How To Create Passive Income || I made $1000 in one week doing nothing

Hey all you beautiful people. Today’s video is about passive income and how to get yours. As I mention in the video I make money every week doing nothing. I have created products that I sell and make money on. To check out my products and get some ideas for yourself you can take a look at the links below. I also have, at the end of the links, a link for my affiliate for the shoes I show in the video if you are interested.

Conor And Brittany:

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Marcin Widz says:

‘I’m passionate about those shoes’… ekhm…

xbe says:

Just skip to 4:25.

Odalys Villanueva Hernández says:

Thanks for this video! How do we find the video you mentioned about “how to create your audience” based on your experience and ideas?

Dane Logan says:

i am thinking about doing this with my music on youtube . i need some tips if you could please help?

Pike Bishop says:


I am asking the same question that another person has asked

“Hey Conor , so this video is a perfect time to ask the question that’s been on my mind. I am 23 and really would love to be a life coach or just help coach people in similar ways that you do. i know you said you’re trained for the therapy but do you have any other certifications to help people believe you know what you’re talking about? when i brought up my goals to people in my life they said I “can’t just go coaching people off of my knowledge and how i live” you don’t have any degreees or certifications , etc to make you credible. how do you feel about that? it’s understandable to have a life coach cert for some aspects of helping people, but to help people simplify their lives, i don’t understand why that would be necessary.’

I don’t believe you answered her.

Passive Income Dude says:

Working right now on it…Actually made $10 already! YAAY! 😀

Anna Musser says:

I have been sick with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (intensely, varying degrees for the past couple years) and without home for over a year. I know that I must make money to live healthy and travel somewhere healthy without mold and with a better climate. If you have any ideas cross your brain of something I could do, it would be appreciated. Lately I’ve been using my little good energy to care for gram with dementia, uncle recovering from heart surgery and Grampap and house, that being said, I normally physically lack energy necessary to earn cash that I can find. Again I more than appreciate any ideas that you might have, Conor! Thank you for the good videos. They have helped me make it more of backpacking in Italy practice rather than just only not having a house and job! Thanks for all that you do.

Duplicity Dispeller says:

priceless = it should, by rights, be free

Sally W. says:

Thanks a lot for this video! The more I get into different tips, opinions and ways to create something, the more I develop my own ideas for the future. So I would really like to hear something about the ways to reach an audience in a future video! 🙂

ronald roberts says:

So I just posted a comment regarding the xcoins platforms. had no idea that the sentence after the words f___l d_________ would have a strike through. Lesson learned

Passive Income Dude says:

Well reality is that in the beginning it is just collecting pennies, I have monitored the progress from day 1 till now (day 108) and i make around $1 a day. But hey! It is passiv income and it is increasing!

lestrange says:

I wouldn’t really say this income was for “doing nothing”. You had to create the product in the first place, which is not nothing. It takes some skill and work to make it, and not everyone could do it (or they wouldn’t need to buy yours). I mean a retired musician can get a royalty check for records they made 20 years ago but they aren’t getting paid for “nothing”. The original work took a great deal of work, potentially. I think by saying you make money “doing nothing” it kind of devalues the work/talent it took to make the original product.

Levlody Oleikedh says:

I will love to experience embracing what you will share about building an audience… thank you for this, very inspirational beautiful. <3

John son says:

Hey man I’m new to the chanel and I’m wondering what you think about selling your stuff you create through a site like amazon compared to creating a website and selling your things through that? Also this is an awesome video! spent so much time pausing and rewinding to write stuff down! Thanks for the great content!

Felicia Follum says:

lol I make about $3 a month on YouTube and I feel pretty good about that….haha I just do it for fun…

Anna Musser says:

Hey, I think this is a good video. I have been out of work since last October due to intense health issues that I am still working on and trying to figure out. it is chronic fatigue syndrome/ Myalgic Encephalomyelitis where the government sweeps it under the rug and make VERY light of it. male pattern baldness gets like 13 billion in funding compared to our maybe 3 billion per year. so many are too ill and broke as it destroys one’s life to make to protests so they send in their shoes. I have started to mainly have a basis of fruits and spinach. I live in central PA and everything is getting harder in the winter. thanks for your ideas. I am working on growing, bettering myself as well as working through really messed up thought processes that were jammed in to mind mind in a weird life growing up. I am lacking so much energy and health and in very much pain even though I am no longer constantly bedridden like last year. I need to write about the illness, drum through shoulder pain and paint but I really need to find a way to make a living. I had saved up to backpack across Italy from minimum wage work however most of that haa now been spent taking care of my sick self, and I still don’t have a home, moving from friend’s and family’s couch all around my home town can be rather exhausting. anyway, any ideas on any of this that you have I would really appreciate it! I want to start meditation again. any tips? for any of it, really!! Thank you!

Flo Ferns says:

I like the way you say about starting products, am thinking same but not your competitor but like to do so how do I start? could you give me how to do this? appreciate your help 🙂

Nomadic Margs says:

Great video, brotha! Been looking more into passive income…I see an ebook is in my future!

Survive and Thrive as a MGTOW says:

thanks for the info man

Derrek Sainz says:

Great FREE advice. Now I feel comfortable with a fair exchange to buy your eBook and check out your other offerings. Nothing better than a mutually beneficial exchange. Win, Win, Win

Celeste D says:

Making money off people who are desperate, yes…that is passive income!

Frank ALLEN says:

Say something of substance

William & Sarah Tieu says:

this video has got me started on my own journey of creating a passive income ! check out my journey on my channel! keep up what you doing man 🙂

Agnes Anonymous says:

I’m obsessed with xero shoes. They have changed my life.

brandice says:

loved it!

Debra Goring says:

Yes, how to market products, build an audience would be good info too. Plus how much it cost to buy the camera equipment, etc, set up a website, etc. Thanks! :O)

TriangleHat says:

mate, i agree we shouldn’t work so much, but it’s impossible if we all aimed for that, buildings, clothes, meals,people are working to make those things

Vip Keys says:


Hoddy228 says:

such an inspirational video to be watching right before going into a new year, thank you for sharing.

ghostPepper says:

this fag strikes me as lazy

Andrew Rubio says:

thanks for the video brotha. totally resonated with me especially in this time of chaos.. btw, what festivals do u go to to do your workshops?

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