asset, he pays his mortgage with his rent, makes 13k in rent profit, makes 50k in tax benefits and adds an appreciation of 3pct (75k).

Nothing revolutionary or news here.
The trick is saving enough to start the purchase of a single family home to rent out.

Ian Anderson says:

What did you net on the $13,000?

Count DaMoney says:

Why not… let me, a subscriber, give you a heads up to something critical.
Go buy yourself 500 or 1000 1ounce silver coins; American eagles, Canadian maple leafs, it doesn’t matter.
If you have any idea about what a $21 trillion dollar (and growing) debt will result in, if you have any idea about the money printing that has happened, if you have any real idea about what actual true money is (no, not currency), if you have any idea about what will happen the instant China (perhaps in combination with Russia) announces how much gold it has, if you have any idea what the next financial correction (which will make 2008 look like a picnic) will do to all of your tenants… you will perhaps listen to me.
Buy a bit of silver, which at today’s prices, is affordably/insanely cheap compared to this fiat currency stuff, and you can thank me later.

Kate Hodges says:

For some reason he reminds me of Ryan renolds

Sean Zhao says:

I have a question for you. How are you able to get that many loans? are there any good no doc loans out there

Josh Perkins says:

Whats interest expenses?

Zalmoxis says:

Buddy, I need to know more!

heon montes says:

Great video. Very informative and perfect timing . I plan to buy my 1st rental property soon and doing my homework . Thanks for the help ! Do you have any videos regarding rehabbing loans ?

sweeter_science83 Franciotti says:

Have you applied for an LLC? If so, wouldn’t that lead to better tax benefits?

CreakerGMS says:

finally man real fucking information with real numbers, not any “you can learn more with my book/course below” every 5 seconds

johnny walker says:

So your idea is to spend bank credit using your asset as secured collatetal rather than spend your earned cashflow?

Vince OE says:

watching you and graham has inspired me so much, it lights a fire in my soul!

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