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nyamekym says:

I would like to invest into properties and appreciate it if you give me some crucial advice on how to do or start

Tony Eden says:

How does this work?

harry jones says:

Hi john, I have been in a new frame of mind for around 4 months now, yet I have always had this urge to work as hard as I can in anything I want in life. About a week ago, I came across investing in property and real estate. My name is Harry, I am from the UK and I am not sixteen years of age, yet I feel like I am striving to create success in my life a lot younger than the norm. I have a very large temptation to finish my A levels in two years and become an entrepreneur of some sort or be a real estate agent (I have thought deeply about university and I have learnt it isn’t right for me for any reasons). But, maybe you can tell from this message, I’m not too confident knowledge wise on investing, business or real estate. I guess what I am asking is how do I find a mentor? I would love to have you as a mentor but i am unsure of how this works and the money involved. Any reply with advice, or a personal message for business would be greatly appretiated, thanks.

The_Tenderizer01 says:

May I suggest investing (hah) in a pop shield? It’ll remove the attack and little pops you get when you make a p, s, or k sound.

Purpleiciousbabe says:

Oooo am so interested…
Helpful tips.
Been thinking of property for a long time.
I would like to  know more about the 3 day event…

Samuel Action says:

Hey how does a young person who has left education get into this? 🙂

pgl 32 says:

Does this course only apply to UK market? What about Switzerland?

kwabe Amoa-mintah says:

hi john. am interested to know more about your event. please reply me. great video.

Brendan Mace says:

Great video dude, you rock!

Jiron Cummings says:

Hello Mr. Lee, my name is Jiron Cummings. I am enlisted in the United States Navy and I was looking at your videos showing your story and how you achieved success. I just would like to start my life again but I would need to find a way to manage. Just message me back. Thank you.

little aden says:

What a rubbish talking just to take money from the course

Muskan Waqas says:


saldabbagh says:

Hi John! Your advice is amazing. I am interested in the 3 day event. thanks

Iram Sadiq says:

hi john,
is there any tips you know if you have really bad credit rating to ..well get a fresh start?

Chen Kevin says:

Sir John Lee.. if low budget can do invest property or not??

james ferguson says:

its so hard to find a house that positivley cashflowed

PRIME Kicks says:

My parents bought a home 2 years ago and the value went up 150k what should they do? Get the money and buy another property or pay half the house off?

DJSondberg says:

What is the advice on buying a barratt home 1 bed flat valued at 291k in Hendon, North West London…..Is it like throwing money down the drain….service charge on leaseholds and so on. I heard Barratt Homes sell their property well above the actual value of the property…..

The Onee-Chan Man says:

My right ear is lonely

Bar Works Investments says:

Nice video very inspiring

sunniep2 says:

Hey John Lee, I’m also very interested in how to invest in property and I’m more than willing to jump in with both hands so I would like to retrieve some advice on how to get started at my age of 20. I currently live in an area of the UK where property is extremely cheap hence I think there may possible be a lot of opportunity here.

Elmeilheuw song says:

Invest in plastic recycling and make profit hugely here ->

The Modern Investor says:

started investing in real estate 10 years ago, never regretted it for one single second. i think its nuts how many people dont invest in real estate or think theres something wrong with it. at the end of it all, theyre just leaving more property for someone else to scoop up

Extended Stay Tucson says:

#Joel Choi How does this work? @Joel Choi

Project Flimzzy says:

Thanks man for the advice im on 17 years of age and have an open mind to investing in property in the near future

John Lee says:

you have to have a valid YT account so I can reply to your message Jason.

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