How I make $1500 of Passive Income Each Month

In this video I break down how I make $1500 of passive income each month!

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OSRS Samual says:

Well done Brandon, you have kept me motivated, I am getting about $240 ish a month with passive income. Feels great

Brandon Beavis Investing says:

Btw where did you get that Teachable lower third from? Any chance you’d be willing to pass that along? It looks great

THISGUY158 says:

Please dont up the course, I really want to purchase it but I’m swapped with work and uni and family. Semester finishes in 2 weeks then I’m all into building my portfolio.

Love the videos and your raw perspective. Your one of few youtubers that are still real.

vishnu chander says:

U r a honest person. Like you buddy



ben mills says:

Great Video Brendon passive income is the key to making more money.

lerojo says:

Do you have to supply the shirts? Or is it just the designs?

trent7893 says:

Good video Brando, you should think about making a red bubble tutorial video/series. I’m sure many people will be interested

El nato says:

What about your affiliate links through amazon in the description, theyre a great passive income stream when you get a larger following, awesome video btw been thinking of starting a similar thing out with youtube, also a fellow aussie mate.

HoHum says:

Why do you do dividend reinvestment plans? The thing I hate with those plans is that you can’t choose what price they get reinvested at. You could be overpaying the intrinsic value of the business.

Catherine Lusins says:

By selling T-shirt’s that way, do you have to have an ABN?

plum juice says:

great video mate

dirknicholas says:

Nice man, didn’t realise you even had a course until now, 10 BUCKS!!! What a steal, can’t wait to get into it 🙂

henry michal says:

some very good ideas Brandon.

PaulAllann says:

Feel like posting a link to your t-shirts?

Sam Jones says:

I haven’t done it yet but, depending on the condition of your car you can get companies to advertise on your vehicle as you drive to work shops etc…I think it’s about 200 a month or so?

Financial Investor says:

Nice 🙂

Drew Lats says:


Julia Of All Trades says:

Thanks for sharing Brandon!
Very inspiring! 🙂
Going to buy your $10 course! 🙂

Michael Taylor says:

How about bank interest and dividends?

Jarrod Barr says:

What happened to your other video on Phil town? Can’t seem to find it now

Jatin says:

“I dont buy toys like drones”
*Shows drone footage at end of video*

Financial Thesis says:

Awesome video!! What about affiliate marketing through your Amazon links does that do well??

Sean Lynch says:

Love passive income & your transparency Brandon! Keep up the good work! You’re killing it bro

Brandon Beavis Investing says:

Thanks for sharing man. Can always learn from others when it comes to making money online.

Harrison Hoven says:

Love your videos man I’m 20 and really wanting to start now while I’m young

Vasek Vrbensky says:

Dude, you should be charging 100 times more for your course… Get into high ticket sale

Joshua Williams says:

Hey mate, great video as always! I was just watching one of your older videos regarding earning money online and you mentioned having previously setup a Shopify store. What is the process required to get that up and running?

Getbigordietrying86 says:

how many times did you say passive????

Oz says:

Mentions that he doesn’t spend money on drones and then finishes video with drone footage 🙂 Great vid. Thanks for sharing.

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