How I Make $5,000 Passive Income Per Month

Today we talk about how I make $5,000 in Passive Income per month. This video will help you with how to make passive income. It will also help you understand what is passive income. Enjoy!
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M Stewart says:

THIS FRIDAY! What do you think the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT will be from KOMODO Coin (KMD) traded on the crypto exchange?

Financial Education says:

Who makes passive income? Who has goals to make passive income? Share

GabakUSA Free computer training says:

here it is my other channel 😉
see if you can make videos about passive income doing other than youtube 😉
what about dividends from stocks etC?

mikeygames says:

so you say i should make porn cus its my passion?

45138449 says:

You deserve more, you’re great!

GreatestStory EverTold says:


Hold Strong Battle Tested says:

I will take the bad month 5k I can handle that for a bad month.


Never trust a guy with a v neck and a mustache.

Troy Crum says:

That haircut.. that stache…. I trust him.

Brit Gibbs says:

I want to become good at making passive income as well.

Rachel Storm says:

The you going

Mavis Smith says:

What happens when a YouTube Red subscriber watches, who will never get presented with ads? Does that help or hurt?

Lachlan Roberts says:

l23783612 use this code on app nana for 2,500 free nanas

Brett Junkins says:

Bro ur book Is like 10 pages relax

Theresa Kidd says:

Damn. I’ll stop skipping now.

bbkatabok says:

Thank for the motivational boost. I’m super passionate about making rap/singing instrumentals 😀 NEVER GIVE UP THE HUSTLE .

Max Pell says:

That’s great but what if your camera shy? I hate myself in videos, so shame you don’t give another option.

Jason . Donoghue says:

All those how to make passive income videos are all the same. From you tube and kindle books but 90% of income comes from aids fuck off

Nathan Glessing says:

I’m 13 not 50

Brandon Adams says:

Clicked for the money, stayed for the V-neck

Ezekiel Washington says:

I’m a 13 year old. I just prepare for stuff. Taking notes. Thanks for the advise. I like your channel

Hold Strong Battle Tested says:

E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing is the future it’s going to get even bigger Video Msrketing,alot is to going to Mobile phones I’m all in.

GabakTech - Cursos de Computación y Tecnología says:

I have passive income in my channel too I have over 190k subs and it is a tech Channel in Spanish
now I made other tech channel in English GabakUSA and I am getting passive income too.
but I like to have a backup plan just in case youtube explode
real state is the other way to go 😉

igo0di says:

Cut the mustache bro

whmozart says:

I like this channel. Very insightful!
Should I open a bar or a pizza place? Should I try to sell something new in the food market (like empanadas)? I’m very curious about the idea of starting my own business and what it implies. Do you have any insight on that?

Jovarx says:

Ummmm, youtube is not passive income, if you dont make video you dont get paid.

Audi S5 /// says:

yeah just do youtube and talk all the shit you want this dude gets all his income in youtube

Sergey Pupko says:

That’s it. I’m not skipping any more ads. I watch a lot of YouTube and I love the content and the people putting out the content are passionate about it and put in hours of work just to put out a video. I don’t want to rob anyone of what they deserve for the work they put in.

a64750 says:

then any accumulated market loss is not real, unless ur loss exceeds 60,000 after 1 year or 30,000 after 6 months, etc…

James Hurt says:

Can you run ads and post affiliate link in same video.. I just started affiliate program with Amazon, and I use ads from YouTube as well, Thanks for your time.

Jón Darri Reehaug says:

You know what the funny thing is?
I’m 13…

U.S.A. 1776 says:

I’ll start watching ads for you : )

The Vegan Island says:

I don’t understand how you make $5,000 per month from Youtube commercials if your total views add to 3,500,000. And 1,000,000 views is avrage $1,500.

The Panopticon says:

How much money to you get from shilling GoPro?

Torpedo Gamer says:

Can you sub to me

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