How Do I Make $2,000 A Month On Passive Income?

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In this video I answer a question about how to make passive income from a book and a blog.


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AdSense Success says:

so i disagree with you that the guy with job interview blog can’t make $2000 off ads with decent traffic … 1 – job ads are good CPC, and in my opinion it’s all about ad placement. If you really get 100k visitors / month you should be getting few grand of AdSense alone .. so you just have to move your ads around … as for the job interview guy – he can also do lead gen and sell those job leads = easy money! All he needs is traffic

Cookie503 says:

Good stuff, keep’em coming!

Isak Rizell says:

Thanks for the real case feedback! I was wondering if you can advice some reading on the subject of passive income? Best! Isak

Brendan Mace says:

I’ve seen a few people trying this!

ledzeppeman says:

New subscriber looking at old stuff. You make great content sir. You’re really good at motivation.

Sumit Arora says:

Thanks John for providing such a nice guidance.  your answer is interactive and truly wonderful. you talked on the serious points and those points makes complete sense. I really appreciate your reasonable explanation. 

Aurelian Spodarec says:

What I’m doing is I’m reading a book, say 30pages a day, and after I write a blog post on what i read. Other thing is i watch vidoes, and i have my own brain as well lol

But my action is horrible, today I woke up at 8:30, thats good, improvement from 10 over few weeks.. but when i woke up.. i stayed in toiled 3hours.. missed breakfast, then i coudn’t eat the whole breakfast now, eh lol but im gonna keep ttrying it, i know that i need to eat straight away when im out of the bed, or whatever is that i want to do, without going to girls stuff..

Experiments and failtures are good.. im learning from them, though, i can’t wait till when i actually wake up and eat lol tomorrow.

I have 24/7 for me. Discipline. People that have work they go to work and they must go. I don’t. But i want to do this. I got two months free. I got swimming for two months, and gym which i can’t lift weights because of my joints.. but i can do other stuff in gym, like rowing.

Lol sometimes when i write this comments.. lol i need to start making vidoes , like right now, open cam and start talking, some day never comes.

take action lol do something lol evne if it’s horrible

im kinda writing to my self now lol

Articles and vidoes is a great therapy 😀

Robert Bird says:

I really appreciate you explaining this topic, what steps someone needs to take to accomplish making $2000 a month via a blog/website. It’s all about content, but then, how you make that available to your audience and make money from it, is not easy, especially since so much content is available for free. It’s hard work and you have to gain trust/desire from your audience to make them wanting to subscribe/purchase to your product/service. Great applicable advice.

Aurelian Spodarec says:

My english isn’t the best, but im planning to write and article every day in summer, since id have 24/7 free time. While i make mistakes, it’s okay at first right?

Youtube Jarred says:

I like your Zelda hat

Chris Stephens says:

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