How to Make $1,000/Day Passive Income! 2019

In this video, I share my story of how I make $1,000 per day in passive income in 2019. I’ve been obsessed with earning passive income for over 7 years now, and hopefully I can inspire you to start!

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If you’re new to my channel, my name is Odi and I’m an Entrepreneur, Music Producer, and Passive Income Expert. I first started by doing Amazon Associates affiliate marketing then branching out to other affiliate networks and more profitable niches. Affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income IMHO and has allowed me to live in my dream home and own my dream garage. Make sure to check out my other videos for more!

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SnipsndShottisFN says:

With real estate you can start off with wholesaling. You might need to buy bandit signs or make them

Jerry Jefferson says:

i use bing ads to promote kids toys

Which Way says:

Awesome vid. Please don’t take another 2 weeks to make another.

QueenSheba Blaine says:

Wow ..sir I just started affiliate marketing and somehow am stucked. Please I need help
.ur a great inspiration with uuu..I want u to be my mentor please

BYW - Build Your World says:

omg you just gave me a killer idea

Ethan Rose says:

hey ODi, i’m building my affiliate marketing business and like you said in the video to review expensive products is hard financially. I already reviewed the products I have but I want a company to send me products to review. Can you make a video on tips about contacting companies in order to receive products? That would be so helpful! Love your videos!!

M M says:

I hope everyone reaches their goals and get financial freedom this year!!

Ph. Muharram Surury says:

hey ODi, I am new to your channel I just subscribed. I have two questions and I am not sure if you will answer them or not, but anyway I will ask and hope that you answer. 1st: Does amazon associates work in my country “Yemen”? 2nd: Do I have to buy products to review them or I can review them in articles? and thanks!

Ivan Alvarado says:

Garage is cleannnnn!!!

László Dulai says:

Passive Income is starts to became my hobby … Thank you ODI again

Umran Shahid says:

Could you please give me your whatsapp no?

William Polly says:

Passive Income
The webinar link doesn’t work for me for some reason, do you have a direct link to the replay on WebinarJam?

Calvin Raab Personal Finance Videos says:

Great video with great insights!

Pentru Barbati says:

It would be awesome if you show what you promote evrybody shows big sales nobody tells this agical products that pay so much …. commision

TheEtrepreneur says:

when you click on FREE 2-Hour Passive Income Masterclass link, the access button to the course in that landing page is not working ODI. The paid version does.

Financial Freedom Style says:

Awesome content Odi! Congratulations to Jonathan making his first $1k day! Love the new mod for your Lambo! And can’t wait to have our next live stream in your PIL program!

Modern Accessory Review says:

Hey Odi, I’m glad your back on YouTube man! I am one of your original students from Affiliate Marketing Champ and I wanted to let you know that I have started to make my first recurring sales from my niche authority site! I am reviewing tech products. Its crazy how once I changed my mindset to focus on creating value for people everything changed. I truly thank you for giving your students and I so much value as well. I also noticed that in this video you were showing you and your students earnings and that is the click funnels affiliate dashboard. I am curious on how you have been able to get so many sales with click funnels. Did you create a website to get affiliate sales from click funnels? Thanks again!

Seyide Hundeyin says:

congrats jonathan

Jerry Jefferson says:

you inspire me so much

RubenE says:

You are a inspiration man, this year i’m not going to try everything and waste time like last year, all in on affiliate marketing

sglant says:

Excellent info!!! Cool recording website also. Great job!!!!

Anshu Kar says:

I missed u…ur a great motivator and implementor of ur ideas..

onewaylove says:

good to see you again ODI. You going away for a while actually proves you are enjoying a life of freedom through passive income

Crypto Junkie says:

what would be the best way to get ahold of you?

Kawika Fuller says:

Hey man I got a friend who placed and order through my link but he says it didnt use his amazon prime. Why is that so?

abraham byfield says:

Wow its nice to see you man reaching deeper in success. I’ve been watching you for a while since around 2017. I’ve have fallen short of the “Entrepreneur Motives”. Mainly because of struggles of life and curtain boundaries that occurred. Watching this video pushed a little hope that was lost towards the Freedom I needed. I appreciate the words and speech because a piece of me couldn’t let go of the sight of taking control over my life. Thanks for the Power! Also applause to your student Jonathan.

Derty Herry Films says:

Would love to begin learning this, good job disecting different angles of the business, i enjoyed your breakdown

Apii Mckinley says:

I signed up for the webinars but did not receive the link

Alexander Rios says:

Please more videos. Just more of you and who you really are. The inspiration give is worth money itself.

Jacob Kelly says:

Passive income is everyones goal. Trying to achieve it through my SMMA! Great video:)

Reevan Rodrigues says:

Hi Odi, nice to see you back in the YouTube videos. I don’t believe I watched you’re video @5:30am IST, normally I ready books as soon as I wake up but, when I saw your video I watched it and I actually watched whole for 50mins. I want to tell you that you influenced me to start a affiliate marketing business. Now I have my own website up and running. Big thanks to you. Although, I still haven’t made any sales through my website yet. But I believe I will be successful one day. I just wanted to thank you through this message.

Tide Pod says:

can u make a video for the step by step how to for example take a offer from clickbank or whatever, then show us how to advertise that link properly for example landing pages and funnels and such, it would be much more helpful

Jerry Jefferson says:

I also collect and create a email list of buyers that have brought and paid so i can continue to send them promotions and similar products and continue to grow that list

Asad Zeead says:

Brother How I can earn 100$ or more using instagram or facebook as a platform for affiliate marketing?

Mad Jack says:

But how do you get the products to review? You have to buy them??

Seth Barner says:

Odi, inspired by your massive financial success man. What would you say it is that separates you from so many other affiliate marketers out there?

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