How to Make a Passive Income Stream with YouTube

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1. Introduction – 0:00
2. Create a YouTube Account – 1:03
3. Enable Monetization – 1:33
4. Create an Adsense Account – 2:39
5. Create Content – 4:33
6. Become a YouTube Partner – 5:58
7. Conclusion – 6:32


Yasser Ghuloom says:

Thanks for the tip, really helpful and scam free

Fragilay says:

great video, but I just have one question?I have applied for a adsense account just yesterday and am waiting for a response back. if I am accepted will they ask for my paypal account? that way the money I earn go to there. I am just a little confused on where the money you earn goes

Joshua Bohorquez says:

Thanks dude that helped alot

Baylea O'Connor says:

This helped out so much, thank you it’s very much appreciated!

Md Siddique says:

Hi! Have you heard about – Namdela Passive Income (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my BF got amazing money with it. 

samuel youssef says:

can I associate a youtube channel, a blog and a facebook page to one google adsense account ??

kitonjic95 says:

This is all good and true, but it isn’t PASSIVE income.. you have to work and create videos 🙂

How to solve channel says:

When I do this, the more die wit.

Rezaul Karim says:

Here is a discount link for cb passive income:

Dragos Stanca says:

Hi, thanks for the video! You have got a new subscriber!

Sophie Alice says:

I’ve done it all and so far I’ve earned 70p that’s 70 pennies. Yay me,

gavin fitzsimons says:

you’re right about making consistent content, thats my problem, i need to produce so much more.

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