How to Make Passive Income: $100,000/Month!

In this video, I share how to make passive income using affiliate marketing. This is the exact same method I learned how to make money online, then eventually scaled up to over $100k/mo PROFIT.

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Affiliate marketing is a fantastic business opportunity for people who want to learn how to make money online in 2018 through passive income. I strongly believe that affiliate marketing is the BEST online business to start for anyone, due to minimal to no investment and unlimited upside and earning potential.



Pearse Mccormick says:

just seen the page no chance I’ll be able to get that money up I’m 18 hopefully it opens again some time soon, need odi the guru to guide me out of this shithole

Tcuplements says:

Odi great content man awesome dude one day you and I will be having a conference call of great value. I’m working on my 1st YouTube vid and I have to mention you. As one of my inspirations. Thanks.

D Daren says:

I am a Frenchman international student and was wondering if it is possible for me to start a business here in the state as an affiliate despite the fact that I am not a citizen.

Allan Su says:

ODi, I know you preach doing product reviews on youtube. But if you don’t own the product and thus unable to record a vid with it. Would you then just write a review article and run paid traffic to it?

Benny says:

Nice video Odi

Sound Swoop says:

I took heavy notes. Thank you both a million. Odi I would like to see how you make beats. Software, hardware etc.

Justin C says:

Hey man, been watching a lot of your videos lately. I’m prepared to go all in but at the same time I’m moving out on my own this summer and don’t have a ton of money, so just curious if you thinks it’s reasonable for me to be making a couple grand a month in say 5-6 months if I really hit it hard right now? To be clear I’m not asking if it’s guaranteed, just reasonable. Just would like to know from an experts view point.
Thank you for inspiring me and so many others to improve their life.

Samyra Joseph says:

Have you ever heard if legendary marketing? If so, what’s your take on Legendary Marketing?

GuillAgui13 says:

If someone clicks the link on your website and directs them to the page. Do you still get commission even if they decide not to buy that particular product?

Ramon G says:

Hello ODi.
You say that you live and grow up in San Diego, CA. Do you speak a second language, like Spanish or other?

Denise M. says:

Hello Odi! I just subscribed to your channel yesterday and I have to tell you, I’m inspired and I’m hooked. I wrote you a message and sent it yesterday as well, asking you a very important question abt AM and I’m hoping to hear from you soon. Hope to hear from you! ❤

D K says:

This and Passive Income by Emma Hayes on Amazon are my favorite


been waiting for a new vid

Mario A. Nodal says:

Can you pay for this course with bitcoin?

Mman60075 says:

Hey do you have a site for everything or do you have multiple sites each dedicated to a specific product

reg4321 says:

$997 for the course? Oh well, I can dream.

Vega Motor Werkz says:

damn 4k subs in 1 day!? thats crazy!


Thanks man, this video was very helpful. I was thinking the same though about having affiliate links and running YouTube ads to my videos with the links to start. Very limited on money at the moment.

John Lewis says:

Odi…great video like always brotha…

Luka Jevremovic says:

Dude, one day, we are going to colaborate, mark my words budd, thx for the advices! 🙂

Ivan Suarez says:

Hey ODI! are you half filipino?

Mo K says:


Can you help me?

Jacob Wash says:

ODi, great video as always. I love seeing you getting the recognition and seeing the success you deserve. Bringing great value to the people and making money all the while, very inspiring!

I had a question for you. I run a growing instagram account that I plan to use for affiliate marketing and starting an ecommerce store. So today I wanted to get the domain name for it (the preferred .com) but all the domain checkers said it was not available. However, when I went to type in the actual domain name into the search bar, it takes me to another site entirely. I assume that the domain that I wanted is still being used because it directed me to this new website instead of just an error message. Is there ANYTHING I can do to get the domain that I want? Especially since it is not even being used as the actual website destination? Please help I am more than eager to start building brands and making moves.

I’ll send this message to you everywhere I can find a link to so that I have a better chance of getting a response. Thank you in advance and me and my friends love your videos!


Jacob Wash

Pearse Mccormick says:

still saving for the course, any ideas how long before it closes?

Steven Olah says:

I made a website on my iPhone. Can’t afford a laptop right now. Does anyone know how to create hyperlinks for my website on an iPhone?

Mike Tiedemann says:

ODi, Do you find it easy teaching people how to do affiliate marketing?

Daniel Ayala says:

Is it passive if it is your main source of income though? Not hating on the video, just the title.

Caleb O says:

Can you suggest how to find a mentor?

INVESTOR Enterprenuer says:

what if u don’t got any passion?

Gabriel Williams says:

Hi Odi my name is Gabriel and i am just now getting into affiliate marketing but i keep getting this feeling that i won’t be successful.Did you have this feeling as well when you started if so what is your’e advice for people like me?

Rachel S. Lee says:

as always. great vid!!!!

Juan Rivas says:

I’m very serious with starting affiliate marketing, hope to start soon and would love Odi to be my mentor!

HealthynWealthy Weeaboo says:

Early 80k congrats ODi Productions!

Some Awesome Dude says:

ODi, great content and I’ve learned heaps from your channel. You have shown your Headphone niche but what other Affiliate websites have you created?

tim tim says:

Nice man!!!

Jonny Bradley says:

The Man Himself!!! Was great speaking to you, you dropped so much value in this video – I hope everyone takes the time to watch it in full and maybe share with someone they think will benefit!

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