How To CREATE PASSIVE INCOME For REAL [No Joke] [No Scam] Examples Given

☯ SAVE 80% ➜ Where your real education begins. Here we discuss how to change your life for the better by developing a business model that suits the life you want to live.

Advanced Internet Marketing – ➜

Starting a business to make money is not a bad thing, but having a business you hate is a very bad thing! I strongly push you to start a business that makes you happy as well as money.

We only talk about business here. Trolls, haters, and negative comments will be blocked. This space is for people who want to change their lives through the power of the free markets!

I give you the breakdown on how to start any business.

Whether it is online or offline, I can help you. You got to have something to sell and someone who is going to buy your thing. That part of a business is never going to change!

☯Watch the – HOW TO START A BUSINESS FAST Playlist –

When you start a business, many doors open up for you in life. One being freedom of choice. You may be working hard, but you choose to work hard for yourself. You make the choice to control your destiny!

Yes, you can start a business online for nothing, and it is going to be much harder than people tell you! I suggest you keep your job and work on your business after work.

To help you with your business development goals I have a few resources for you.

☯Hustler’s Kung Fu LifeSkills- this is the place for the new hustler. If you never had a business before this is the spot for you. I teach you the skills that allowed me to go from being homeless to a business owner.


☯Everything in Hustler’s Kung Fu DoJo which is where the most intensive courses are, you can buy all the courses there ( except YFB/DC) for $199.–$199

☯Everything on both training sites (exceptYFB/DC) $299 –

So this is how it works.We will set you up and email your login credentials or add the courses to your dashboard.

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Currently, we are booked.

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♛ Founder and Chief Kung Fu Developer

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Dare 2 Dream Network says:

Hello bro! My name is Michael McCain, I would like to collaborate with a blog or interview. Please let me know if you have the time or are open to the idea!



Kei Smith says:

Hey Glendon…I just found this vid and it’s the bomb. Are the19 skills mentioned in the beginning still free? I clicked on the first link but it’s listing a price for $199.99

OFF2theGYM says:

24 minutes wasted broken down into one sentence. “Create something, build something, being something. An buy these books.”

R. Sheedah says:

you opened my eyes to a whole new world!new sub here,keep up the good work..

kyle watts says:


RealestRealist says:

Shit is real, idiots, I always told people “this ain’t gradeschool”
.. I started when I’m twelve years old . wasn’t my parents idea . didn’t have no mentor . didn’t have anyone holding my hand . all I was trying to do was descramble pay television channels to see naked women since I was so young and hadn’t seen many .. meanwhile that turned into my first business . Bam . just like I was making a LOT more than ANYONE my age back then- people who don’t shun reality today are making more than YOU are . Same thing . funny how I still know how to take initiative and make decisions and get shit done, to this very day .. .. or is it .. .. all of these lazy ass little pussies better get reality based in their brain before it’s too late

Laticia Coy says:

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Xian lee says:

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jay tee says:

this was some good shit!!! thanks man

Andrew Haygood says:

I like your idea for a $50mil investment, but what would give you the most bang for say a $25k investment?

Drewnashleigh says:

this fool is like adults build shit…. if I hit the lotto lol get out bro damn

Badhon Ebrahim says:

i feel like ive learned something…

chauncman2k5 says:

do you have any self publishing books or ebooks videos?

intaste pr says:

Bro did you have skype


the hustle is real

ochgottnochma says:

Passive income works best by making PASSIV INCOME YouTube videos with lots of affiliate links in the video description.

John Aquarius says:

i have these ideas but i always have issues making the right connections

Tae Lockett says:

Great info..still taking notes!

James Burnfin says:

like all the vids you put out , positive motivational an i thinkit gives people direction its really good allot of u tube so called help advice seems concerned on promoting something or someone else something else not real this is real 100 percent i have a small store an i work every day and i belive its a good thing what your doing its motivating helping inspireing all people an its really good advice . keep up being you doing what you do its real its positive

Willie Mathews says:

It’s a amzing site for make money online .
Just Search Google ; Jifshan Easy Money System

Random TV says:

So it’s all going back to KDP :)) Nice, thumbs up :))

Exceptional & Powerful Jahim says:

I have what i believe to be a very good idea, i called your 404 # and left a message, the name is jahim. call me if you can, I need to learn more about licensing.

Titan T says:

Thanks for the lecture man you spoke the truth thanks

smp077 says:

Great Video. Thank you!

Alex Torres says:

LMAO, I left this on cuz i listen to people talk while i do other things, then i cam back in the house, and i heard the dick analogy, had me DYING,

Jesica Walker says:

You think clearly and express yourself well. Im going into natural health, being out of the matrix.

Gold Banking Specialist says:

I’m looking for business partners. Our company operates in 120 countries. Let’s connect!

Donia Gonzales Copeland says:

Great information. TY

theostayszen says:

brilliant video. thank you for this info and for free.. at such a low point of entry such as youtube. right here for everyone to take in. and to think that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mr.Lavelanet says:

Glendon, great video. I would love to talk to you more about your book and how your were able to sell it, and the advantage of self publishing. Please let me know the best way of contacting you. Take care.

taariq angus says:


patricia taylor says:

I clicked the 1st link. Didn’t see the Free 19 courses? I saw all paid courses

Tamika Danielle Ford says:

new to tour group. love ur advise, and ur ummm, choice of analogy. …..”stop riding some eleses DICK! AHAHAHAHAHA….but, smart man. in it to win it.

Mark Tines says:

Very good content.

P Chuck says:

Your video rocks! I’m building a website with a strong niche. It’s affiliate marketing, but I’ve know people who are successful. But you have giving me some ideas on building a business. What are your thoughts on affiliate marketing?

Mohammed Bashir says:

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James X says:

I couldn’t find the free content link, can anyone help me

chris damien says:

Not gonna lie I was a bit skeptical about your video but.. I needed that kick in the pants. Lol

Sylroe PS4 says:

I am an artist, song writer that doesn’t know what to do with my gifts or where or how to even get in.. this video has helped me a lot because I was one of those people that tried to use someone else’s dick to get in.. but now I am motivated to use my own dick and get out there and stick it to life . Thank you for the advice and I will be checking out your classes.

Passive Income Dude says:

really love that shit! i am on that hustle as well baby!

Anthony Sorrentino says:

This is inspiring with some humor added haha. Thanks Bro!

Eddie Gonzalez says:

So what do u do, then???
Examples and examples, 0 how, every YouTube vid ever

Bronson Perich says:

Here’s my gameplan G, and it’s about to pop off in the next week or 2.

1. Do weekly webinars to pre-sell lifetime membership site on how to turn an idea into a business.
2. Once site is launched, write a kindle book on the same subject.
3. Continue to repeat steps 1 & 2
4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 on the other membership sites that I want to build.
5. After building several (maybe like 5 or 6) niche membership sites, do webinars to sell lifetime passes to all of the sites
6. Write a kindle book on how I did it all.

I use Facebook ads and I will be using YouTube ads to bring traffic to my landing page where people sign up for my webinar.

My first Facebook ad brought me 7 visitors to my website, no conversion yet into a lead, but I started the ad campaign 10 hours ago or so, so we are still in baby stages.

I just wanted to say that your videos, books and courses helped me to do this – thank you.

Icekuul says:

Just subscribed…glad I came across you and yours.  Atlanta native myself (Decatur).  But, I am in Hawaii creating my own golf business.  I will look to contact you soon.  Been in a DOD capacity for some time.  That all comes to an end in February.  I want to get ready now…hope we can assist each other.  Aye!!!!

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