How To Make Money Online | Does Passive Income Really Work?

Making Money Online: Does Passive Income Really Work?
Passive Income is a popular topic right now, but a lot of people are skeptics or think is passive income real? So is Passive Income a Scam? Or is Passive income a real way to make money online?

As someone making Passive Income through YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, Merchandise, Blogging and other Passive Revenue streams, I can give you some insight on how you can approach Passive Income, how you can think about it in terms of mindset, and whether or not you can expect to make a living from it.

Some will tell you that Making Money Online is a pipe dream, or that its a dangerous fantasy. They will preach constantly that you should grind away at your job 9 to 5 and hold out for a pension.

What they don’t tell is that most of the large and medium sized companies in the world… probably including the one you work for… is probably making Passive Income right now.

That’s right, Corporations make Passive Income work every single day. It’s not just the one in a million loan wolves and the internet savvy doing it. In fact Passive Income may be a popular topic now, but it is nothing new.

Every video production company, publishing house, web hosting company and many types of businesses too numerous to name, are making passive income through their licensing of intellectual property, sales of intellectual property or digital downloads and their royalties. There are several ways you make earn Passive Income as well, you just have to start thinking of it in the right way.

Passive Income can provide you with multiple revenue streams, especially when it comes to making money online. You can use online advertising like Google Adsense to make Passive Income or you could use Affiliate Marketing through Ebay or Amazon.

You could Resell Web Hosting through Blue Host or 1and1 or Godaddy. You could also write an Ebook or Create an Ecourse. You could even make print on demand products to sell online and generate passive income that way.

To Learn More About Passive Income Checkout from Pat Flynn

Books on Passive Income:

Let Go by Pat Flynn:
Launch by Jeff Walker:
Starting an Online Business for Dummies:
The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau
Start Your Own Business:

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DzignrGrl says:

Perfect timing of this video for me! I was just on the phone today talking to my mother about design products I am going to be coming out with! 

Thank you for sharing all the great positives that come with a side venture 🙂

Reekoe says:


Tonic Ascent says:

Im 15 years old. Is there anyway i can make passive income at this age? A video on this for helping minors make a little extra cash online would be very helpful!

Aspiration says:

Thanks Roberto for another great video. I did not know about before.

dhclive says:

+Roberto Blake thank you I’m inspired, I want my share in the digital world also but I struggle to keep my content secure to bring me back any passive income, I’m learning the space on my own through youtube and pages like yours but Im letting content slipping away as i focus on learning this online world. where do the beginners, less savvy go to find good reasonable service? services for beginners that cant afford to have their big ideas crushed and more money lost in ambitious freelancers that couldn’t complete the job? website structure design and  security, monetizing safely, also marketing and distribution formats that will coincide with site for one reasonable price.

Starchild144 says:

This is great, and very motivating. Very true, that most companies will not just give you a $1500.00 raise. And if they do, you’re expected to practically live at work. I’ve been with my current employer for over 20 years. I’m not the one running around, and socializing all day. I’m the one with the “pedal to the metal”, from the time I clock in, to the time I clock out. That’s part of the reason, that it occurred to me,(just from the huge amounts of paperwork alone, that I manage everyday), that I should be the one to benefit from my hard work ethics, and not some company, determined to squeeze blood out of rocks.  In addition to having another creative outlet, literally at my fingertips, it’s great to know that there are so many options with Graphic Design. I have absolutely zero regrets, for the time and money I invested into what I’ve learned so far. I also appreciate that you discuss the topic of money, and frequently. That’s a subject that many, especially African Americans, seem reluctant to discuss. Why? Too many reasons, that don’t really make much sense either, but that’s a whole other issue.  Bottom line, your time and your life are one. So, why not make the most of it, and benefit from passive income? We’ve only got one life, and when over, time’s up!!

Elissa Binion says:

It takes work but its so worth it!!

Evertone Siwela says:

Your unselfish sharing of knowledge is inspiring. In always feel creative at the end of your vids. AWESOME!

