How To Escape The Rat Race (Create Passive Income)

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Want to escape the rat race? In this video blog, I share how to escape the rat race and start making passive income. So many people are trapped in making money by exchanging their time for money. This is a trap, because it doesn’t allow you to become financially free. The way OUT of the rat race is to create passive income streams that cover your lifestyle expenses.






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Benjamin Piorkowski says:

Hey +Project Life Mastery I really like your content!  Keep it up

highflierlol says:

Hey! Nice videos ! enjoy watching them a lot and can i ask you a question : Will you explain what do you think abot these PICK UP GURUS out there? and do you think it’s a healthy movement explaining guys how to get laid more and generally be more confident with women?  Would love to watch a video from you on these topic!

nan kelly austin says:

Self employment is a lot of work-more than most imagine when they first dream of it.

John Coltrane says:

Stefan, can I make money on kindle books (amazon) beeing in europe ?!
Please, answer me.

J-Prod says:

I love your videos, blog and course because they are allowing me to get out of the rat race before even entering it ;). It’s an amazing experience to create passive income in high school, and I’m very happy I probably won’t ever have to be in the rat race. It’s interesting because we are set on the path to this race from a very young age. In school, you really learn to just put in the time, without any focus on performance.

This road to financial freedom is not just about money, it’s also deeper than that. I have learned that results matter before time, and this is absolutely crucial. Creating passive income is as much about the process as it is about the results, because you get better as a person while you do it. Your vision of the world also changes, and it’ll force you to really focus on what matter. For example, I have recently realized that I don’t really want to quit high school: I just don’t want to depend on it. So with passive income, I can just focus on having fun with my friends, and I know my financial life is pretty much taken care of.

jonatiino says:

Too much shaking mate.  Hurts the eyes.

Cliff Woodage says:

Awesome information… thanks man just what I needed to hear 🙂

Drew L says:

Stefan I was wondering if you could share how you found a high quality ghost writer. Do you stick with the same author or do you do tests multiple websites to find the best?

equalism 42 says:

Your idea of rat race and mine are at odds, I have been in each of your quarters and at no time do you ever escape the constant bills and demands on your time. If you are living on your investments you still have to work at those investments otherwise they will vanish in front of your eyes. In fact investments probably give you more worry lines as you keep more balls in the air juggling them to avoid share market crashes, changes to property investment laws that can wipe hundreds of thousands off the value of a negatively geared investment… is a juggling act.
Escape the rat race to me would be to find somewhere to go ferrral and be a self sufficient survivor somewhere right off the radar!

How To Market Online - Free Training Course says:

Yes. Just what I needed to hear again

Tiny Big Dreamer says:

Love this video, thanks!

VC132 says:

At the moment, I’m a poor college student and I won’t be able to afford passive income coaching until next summer of 2015.  Please keep this program around until then.

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