To my dearest people,
I am Iulia Tudor, and I am really just like all of you. I represent the same beating heart, the same pair of lungs, the same source of life and energy. I feel and believe that the world is really changing, and so are we. I am on a mission to awaken us to our inner light. It is time to ignite our full potentials. It is time to free ourselves from perceived constrictions. I hope to be that light. Truth is, we shine brighter together.
Join this journey of discovery, development, improvement, and empowerment. I welcome you, with arms wide open.

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nareshkumar govindan says:

very very useful to all

Spooly Beats says:

Finally a speaker that doesn’t give you that bullshit shark mentality. Dudes honest and very inspirational. Truth isnt easy but anything in life worthy doesn’t come easy.

David Harden IV says:

Wow thanks for posting. This information of creating value first was really educational.

Amit Kumar says:

Thanks, Dan 🙂 Fuc**ng Awesome

heather says:

I love you man….l ant giving you shit the biggest laugh for 2018…

Marsha Johnson says:


Mbaga Irenee says:

Wow this is the most realist lesson about success. Thank you DAN LOK. You are awesome

lifeisgood070 says:

what was the exercise?

maxima scott says:

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Pondor says:

This is one of the most transparent and valuable talks I’ve seen in a while. FANTASTIC.

John Loggins says:

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Drugofchoice M says:

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lolli poppy says:

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Priyantha Dimbukwalage says:


Max Eisenhardt says:

Thank you!!!!

Jermaine Roye says:

I love the subliminal message of his book lol


this reminds me of this short story
“Diogenes was knee deep in a stream washing vegetables. Coming up to him, Plato said, “My good Diogenes, if you knew how to pay court to kings, you wouldn’t have to wash vegetables.”
“And,” replied Diogenes, “If you knew how to wash vegetables, you wouldn’t have to pay court to kings.””

Susie Lisa says:

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Tasleem Javed says:

This video is for inspiring enterpeunors…. NOT for salaried employees who r planning to continue doing routine Job n create passive income…. ultimately he is trying to say do not create passion income create permanent source of income… invest in your self and create leverage income by employing others… personally I was not looking for that… Becouse what I want to continue my job n create secondary income… I really don’t want to start my business… anyways everyone has his own Vision n prospective


No entiendo muy bien si es una asamblea para que mediante trucos psicologicos las personas del público se crean lo que está diciendo el señor este, o realmente es algo de lo que se puede hacer caso. Por que no olvidemos que este señor que explica esto lo hace por dinero, no necesariamente directo, gracias a lo contento que quede ese público, su testimonio se propagara de boca en boca hasta sentirse satisfecho con la demanda publicitaria

Effervescent Meraki says:

SO MUCH VALUE! Thank you for sharing.

المعلم معلومي says: طريقة رائعة و ممتازة لاجاد المنتج الرابح

John Alhakary says:

Great speech!

Mike Pletz says:

great speaking! Such great things you talked about here!

Genuinebaz says:

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CryptoKid 比特幣小孩 says:

if this man did an youtube ad i wouldnt mind watching it….. this is the kind of stuff that should be shared.. not that tai lopez shit….

sports says:

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Good Luck.

Makarand Prabhune says:

You say people in North America have more gratitude and enjoy better life than people in India or China. Thats a very racist statement and hate your video for that.

Tommy Moy says:

Did not learn anything from this video as much as I try. What a waste of time. He simply twisted some words and gave a different definition, that was the whole video. Oh yeah some cursing to keep you awake.

Shashi Bhushan says:

starts at 06:20

SuperActivePM says:

This is my first YouTube comment. I’m very glad and appreciative that you have put up this informative video. It is a no B.S. approach to not only how to make money through value, but also to add that value to other people’s lives. In this day and age, different mediums(i.e. social media) paints the wrong picture in people’s minds regarding how to generate more income, however this video goes back to the roots of the human nature. When you add value in the society, the gratitude becomes your wealth and happiness follows.

hpopov says:

“How many things?” – what a moron

Coco Island Girl says:

Hey julia thanks for sharing this one of my favorites now

Hernan Medina says:

I like that dude lol

Lion Peace says:

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Alexandru Spasenie says:

I like his point of view, very interesting 🙂


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FamilyGuyOfficialVi1 says:

So “Passive income” really should be called “Active Passive income” Got it!

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