How to Create Passive Income – Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Animated

Part 2 of the Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki video series. I cover some of the ideas from the Rich Dad Poor Dad book that were not covered in the last Rich Dad Poor Dad video.

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kriz clav says:

very nice….thats what we call wisdom

Gulam Ali says:

Retire Rich Retire Young

Rachel Elizabeth says:

Iv just finished reading the book rich dad poor dad and found it very inspiring. Iv been interested in building passive income for a while now but I don’t have anyone as a mentor as you suggested. By reading books and watching YouTube I am hoping to learn from these sources. I don’t want to live the life of a rat race.

Mayur Humne says:


Ppjr Ppjr says:

Wish I had someone to tell me about this when I was a teenager instead of chasing tail and thinking your a big shot now it gets harder when you get older I will keep on going to make my life better thanks…

Khaleej Kha says:

this is my storey…. 🙂

Rhododendro says:

John can also hire someone xD

Mani Kiriti says:

appreciate that man nice demonstration.. liked it

IUWEUS says:

thanks 🙂

Mark Caudill says:

I am a Robert Kiyosaki fan and I really like your video, the who point of building a system the continues to provide you with a stream of cashflow is something that a lot of people do not understand and should be taught to us early in life. Building an asset the provides cashflow is what the rich do and can be done by anyone with the right mindset. Thanks for making this nice educational video.

Klevi Pecollari says:

Parable of the PIpeline. Another version of it.

Duane Y. says:

video made or posted in 2016, but guy mentions new jordan shoes….that was a ways back..i remember those days…not picking on video it is very good….that statement just stood out to me

Roberta Rodriguez says:

i will start making a water tunnel in my town tomorrow, right?

Ray Kelenda says:

Thanks for the video

Creative Mania Pvt Ltd says:

Good work…. me too reading Rich Dad and it has helped me think different after doing a company for 7 years in “S “quadrant… keep up good work buddy

Your Helper says:

Hey PlZz make a video on how teenagers can earn passive income….

Aayush Agrawal says:

how to find a mentor?

Eden Tan says:

Good job in illustrating one of the chapter from the book! Keep it up bro!

Gopala Krishnan says:

but this is the same concept people use to exploit resources of earth and then go around lecturing on a great world of opportunities. ….eventually big fish eats small fishes….even business guys and investors live in fear dont they

Michael Lam says:

how do you find a mentor tho

apteryx01 says:

Is there passive income in beating the living shit out of every human being on our planet? Wow, that would be so cool! Just think how surprised they’d be! And if you could make money at, too! OMGOMG this is so good!

Abhishek Agrawal says:

very good explanation

Sean Nguyen says:


Kenny Yoshitoya says:

John could have hired someone as well, doesn’t make sense. John could have made Uber for water

kylie mitchel says:

Nice video but how do I get a mentor?

Flash Tech says:

this is an old example

heystirke300 says:

I can’t deny the vid is informative but it doesn’t actually match the title…

AdamSpice says:

Great Video…Lets get out of the Rat Race

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