Exactly How I Make Six Figures Passive Income With Kindle Publishing

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Darren Timcoe says:


Grey Shake says:

is there a company I can pay to rank my book for me?

Diana says:

Hey can i still do this even if I don’t live in US because i live in Greece ?????

Rui Candeias says:

Hello, great video! Is there a way that I can add videos to a Kindle Book showing how certain exercises are done?

Ramon Heard Jr says:

Do you open a c corp or Llc with each kdp acct?

VCTRFS says:

How many books was in that 1 account?

TheHypnowill says:

Looking into the K Money Mastery program, in this video you say you do not want the competition but wouldn’t your product do just that? Not a hater, love your stuff and thinking about diving in to the kindle publishing, just curious. Thanks and keep up the great info.

Don Winslow says:

Thank you for sharing this excellent presentation.

Jhonatan Torres says:

Can i get k money mastery and make a passive income if i don’t have any experience before and i’m a complete newbie in all this? and how much money would i spend in outsourcing some of the tasks like writing the book and so on? I´m really desperate i don´t know what else should i try..

Doug Martin says:

Let me rescind my last comment. Maybe I should have waited to speak with their support before commenting. I DO have access to the sites that will write your ebook for you. SORRY!

Chris Hunter says:

I just started on this self-publishing journey with my book “Engaged To Be Murdered” now available on amazon.com What are some tips in driving sales for my book?

adib faisal says:

as a writer should I write my books depending on a particular subject or I’ll write books about verious subjects

Diona Chin says:

Thanks for the information! But I have a question, Does Philippine Country can enter this kind of Business? Or just an U.S.A?

John Jordan says:

Thanks for the video and info! If you want to work on publishing/promoting an ebook for someone and they don’t have any money to pay you at first what would you take as a cut? I know some may start by charging hundreds or thousands and then take 30%. What is a ballpark average if no money is transacted at first?

YourBestChess Now says:

quick questions …Kindle does not cash you out for a small amount of money (until the title earns $100 I believe). So if you have 100s of titles is it not possible that you could be waiting a very long time to ever receive a check ?

Joel Steeves says:

Does anyone know if Stefan collects most of his income in USD funds/bank accounts and converts to usable CAD funds?

Galu Gama says:

Hi Stefan, I am confused, please explain when I buy the K money mastery does that include as well how to write the kindle book? or do I have to buy that separate? Please advice, Thank you. 

Apex Unit says:

Hey, my friend Anthony makes really nice Kindle Ebook covers, it’s like $5 and you get 3 professionally designed covers… You should check it out 🙂 

Tim .Chung says:

Hi Stefan, will I be able to use your program to make money if I reside in Canada?

Profit365System.com says:

Passive Income is always great. Its like an early retirement!

Venting Show says:


What are your thoughts on Draft2Digital??

Wes Walton says:

hey Stefan! Just wondering what you think about using other distributors such as itunes and barnes&noble?Their royalties seem pretty similar to amazon and having multiple platforms just seems like a safer option to me (of course I haven’t tested it myself as I’m still in the creating products stage).Is it just not worth the time?Would love to hear why! 

claudia sofia says:

I have the idea of the book but I have difficulties “making it look pretty”, I have tried several software programs but nothing makes it look the way I want it, problem is that it is an educational video so I need a lot of drawings, boxes, fonds etc. so it keeps visual interest and reads easy. Any suggestions??, thank you!.

michael read says:

My only question is, what about copyright. When someone writes something for you and then you publish it as your own. Can they sue you?

SergeantSaltyDawg says:

Is it advisable to publish through both Kindle and (for example) Smashwords?

Honey Pot says:

I Like you !!  I’ve subscribed !!
I appreciate your openness
Best to you

terriesmith1981 says:

How many books did you have in that one kdp account?

Moises Melgar says:

+projectlifemastery Hello My name is Moises Melgar I’m from Honduras I have 15 years old and I want to know how to make money online at my age or doing something else please help me how can I make it !!! Thanks Everyone !!!

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