Aquatasy says:

Roberto, you keep it real like nobody else I know on YouTube: solid, immediately useful advice that gets right to the heart of a subject in a clear way.  Excellent video!  My current passive income streams for my channel are Spreadshirt and AdSense.  I am also in the process of writing five books (yes, five because I’m a mad man) relating to the topics of my various channels.  But I am exploring other passive revenue streams as well.

INFO4ORU says:

Sir, i am also doing graphics designing now a days. My main source of income is doing graphics designing jobs. But i want the way to have passive income. Last week i just started making videos here YouTube. Please tel me how or what other things i must try for passive income. And thank you for such nice videos

Olivia Fire says:

Hey, I love your videos, you explain things well

JK JCGaming says:

Roberto do you have any tips for actually distributing an Ebook, like instant download, email the book etc

Anna bella says:

Around october of last year i read Roberto Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad/Poor Dad and it changed the way I viewed money, income and my life. It inspired me to start working towards building a passive income, I have looked into many different mediums and I have decided on writing educational ebooks for Amazon Kindle is a great start for me. I have outlined topics i am passionate about and have experience with and plan to start working on them as soon I find time.

Learn English with Nadene says:

Another brilliant video, Roberto! Do you happen to have any recommendations for how to write an ebook? Like a program, websites or software?

HChrisH200 - Haphazard Homestead says:

This should have us all thinking about our own skills and value in a different way. Employers can have rules about a person not making money from information or skills used on the job (all my employment has been like that), so our passive income stream has to come from non-work-related skills and products. But your overall message is something everyone should consider. Like you said, why not? Thanks!

TheJwb7111 says:

Very well put!

Dividend Investor! says:

Thanks for this video Roberto, very interesting! Keep em coming, cheers!

Jitka Kenjova says:

$500 per month…I earned this “much” in my latest job in a bank. I would be glad to, one day, overcome this. Anyway, thank you for your useful advices 🙂

Tough Journeyman says:

More on this topic please.

GroooviChick says:

You are so on point! Love the point on bonuses!

RedTeamReview says:


Pete Marrero says:

Awesome content as always RB; keep up the great work!

Joseph Avery Studios says:

Dude. You are talented on so many levels!!! Great job!

Pietro Gaming says:

Still working towards a way of doing that for myself. Putting in the work is no problem, i’ll just have to learn a few things beforehand. Thank you for that piece of info.

Frederick Kroner says:

Once again, Roberto, you have blown me away with your advice! I am always inspired after watching one of your videos. I am trying to become a successful graphic designer and illustrator myself, and even though I don’t have much real world experience yet, I thought it would be fun to start a video blog to document my experiences. My thinking is that I could learn a lot from interacting with my viewers, and maybe I could help someone else out as well. After watching your videos on passive income, I think I’m going to do it. Thank you so much for making yourself so available to everyone!

Holly Dunn Design says:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Roberto. This is certainly something that I’m interested in setting up in the future and sounds well worth the extra effort. When you talk about creating print materials as a graphic designer, what were you thinking of specifically? Downloadable/printable materials?

Jon F. Lee Marketing Communication Services says:

Excellent content and a fair perspective.

One question though. . . Isn’t it not so much about whether or not passive income WORKS as a concept, but rather the means by which one seeks to achieve it? I mean, we are now seeing a lot of ‘gurus’ selling their info products on ebook income, for example. Most of them recommend outsourcing the actual writing, (often overseas, even) meaning there is no quality control. And, since everyone markets by pretty much the same means (Kindle Free promotion, etc), it is becoming increasingly harder to differentiate oneself. Any thoughts on which avenues (in your opinion) represent the best chance for success and not having to engage in a ‘race to the bottom? Thanks as always.

HardworkingT says:

Very well said. Subscribing to the channel now to support ya!

Starchild144 says:

In addition to the other applications of Graphic Design, I’m interested in doing textile designs, specifically for fabric. Any suggestions/ideas, on how to present my designs to textile companies?

Beauty Unraveled says:

thank you for this video! you truly have the most informative clear and concise videos. I have learned so much from your videos!

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